Renew/Cancel Wrap-Up: How Did We Do Vs. The Competition?--2018

Several TV-related websites predict renewals and cancelations using separate methodologies. When renewal and cancelation announcements were being made, we kept track of several websites' predictions and how accurate they were. We compared our predictions to those of TV by the Numbers' Cancel Bear, TV Grim Reaper, TV Predictor/The Cancel Beast, TV Watch Us, and Spotted Ratings' Renewology.

To render the most accurate results, we assigned two points to a correct prediction, zero points to an incorrect prediction, and one point to a show that was renewed or canceled while the site had the show as on the bubble. It should be noted that The TV Ratings Guide, The Cancel Beast, and Renewology had a prediction for every show.

In both the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, The TV Ratings Guide had the most accurate predictions. This season, we slipped to 3rd place. Renewology, which is a system that takes out human bias, had the most accurate predictions, with TV Grim Reaper finishing in 2nd. The good news for TVRG is we had more correct predictions than every site except for SpottedRatings' Renewology.

TV Grim Reaper considers a few shows that had Renew/Cancel decisions as being summer shows: Quantico, Elementary, and Code Black, and as such did not offer predictions for any of the three. With all other sites making predictions for them, they were accounted for in the final standings. TV Grim Reaper received one point for all three shows since technically there were no correct or incorrect predictions. The TV Ratings Guide had incorrect predictions for Quantico and Elementary, but a correct prediction for Code Black.

Key Correct Predictions
All sites had many similar predictions, with the final tally coming down to a smaller batch of shows. Even pure bubble shows like Scorpion, for example, was counted as an incorrect prediction for everyone. The following are our key correct predictions, meaning we were one of two sites at most that correctly predicted the fate of a show.

One key correct prediction for The TV Ratings Guide was Code Black; while the other sites who predicted the show's fate predicted a renewal, TVRG correctly predicted a cancelation. The fact that it is a co-production with ABC Studios likely played a role in the downfall of the mediocre-rated CBS medical drama.

Another key correct prediction was the renewal of AP Bio; while the NBC comedy didn't set the ratings world on fire in its first season, it was given a second chance a la last season's Great News and Trial & Error.

A third key correct prediction was the cancelation of The Mick, which was canceled as a part of FOX's sudden shift of comedy style.

This is not to discount some of our other correct predictions where sites were more split, which include the cancelation of Superior Donuts and the renewal of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Key Incorrect Predictions
While we went back and forth with our predictions of these two shows, in the end we turned out to be the only site to incorrectly predict the renewals of iZombie and Dynasty. iZombie in particular went through a period of time during the pre-upfronts news week where it looked dead, but it lives for another season. This is another example of a bubble show that most sites happened to predict the same way.

Another key miss was Once Upon A Time, which was announced as a final season fairly quickly in the season. We were not the only site to incorrectly predict it. Not knowing the exact details of its profits (or lack thereof) on other platforms made this prediction especially tough.

What do you think of our Renew/Cancel coverage throughout the season? Let us know in the comments below! We hope you found our predictions useful, as every site will have their share of incorrect predictions due to not having the numbers of the mindsets of the executives at these networks.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 22 Review ’Jake & Amy’ [Season Finale]

***Spoilers Ahead***

Jake & Amy

Photo: Gina Rodriguez. Credit: John P. Fleenor/FOX

For the past two years, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has capped off its season with a captivating cliffhanger. Although the first two seasons ended without any form of closure, the finales of season three and four were game-changing and paved the way for unique, engaging arcs. Unfortunately, the actual cliffhanger ended up being more pleasing than how the storylines ended. The Figgis and prison arcs both closed in anti-climatic fashion as the writers rushed to return to the familiar case-of-the-week structure. While that's not a bad thing, it did defeat the purpose of introducing a new setting or serious challenge. Because of that, it's both satisfying and admirable that 'Jake & Amy' abandons the typical approach of venturing into new territory. Instead, the season five finale provides laughs and suspense while also neatly wrapping things up before the clock runs out.

The main story focuses on Jake, Amy, and Boyle tracking down the criminal who planted the bomb at their wedding venue. As the bomb squad arrives, the character of Teddy makes a shocking return. It has been nothing short of ridiculous witnessing how Teddy has devolved from a mature love interest to a one-note character throughout the series. Nonetheless, his pathetic attempts to woo over Amy are hilarious enough to forgive the writers for making his character one-dimensional. His advances are just far too absurd to not be humorous, especially since Santiago is getting married. While being a caricature works for a recurring character like Teddy, that look does not fit well on Charles Boyle. Throughout the episode, Boyle constantly blames himself for ruining the wedding of Jake & Amy while exclaiming that he'll kill himself over it. Boyle's preoccupation with the duo has always been a tedious and generally annoying trope. The character of Charles has made significant progress throughout five seasons. But, whenever the topic of those two come up, he immediately reverts into a cartoonish comic relief. Given the two have married, I do hope this is the last of this running gag. If nothing else, Brooklyn Nine-Nine should definitely dial back on the insanity of Boyle. Outside of that quibble, the rest of the storyline moves smoothly. The constant setbacks are reminiscent of season 1's 'Thanksgiving'. Even when everything else fails, the squad will always have the precinct to fall back on. The fact that Peralta and Santiago hold their wedding in a place full of sentimental value is simply poetic. Additionally, Holt's speech during the ceremony helps the viewer understand how far the series has come. Complaints aside, it's tough to find a better way to have handled their wedding

In the B-plot, Rosa and Terry take Amy's veil to the dry cleaner and Terry attempts to set Rosa up with Alicia the uber drive (Gina Rodriguez). This story puts Terry in a Boyle-like position since he feverishly tries to get Rosa to fall in love with Alicia. Since she came out, the writers have glossed over Diaz's love life and rarely focused on her bisexuality. Because of that, it's legitimately fulfilling that this crucial component of Rosa's character is being pushed into the spotlight once more. Terry's enthusiasm and Rosa's initial reluctance perfectly matched their character traits and produced some amusing moments. At the same time, it's relatively heartwarming to see Terry possess so much passion for finding love for Rosa. Unlike Boyle's creepy obsession with Jake and Amy, Jefford's interest in Rosa comes off as genuinely sincere. Ultimately, the sweet relationship between Rosa and Terry helps this plot shine through. Hopefully, Rodriguez's character returns as a potential love interest and isn't neglected to a one-off cameo appearance.

The C-plot closes out the arc of Holt running to become commissioner with the captain receiving an email that determines his fate. Andre Braugher's portrayal of a worried Holt comes off as poignant and relatable. The relaxed persona of Gina balances out the gravity of the situation and provides a bit of much-needed comedy to a tense situation. In the end, Holt's fate remains up in the air. This minor cliffhanger is enough to make viewers want more but it doesn't put the characters in dire situations like past finales.

'Jake & Amy' serves as a refreshing finale after many years of cliffhangers and unsatisfying closers. Although whether Holt is a commissioner or not remains a mystery, the episode still provides with enough closure to tide viewers over before the sixth season. Sure, it's not as exciting and suspenseful as the likes of 'Greg and Larry' or 'The Bank Job'. With that said, that's not the purpose of this season five finale. 'Jake & Amy' does its job of skillfully tying things together and keeping a relatively relaxed, leisurely tone. In all, it's commendable that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers took the more calm route to cap off a strong fifth season.

Stray Thoughts
  • Bringing Mlepnos back was a wonderful surprise.
  • If Holt had gotten the job, this could've served as a nice series finale. Nevertheless, I'm happy there is more to come.
  • Thanks to everyone who has read my reviews, commented, and voted in the polls. 
  • Season Grade: B+

Grade: A-

What did you think of 'Jake & Amy'?

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Friday TV Ratings, 5/25/18: ’Quantico’ Steady on New Night, ’Phenoms’ Premieres Painfully Low

Here are the preliminary broadcast ratings for Friday, May 25, 2018. 

Photo: ABC

Total Viewers
 (In Millions)
Celebrity Undercover Boss (CBS)

Quantico (ABC)

Champions (NBC)

Phenoms (P) (FOX)

My Last Days (CW)

Champions (NBC)

Dateline NBC (NBC)

Hawaii Five-0 (R) (CBS)

Shark Tank (R) (ABC)

Phenoms (FOX)

Life Sentence (CW)

20/20 (ABC)

Blue Bloods (R) (CBS)

(R) = repeat
(P) = premiere

With the 2017-18 television season over, Friday ratings became an even larger eyesore. CBS's 'Celebrity Undercover Boss' (0.5) inched down from an already meager result. It led into repeats of 'Hawaii Five-0' (0.4) and 'Blue Bloods' (0.4). 

Despite being deceased, ABC's 'Quantico' (0.4) returned on a new night. It was steady with its final Thursday outing. It led into a low-rated repeat of 'Shark Tank' (0.4). At 10, '20/20' (0.6) surprisingly rose two-tenths from its last episode. 

NBC's 'Champions' (0.4/0.3) returned to television after being off the air for nearly a month. It was steady for its first episode but hit a new low at 8:30. 'Dateline' (0.7) picked up the pace at 9. The latter was the top program of the night.

FOX had the premiere of drama 'Phenoms' (0.2/0.2). It started at a ridiculously low number. Even for a repeat, this would be considered a disastrous number. 

The CW had 'My Last Days' (0.2) and a steady 'Life Sentence' (0.1).

Amazon Renews The Expanse for Season 4

After previous reports of negotiations, Amazon has officially saved The Expanse from cancellation, CEO Jeff Bezos announced today. The solidly-rated series, which currently averages a 0.18 in the 18-49 demo for its third season, and is up in the ratings from season two. Despite this, current home Syfy canceled the series in early May. The Expanse will join seven other ongoing dramas as an Amazon Prime Original.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited that The Expanse won't be going anywhere afterall? Let us know in the comments below!

2017-18 Television Season Ratings: NBC Glides to Olympic Gold as ABC Shoves Back to 2nd Place

Written Reporting the 68th Installment by Bridger Cunningham

The 2017-18 season again changed the television landscape.  NBC swept a victory with a worthy dose of winning dramas, football and the Olympics.  CW continued its dormant ratings trend in 5th, renewing in conjunction with a Netflix deal and shading all-but-gone ratings.  The other three emerged in a landmark tie for 2nd place.  One network made a triumphant comeback only in March, another found success in its surging dramas, and the third struggled with aging enterprises softening recent years of winning performances.  Guess which network is being referenced in that last sentence, and proceed to check out the race for the TV season which left 207 entries on the radar.

Keen readers may question why this chart depicts NBC in 1st, ABC in 2nd, CBS in 3rd, etc...  All the while Nielsen declared NBC won the season with a 2.4 Nielsen Average, ABC, CBS and FOX triple-tied for 2nd with a 1.5 and CW trailed with a 0.6.  Nielsen omits repeats (which are rife in the lower portions of the chart), as well as adding Superbowl LII, award shows and other entries which qualified as original.  This chart is based upon Deadline's Live+7 delivery, and the stories told run similar to Nielsen's reportings.

NBC again claimed a victory as its network soared consistently.  ABC performed disastrously in solid 4th Place until Roseanne bellowed into the charts in March (along with soft revival American Idol).  CBS experienced mediocre dramas and sitcom slaughters as its Monday stable tanked the last half of the year.  FOX also struggled on the sitcom front, yet maintained success as 9-1-1 and other entries lifted the schedule's dead weight.  And CW again followed its low-rated drum beat of differing successes.

TRENDING HOT: Revivals were strewn everywhere like dog droppings in a lower class apartment complex.  They came in the variety of revived sitcoms (Roseanne, Will & Grace), revived reality platforms (American Idol), reboots (MacGyver, Hawaii-Five-O), and unintentional comedies (Dynasty).  Spinoffs continued strong again as Chicago, NCIS, nerd, superhero and Law & Order franchises duplicated and triplicated like teenagers on an MTV reality platform lingering like a regretful tattoo.  CBS' sophisticated sitcoms soared, including a toned-down Mom which experienced a ratings spike.  ABC and NBC moved against tired scheduling practices of propping the newbies abutting The Voice, or dooming sitcoms to summers.  FOX has also taken new directions and is changing its scheduling tone from tacky to traditional following a muddy merger.

TRENDING TEPID: ABC is on the mend despite 2017 paying ode to one of the worst seasons memorable.  Its sitcoms continue to proliferate, though its landmark Wednesday comedy night regressed to performances similar to 2013-14 performances.  Reality TV stabilized Sunday, and medicine healed as Grey's Anatomy and The Good Doctor delivered the network's only non-fractional dramas.  NBC managed mild success with reviving Must-See-TV with varying results.  Fall performances remained strong due to Will & Grace's hyped revival, then regressed to disastrous fractions come spring.  FOX meshed much of its shaky schedule via successful drama entries.  CW this season outlived its parenting predecessors, WB and UPN despite its winning mid-decade superhero franchises losing momentum.  And thankfully, political hate has seemingly turned off viewers and showrunners have reverted to telling compelling stories vs. giving Trump free advertisement via love and hate.  Reality TV endures, though not as prominent from its scenery-chewing heyday of the 2000's.

TRENDING COLD: CBS can count its blessings it holds Superbowl LIII next season as its schedule lies in tatters.  Thursday comedies rule, while Mondays delivered results so frightening the only laugh left was the ratings report.  NCIS and Criminal Minds' franchises are aging, and relying on "a name" such as Michael Weatherly, Shemar Moore and David Boreanaz only powered mediocre Nielsens.  Similar to CBS, ABC is learning tacking the name "Shonda" on new dramas does not equal ratings firestorms.  Movies remain a distant memory of the 20th century, soaps have all but washed down the drain with Dynasty's 0.2 helpings, and networks stubbornly doom their sitcom newbies to 9:30 timeslots generating few hits.

Aside from Bob's Burgers regaining ground, FOX's sitcom stable stood in ruins this season.  Crass laughs are out, nostalgia is in.  The Simpsons and Family Guy are deteriorating, and the remains delivered dreadful results ending all but one live-action piece.  Speaking of ending trends, ABC and FOX did away with Friday moratoriums on sitcoms and are returning the laughs to 8:00 next fall after dramas and burnoffs faltered.


Thursday Cable Ratings 5/24/18: Siren Rises for Finale, Mysteries At the Museum Goes Low

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 5/24/18. Items of note include the season finale of Siren on Freeform, Imposters on Bravo, and Jersey Shore Family Vacation on MTV.
(Note: Click the names of the shows written in purple or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
NBA: Warriors v. RocketsTNT3.559.24
Inside the NBA PlayoffsTNT1.663.73
Jersey Shore Family VacationMTV0.981.64
NBA Playoffs Pre-GameTNT0.61.76
Southern CharmBravo0.461.32
Ex on the BeachMTV0.390.69
RuPaul's Drag RaceVH10.350.72
Swamp PeopleHistory0.321.60
House Hunters InternationalHGTV0.31.67
Live PD: Police PatrolA&E0.290.92
HannityFox News0.292.94
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.292.67
House HuntersHGTV0.281.65
Beat Bobby FlayFood0.280.92
Pardon the InterruptionESPN0.270.72
Live PD: Police PatrolA&E0.270.94
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.272.63
Live PD: Police PatrolA&E0.270.86
Flip or Flop VegasHGTV0.261.27
Extreme MeasuresInvest. Discovery0.251.19
Flip or Flop VegasHGTV0.251.08
Live PD: Police PatrolA&E0.250.85
The Ingraham AngleFox News0.232.42

Highlights Below the Chart:

The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.22.05
Erin Burnett OutFrontCNN0.170.80
Morning JoeMSNBC0.141.04
Deadline: White HouseMSNBC0.131.15
NobodiesTV Land0.110.47
The Lead with Jake TapperCNN0.10.76
At This HourCNN0.10.64
Velshi & RuhleMSNBC0.090.86
Mysteries At the MuseumTravel0.080.52