Thursday Cable Ratings 1/18/18: Beyond Returns Anemic, Lip Sync Battle Gives Paramount a Great Start

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Thursday, 1/18/18. Items of note include the premieres of Beyond on Freeform and Portlandia on IFC, Lip Sync Battle on Paramount, and the season finale of Superstition on Syfy.
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18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
NBA: Timberwolves v. RocketsTNT0.641.50
Lip Sync BattleParamount0.471.05
NBA: 76ers v. CelticsTNT0.461.20
The First 48A&E0.371.11
60 Days InA&E0.370.88
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.353.10
Inside the NBATNT0.350.74
House HuntersHGTV0.341.54
HannityFox News0.343.64
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.333.24
BetrayedInvest. Discovery0.331.23
Beat Bobby FlayFood0.321.11
The Ingraham AngleFox News0.33.02
Two and a Half MenNick-at-Nite0.30.59
House Hunters InternationalHGTV0.291.46
Top ChefBravo0.290.86
The Daily ShowComedy Central0.290.88
Flip or Flop NashvilleHGTV0.291.24
Two and a Half MenNick-at-Nite0.280.56
Million Dollar Listing LABravo0.280.91
The Last Word (O'Donnell)MSNBC0.282.40
60 Days InA&E0.270.63
Best of American PickersHistory0.271.73
The Perfect SuspectInvest. Discovery0.261.06
The StoryFox News0.252.38
Off the chart, Beyond returned with an episode at 0.1 and one below the Top 150. Portlandia also was below the Top 150. We'll bring you those ratings when we get them. Superstition ended its season at 0.12, down a bit but still well ahead of its seasonal average. Damnation also ended its season at 0.12, tied for a season low. Wild 'n Out was up to 0.24. Nashville sank to a new low of 0.11. KC Undercover was steady at 0.18. MSNBC's Velshi & Ruhle was down to 0.12, while Morning Joe was steady at 0.12 and Deadline: White House was down to 0.13. CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront sank to 0.21, while At This Hour was down to 0.14 and The Lead with Jake Tapper rose to 0.15. Wolf was down to 0.17. On TBS, Conan sank to 0.11 for its final show of the week.

Freeform Gets a New Logo and Tagline

According to Deadline, Freeform has changed its logo, and with it, comes a new tagline.

There are two f's to signal Freeform, and the channel abandons the "Become With Us" Becomer identity by changing the tagline to "A Little Forward".

Fun fact: the last channel to use the word Forward in a tagline was MSNBC, when the tagline was briefly "Lean Forward".

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments below!

Saturday Night Live Report Card: Season 43, Episode 10: Sam Rockwell

A busy week for Three Billboards star Sam Rockwell gets even busier this week, as the newly-crowned Golden Globe winner hosts SNL for the first time this week. He's not necessarily an obvious pick, but it's a pick I'm happy they've made. He'll now join fellow Oscar contenders Saoirse Ronan and James Franco hosts during SNL 43, and let's hope that he's more Saoirse than Franco.

Cold Open: Morning Joe Michael Wolff:
Obviously, appearances by Bill Murray and Fred Armisen, two beloved SNL legends, overshadowed the Morning Joe part sketch. But I'm gonna talk about that anyway because I clearly loved that they had Bill and Fred on (and beyond my excitement that they were there, both were hilarious). I watch Morning Joe, and I'll just say that these are very good impressions (though, clearly, the crazy is amplified). They're definitely good enough to carry their own sketch and I'm glad to see it back. This was probably a better sketch then the first one, which I loved, and I hope it appears again.
My Score: 9/10

Sam Rockwell Monologue:
It's been a few days since I watched the episode, and I can honestly say I had to rewatch this one to give any sort of analysis on it. It's a very forgettable monologue, and the only thing I could remember about it was that he sang "A Little Less Conversation." After watching again, I know why. That's about all he did. Still, it wasn't the worst monologue of the season. That isn't saying much considering some of the monologue material we've seen this season, but it's all the positive I can say about it.
My Score: 6/10

Science Show:
All I can say is that this was pretty f***ing good.
My Score: 8.5/10

Tucci Gang:
SNL has already done a Gucci Gang/Lil Pump parody in some form before, but this was a more direct parody of it than the other one. This one sees Lil Pump rapping not about Gucci, but about beloved character actor Stanley Tucci. I'm a bit offended at the lack of a Feud mention, but that's understandable and I'm only deducting two points for it.
My Score: 8/10

Fashion Panel:
This was a good sketch that started out very well, got a little less good, and then improved upon Kate McKinnon's entry. Poking fun at E!'s gender pay gap and oversensitivity. I really appreciated her impersonation of F****** M********, which was really fun. It wasn't the most accurate impression, but it sure was entertaining. The mention of fictional  E! series "Fat Whores of Miami Beach" takes the cake though.
My Score: 8.5/10

My Drunk Boyfriend:
I didn't really care for this sketch. It was super forgettable, and I didn't find it all that funny. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something was lacking here. It had the makings of a good sketch, but it didn't go anywhere meaningful.
My Score: 7/10

Weekend Update:
The superb Oprah and Stedman segment really overshadowed the rest of this Update, but that's mostly because the rest was just good, not great. Some stuff landed better than others, and some jokes were already outdated, so I'm quite glad that they threw in Oprah to make what otherwise would have been a pretty dull Update a bit livelier. Leslie Jones' Oprah was great (#EmmyForLeslie), but it was actually Chris Redd's
My Score: 7.5/10

Captain Hook:
I found this to be pretty enjoyable, despite not really being all too memorable. The weirdness of the Lost Boys never really struck me until now, but the sketch definitely made it clear that it is, indeed, pretty strange. It was mildly funny, though nothing too hysterical.
My Score: 8/10

This was a pretty thoughtful sketch, up until the end. Then, you realized that the sketch only happened because Rockwell's character had to get money for his lady of the evening, and in made some of the commentary in it a little less impactful. It was still funny, and the ending made it even more funny, but it was still a pretty strange ending.
My Score: 8/10

Marcus Comes to Dinner:
This definitely wasn't your cookie cutter SNL "meet the parents" sketch. I definitely wasn't expecting it to go "there" after the beginning, but it sure was hilarious. The reaction of Aidy Bryant's character at the very end of the sketch was really hilarious and was probably my favorite part of it. This sketch wasn't perfect, but I did find it enjoyable throughout and it was easily the sketch of the night (not including the Cold Open).
My Score: 9/10

Genetics Lab:
This wasn't great comedy or anything, but it sure was cute. It wasn't the funniest sketch in the world either, but come on, it had a PUPPY in it!!! Who doesn't love puppies??? Monsters. That's who.
My Score: 8.5/10

Chantix Commercial:
For much of its runtime, this sketch deviated from being annoying to just plain boring. It's not very common for me to dislike a commercial parody, and those are-nearly guaranteed to be hits and not misses for me. This one, however, was a decided miss. It wasn't anything too bad, but it was just-okay. At the very least, it was an improvement on just about everything in SNL's final episode of 2017.
My Score: 7/10

In the end, this was a pretty so-so episode. It wasn't terrible or anything, but there just wasn't anything that really "popped" other than the Cold Open. Much of the episode was just forgettable. There wasn't anything that bad, and most was just harmless fun, but that rarely makes for a good episode. With a host as talented as Rockwell, I was hoping for a better episode. It was still entertaining enough, but I can't say I wasn't disappointed.

Grade: B-
Score: 7.5/10
Pass or Fail: Pass
MVP of the Week: Sam Rockwell
Sketch of the Night: Cold Open: 
Morning Joe & Michael Wolff
Worst of the Night: Sam Rockwell Monologue

Top 5 Hosts of the Season:
 Chance the Rapper
2) Saoirse Ronan
3) Tiffany Haddish
4) Kumail Nanjiani
5) Gal Gadot

What did you think of this week's SNL? Did you like it better than I did? What was your favorite sketch this week? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll below!

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Thursday TV Ratings, 1/18/18: Grey’s Anatomy Returns Way Up, Will & Grace Rebounds A Little

The start of 2018 was very kind to Grey’s Anatomy, which saw a huge uptick from its fall finale, and also decent bounce for Scandal. Not much changed for How to Get Away with Murder, which finished in a tie with its competitors at 10pm while losing to both in total viewers.

There was more of the same tonight for CBS, with Young Sheldon still retaining a good amount of The Big Bang Theory’s audience and 9-11pm also looking healthy. Mom beat Will & Grace yet again, although the latter did manage to gain a couple tenths back from last week’s low. Great News also saw its highest-rated episode in months.

On FOX, The Four is still doing potent and is a time slot improvement over almost everything they’ve aired recently on the night in the post-American Idol world. Clearly there is a stable audience for it.

The CW returned Supernatural and Arrow last night to rather typical results.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!
18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Big Bang Theory2.914.69CBS

Grey's Anatomy2.28.18ABC

The Four1.13.16/3.78FOX


8:30 PMYoung Sheldon2.413.24CBS

The Good Place1.03.08NBC
9 PMMom1.69.26CBS


Will & Grace1.34.49NBC

9:30 PMLife in Pieces1.26.79CBS

Great News0.72.51NBC
10 PMSWAT1.05.99CBS

Chicago Fire1.05.65NBC

How to Get Away with Murder1.03.77ABC

Great News Season 2 Episode 12 Review

It's the penultimate episode of Great News, and I'm (finally) returning to review it. I've come to terms with the fact that this is very likely the final season, so I just had to return to review these last two episodes. It's been a crazy ride, but the show has stayed throughout all of it. I'm expecting more of the same tonight.

Katie and Carol are angry with each other now that she works at Morning Wined Up. She thinks people will finally take her seriously, and Katie thinks the same. Carol asks her about Greg, and she still isn't ready to talk to her about him. Greg isn't ready to answer the ultimatum, but she doesn't really care. Downstairs, Carol is super late to her new job, because she had to watch 9 hours of TV. She wants to go to a pitch meeting, but she's not allowed to. Upstairs, Katie and Greg are meeting with a lawyer about Fenton Pelt's lawsuit, but the lawyer is super moody. He tells them not to discuss Fenton Pelt, and then Chuck barges in, even though he's suspended. Meanwhile, Katie tells everyone that they're supposed to lay off Fenton Pelt but to ignore it, but nobody cares. Chuck decides to help Katie take Pelt down, but they need to get lunch first.

Katie and Chuck try to find some leads on Pelt, but they're doing a very bad job. Chuck tries to get his old friends to help, but they're dead. Portia is doing a terrible job anchoring by herself, and Katie is incredibly stressed. Meanwhile, Kelly and Mary-Kelly are pitching ideas at a meeting when Carol bursts in, wanting to pitch her idea from an older perspective. She's bad with the technology and stuff, but Kelly wants to hear it. She gets stuck in her blazer, but the ladies want her to appear on TV. She's finally on the fast track to success! Chuck has some fascinating evidence for Katie, but his hard-hitting evidence is the fact that pixels are, wait for it, made of pixels. He thinks Pelt is a "little box man," and Katie tells him to go. Katie then notices the man next to him, named Lion, and realizes that he didn't shoot "a lion," he shot a man named "Lion." Bum bum bum!!!

Katie rushes into Greg's office, where he's practicing bubble tricks. She tells him about Lion getting shot, but he isn't interested, due to what the lawyer said earlier. Chuck then bursts in to tell them that if you re-arranged Pelt's name, you get "Ten-Ten Flop." It's meaningless, and then Chuck has a real "breakdown." Carol comes to brag about being on TV, and everyone (well, not everyone) is excited for her. Katie watches Carol's segment, where she tells them that she found it okay. They then bring people out dressed as Star Wars characters to attack her, and Katie just then realizes that Carol is being made fun of.

Katie goes to tell Carol that they're making fun of her, and she thinks Katie is just trying to make her feel bad about her accomplishment. Katie then goes to yell at Greg about his indecisiveness, and she gives him an ultimatum. Justin rushes in to show them what Chuck is doing in his office. He's about to embarrass himself on Facebook Live, so they rush to get the only one who understands him: Carol. Carol is busy doing a segment on Morning Wined Up, but her kissing booth segment goes south. She tells them about her heroes, including Ruth Baby Ginger and Chuck. They show Chuck the segment. Carol quits. Jason, a new guy, thinks he's getting a round of applause, but it's for Carol. Carol only came back for one reason though, to officially let them know that she's done with TV, because nobody takes her seriously.

This was yet another slam-dunk for Great News. While the first act was relatively unexciting, it soon improved into an a great episode of television. Carol's realization at the end truly was heartbreaking, and I really hope she returns to the Breakdown in next week's finale. This episode was a great set-up for the finale, all while keeping its usual goofiness and hilarity, which I really appreciate. Despite some touching moments, the show never traded in its typical silliness, which I respect and love about it. I also appreciated the appearances by Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch, two very underrated SNL favorites of mine that I love seeing pop up anywhere. Gosh, I'm gonna miss this show. Thankfully, we have one more blissful episode ahead of us, which I both dread and look forward to.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 11 Review

Life in Pieces has seemingly found its footing in 2018 after a bit of a rough patch in late 2017. This episode looks like it'll be a good one, so I hope I'm not disappointed.

In the first story, Jen asks Clementine to watch Lark later so her and Greg can go on a date, but she declines, telling them that she'll be busy with a music gig. She wants to quit, but doesn't feel it would be right to dump Tyler twice. She asks Jen to do it for her, and after some convincing, she agrees. She heads to a coffeeshop to tell Tyler the news, and he says he needs someone to fill in for their gig. He asks Jen, who agrees. Jen enjoys herself, and even asks Greg to come to a gig sometime soon. At practice, Jen pretty clearly starts to annoy Tyler. At the gig that night, he kicks her out of the band. Jen makes a scene.

In the second story, Joan has made a new friend, Donna (Dodo). Heather seems pretty jealous, and later, she tries to make small talk with Joan and the girls, but Joan keeps bringing up Dodo. The Joan gets home, Heather introduces her to her "friend" June. June's a real catch, but Joan isn't at all impressed by her. June tells her that her doctor has bad news for her, and she wants someone to come with her. Some time later, Heather is speaking at June's funeral, and she clearly doesn't know a thing about her.

In the third story, Tim is taking part in a silent auction. Matt wants to donate a painting, but Tim doesn't want to. Last year, Tim ended up buying Matt's painting to spare his feelings. This year, he ends up donating a "painting," which is just a huge version of his signature. Tim wants Matt to go home to spare his feelings, but Colleen won't take him home because he's helping her win something. Tim freaks out when they run out of auction stickers, meaning he can't bid on Matt's "art," but luckily someone else already bid on it. Matt then tells Tim he knows what he did last year, and then some men bring him his painting, because he bought it.

In the fourth story, Lark has drawn a horrible penguin, but John doesn't want him to lie to her anymore. He tells him that him being "hard" is what made Greg the man he is today. Greg then gives the family some of his beer that he made, and everyone hates it. Nobody really tells him to his face, except for John, who tells him "straight on". that it sucks. John decides to help him with it, and Greg is elated. He tells Jen how happy he is, since awe got to make a "baby" with his dad. The beer they made is really bad, but John doesn't tell him.

This was just an okay episode of Life In Pieces. The first story was really so-so, with a few funny parts but also a lot of boring parts. The second story was really pretty pointless and was only moderately, with a really weird turn in focus from Joan to Heather. I was disappointed that it didn't focus more heavily on Joan, but that may have been for the best because Dodo was annoying and June was awesome. The third story was my favorite, and was the only one that I enjoyed from start to finish. The fourth wasn't really all that funny, but it did provide for a sweet moment between John and Greg, which I did enjoy. All in all, which I had my issues with it, the episode still had some nice moments and some very funny moments, as well.
My Score: 7.5/10
My Grade: B-

Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 10 Review

I'm back to review Will & Grace after skipping the first two episodes of 2018. I'm glad to be back, as the show's been great lately. This week focuses on Will getting closure on an old breakup, with old favorite Bobby Cannavale returning as Vince. I'm excited!

Will is having his ex Vince over for breakfast, a fact that amazes Grace. Jack explains the differences between gay people and straight people, with plenty of jabs at Will. Vince arrives, with soap, and Grace and Jack as promptly kicked out, as they should be. Vince and Will chat a bit before Vince gets down to business. He's getting married, and he wants Will to come. Will accepts his invitation, but he's clearly not as happy as he says he is.

Will is acting funny on the day of the wedding. He talks about how boring Vince's husband-to-be Ryan is, and then starts telling a lie about being fine. Grace tries to convince him not to go, and he agrees, though he wants her to tell a good lie about why he isn't there. Karen is participating in a scavenger hunt, and she's super competitive about it. Will shows up at the wedding, despite his earlier insistence that he wouldn't. He wants closure about the end of their relationship, and Grace is very against this.

Will finally gets some alone time with Vince, but Grace still keeps interrupting. Will just wants closure, but Grace still doesn't think he should talk to Vince. Jack's hookup, who's never had sex with a man before, tells him he loves him after about a half hour of knowing each other, but Jack tells him off. He still doesn't get it. Karen stole a pair of dentures from Ryan's uncle for her scavenger hunt, but she still needs a cop's badge. Meanwhile, Jack meets up with Vince's cousin, the wife of his recent hookup. They deny knowing each other, but she tells them to go to a cabin in the Poconos (PA represent!!!) together. Jack tries to use his "wife" Karen as an excuse to not go, but she is very much the opposite of helpful. Jack moves a gravy boat off out of a wedding picture, and Vince lets it slip that he never wanted Will to come in the first place. He also says that he broke up with Will because will never liked him.

Will makes a toast at the wedding, and it doesn't sound quite as nice as he seemingly intended. He says about how horrible he is and how he doesn't deserve love, and Grace makes a toast about how great he is. They keep making toasts and finally, Vince jumps in to say how he loved him. Ryan asks for a real toast, and Jack jumps up to talk about his hookup. He says to never fall in love, so all in all it's a really great toast. Later, Karen steals a cops badge and finally completes the scavenger hunt, beating Ivanka Freakin' Drumpf. Vince goes to talk to Will about how scared he is, and Will convinces him to go through with it. In the end, Will finally gets his closure.

I really enjoyed this episode, as it had a really great conclusion that finally gave Will the closure he needed. It was all very touching, in the show's own special way. Eric McCormack delivered a great performance tonight, probably his best work all season. Grace was also highly enjoyable this episode with her opposition to Will's plan. Her line  "I wish I was my friend" was the line of the episode. I also enjoyed the B (C?) plot with Karen's scavenger hunt, and I laughed out loud at her introduction in this episode, when she had the monkey on her shoulder. All in all, the episode was incredibly funny and I look forward to the next, which is unfortunately a couple weeks away.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

Nashville S6E3 Review

Nashville S6E3 Review

"Jump Then Fall"

*Spoilers Ahead*


Zach tells Deacon he's leaving to pursue a senate bid. Will he finally leave the show? I should hope so but who knows since MH loves him. Maddie plans to meet up with Jonah. Juliette tells Avery that the world is so full of problems because  nobody ever  communicates on a deeper level. She rudely tells him he doesn't know how great Darius is and forces him to go meet Darius the next day. Deacon and Jessie talk about their relationship status and how to tell their kids when Daphne runs into them.


Deacon tries to talk to Daphne but Maddie Jr. doesn't want to hear it. Darius shows Avery around, and Darius tells Avery that Juliette has come so far and is no longer destructive, and when Avery asks what coherent philosophy is he gets a nonanswer (cult...) where Darius spouts off that the practice is older than man itself. Deacon and Scarlett talk where the ex-music singer, now apparent psychologist gives him love advice. Maddie parties in a club with Jonah and his friends.


Juliette tells Avery she wishes he would feel it (I don't know what  it is and I don't think the writers do either), and she says those people accept her. Maddie and new (unaware to the writers) Markus sing a song. Scarlett and  Jessie talk about relationships and I question why this was even a scene?? Oh, yeah, just to give MH's favorites a scene. Maddie and Jonah are ambushed by paparazzi. Will goes to get closure from Zach after  hearing about his political venture but it doesn't go well. Will basically begs at Zach's feet for why he didn't forgive him (, yeah gotta make Zach the hero). Jessie calls to tell Deacon she is there for him.


Maddie, Jonah, Twig and some of their friends watch a movie. Jonah gets upset to see the paparazzi shots of him and Maddie because they mention his ex. Will and DaveDan try to...have some fun...but Will can't get attracted.  Juliette is at a cult barbecue and starts to sing. Darius isn't enthused and he makes her feel bad about singing, telling her she should stop being famous and  singing. He says that music doesn't fulfill her. He tells her some more stuff that the writers try to make sound deep about fulfillment, and accessing her core through her journey. I cringed. I do not want to see this cult plot that isn't about music. The ending is so obvious (they take all her money, she leaves her family, Juliette becomes the only one to not have seen that she joined a cult). Maddie complains to Deacon that the "whole internet" says she and Jonah are a thing, and Deacon tells Daphne he and Jessie are dating.


Will goes  to see the doctor about his problem with DaveDan. He asks for Viagra or medicine to fix it. Maddie talks to Twig about Jonah and Jonah's past. The scene went on a really long time where Twig rambled on and on and I may or may not have fallen asleep. Deacon calls Jessie to ask her out again and she rudely declines to him saying she doesn't want to get in the way of his family. Maddie and Jonah talk about their relationship for a terribly long time. Juliette tells Avery she can confront her problems on  a deep level so she can be a better person. Avery tries to nicely tell Juliette he doesn't feel good about Darius, but she starts to yell at him, and we have a rehash of every fight they had all season five combined. There's a line about Avery feeling threatened by Darius, and with MH confirming that Scunnar is 100% over, I am convinced Javery will be too because of Darius.


Juliette leaves to go build some more houses. It's finally revealed that Will takes steroids. Deacon and Jessie talk (again) about their relationship and being ready to take it to  the next level. Daphne tells Maddie she hates Deacon dating, and she hates Jessie. She says it feels like Rayna  is really gone, and I second this as they never even mention Rayna anymore, which is just wrong. Her family should still miss and talk about her. She then sings a song. Zach leaves town. Will continues to do steroids, Gunnar walks in on him injecting them in himself, and he lies and tells Gunnar it is a human growth hormone. Gunnar stupidly believes him. Jonah takes Maddie to oldies bingo. Scarlett sees a commercial for a horse farm that helps troubled teens. Deacon and Jessie hold hands and laugh. It's been over a day, and Juliette is still building houses. Daphne finishes her song and *no epic cut to black as the show has no excitement anymore*


A look on the Bright Side: Three guys and a band is back next week, and Juliette had a song this week. Hayden nailed it as usual. It was beautiful and easily my favorite song since season four.

Nashville used to be fast paced, fun, and full of drama, but now, none of that is true. This episode reached an all time low as literally nobody had a plot about making music or a music related plot. It was just a cross of a relationship show, a life drama, and a psychological drama, really anything BUT  a show about music.  This week was just out of your mind, boring melodrama. I am so sick of the Deacon and Jessie relationship, Juliette in a cult, Javery being rude to each  other all the time, and all the newbies (nobody wants) getting the longest scenes. Oh, and now Juliette, Avery, Deacon, and Scarlett are no longer making music --- four of the original six. This episode didn't even feel like the same show anymore. The original cast has become so nonexistent and shells of their former selves. The show is now led by Deacon, new Scarlett, Jessie, and newbies. I think it may have felt so different this week because nobody is making music in Nashville anymore.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and  on the poll below!

Mom S5E11 Review

Last week's episode was slower, but it ended with a "to be continued," adding intrigue for what is going to happen in this week's. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Adam's part of the episode deals with the fact that they are engaged, and what their future wedding would look like, if that wedding is going to happen.

S5E11 "Bert and Ernie and a Blessing of the People"

At the start of the episode, Christy is in traffic, just as she was at the end of the last episode. Once she arrives at Patrick's, after she has to use the bathroom before he gets home, the two prepare to have sex, but that keeps not happening. This is for a variety of reasons: reminders of Patrick's ex-wife in his house, loud people in the neighboring hotel room, Patrick focused on the fact that he isn't perfect, and Christy admitting that she had sex with someone else. None of these reasons that delay the two having sex were very interesting, and can easily be seen as build-up to the end of the episode when they did have sex.

Bonnie and Adam go to a wedding, and at the wedding they discover what they want at their wedding. However, this ends up being two different things. Adam is really touched by the ceremony, while Bonnie is inspired by the amount of money made at the reception. At the end of the episode, Adam tricks Bonnie into setting a date for the wedding by saying that they should stay the way they are and not get married.

Like last week's episode, this one was fairly disappointing. Not that much happened, and Christy and Patrick had few funny moments, and they weren't that funny. At least Bonnie and Adam provided some solid humor, and the ending had them committed to actually getting married.

Score: 6/10

What did you think of "Bert and Ernie and a Blessing of the People"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The Good Place S2E11 Review

This week, The Good Place heads to the bad place. The show is going into really new territory, and that is very exciting, as the group attempts to pull off their near-impossible plan. What the characters get into this week was sure to be interesting.

S2E11 "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent"

The beginning of the episode has the group on the train, heading to the bad place. The four humans prepare to pretend to be someone else. Tahani is the highlight here, as an American named Rhonda. She hilariously portrays American stereotypes, and does a great job of that. Janet struggles to be a Bad Janet, and there is a hilarious bit about this where she can't stop giving Tahani the glasses of water she asks for, reminiscent of last season when she was rebooted and could only get people cacti.

In the bad place, the four humans and Janet stay in a museum while Michael gets what they need to get to the judge. There ends up being a party hosted at the museum. Chidi doesn't want to lie about who he is, so he says nothing, but a demon (played by Dax Shepard) mistakes Chidi for someone he knew. Eleanor talks to Chidi, convincing him it isn't unethical to lie in this situation because of moral particularism. It feels like a bit of a stretch that Eleanor would know about that, and that Chidi would be obsessed with one way of philosophical thought. The humans survive the party, until things go poorly when the demonstration turns out to be of their neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Michael meets with Sean, who reveals that he has a plan for how to get the humans from the medium place. Sean uses Bad Janet as a walkie-talkie, which is enjoyable, and reminds us of how Derek and his wind-chime testicles are in the medium place. Sean discovers that the humans aren't in the medium place, and this starts the part of the episode where everyone is on the run. Michael grabs the humans, and they rush to the portal. However, at the very end, they aren't able to make it, and Michael sacrifices himself. This ending shows why the show has put so much work into improving Michael, and Ted Danson is wonderful in this final scene.

It felt like there was quite a bit of time wasted, as they were just waiting for the end of the episode. Still, The Good Place made it entertaining, and the only real issue was believably in the Chidi part of the episode. The end of the episode was a great moment, and it showcased a great performance from Ted Danson.

Score: 9/10

What did you think of "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Superstore S3E10 Review

This week, the Cloud 9 that our characters work at is about to get an upgrade. However, some of the employees are worried whether this upgrade will actually be a good thing or not.

S3E10 "High Volume Store"

At the beginning of the episode, Jeff has an announcement for the Cloud 9 employees, they are only a few sales away from becoming a Quad-A store. The employees don't care at first, but once they discover that this means that the store will get a Pizza Hut, they hilariously get very excited. Jonah, however, is suspicious, and as a result he, Amy, and Dina go to a Quad-A store to find out what that means.

It's very funny when all the employees say that it is "the best job I've ever had." In reality, working at that store is terrible, so everyone at our Cloud 9's motivations change, they all try to keep the store from reaching the sales goal. These attempts are very funny, I especially enjoyed Marcus being weird, and Dina being herself to customers. However, Bo ends up ruining their plans when he buys a hot tub, and there are no returns on it. The ending here ends up being really unexpected, that they got a lot of counterfeit money, and that brings them down under the target amount.

Glenn also has an announcement at the start of the episode, that he needs a surrogate because Jerusha can't have kids. So, he spends the episode looking for a surrogate. After his search is unsuccessful, he vents to Cheyenne, and she ends up accidentally agreeing to have his baby. She tries to get out of this, saying that Bo wasn't alright with it, but Glenn brings him in and that plan goes awry.

In the end, Glenn realizes what's going on, and is mean to Cheyenne to be nice, which is really funny. The episode ends with Dina agreeing to have Glenn's baby because of how much he is paying for it. This ending is also unexpected, but I like how money was a big motivator for people (both Bo and Dina), since that reflects how much money the characters in this show have.

This was a strong episode. The main story was great, I liked the way that the group's goal changed, and how the end of that story was so unexpected. Also, the reasons behind everyone either wanting or not wanting the store to get an upgrade was great. The other story was enjoyable too, but it wasn't a stand-out one like the other was.

Score: 9.5/10

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