Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 18 Review

This review of Life In Pieces is nearly a week late, but as the NBC reality series about old celebrities traveling says, better late than never!

In the first story, Tyler and Clementine tell Tim and Heather about their plans to rent out their tiny house in order to pay off their debt. That night, a woman shows up in Tim and Heather's house. The woman, Mavis, is renting the tiny house and came over to use the tub. Tim and Heather are understandably angry about this and tell them to make a change, but Mavis then shows up that night. Heather calls Tyler, but he's way too high to comprehend anything. The next day, Tim and Heather reprimand Tyler and Clementine, and things start to change. They're then informed that Mavis is moving in for six months, which means that Tyler and Clementine are moving back in!

In the second story, one of Jen's clients, Erikson, asks to pay her with a painting, since he doesn't have any money. Greg looks at some of Erikson's paintings, and he doesn't "get" them. Erikson then pops in to observe them for the family portrait they're going to have painted of them. Jen isn't too fond of the idea, so she gives him some pictures of the family instead. Later, Erikson shows up with the painting. It's horrible, and Jen hates it, but Greg likes it. He vows to fix it, but his "fix" is to put it in the bedroom. Matt comes over to look at it, and he's shocked that they scored an original Erikson. He tells them to hold onto it, but Jen holds her ground and wants it gone. So they give it to John and Joan, who proudly display it in their home.

In the third story, Matt and Colleen tell Sophia about their idea for a new children's book. Sophia's not impressed, but she tells her about her idea for a story. It's a good idea, but it's also a stolen idea. Matt and Colleen want to turn it into a story, but Sophia doesn't want to. They don't understand why, but the viewers know. Later, Heather indirectly tells her that plagiarism is okay, as long as you change a few details. Sophia tries to convince Matt and Colleen to change the topic of the story, but they don't want to, since they love the original plan. She decides to tell her friend from school about stealing his idea, and he acts upset. However, it is soon discovered that Socktopia is already a book.

In the fourth story, John gets a scam call from the IRS (which he obviously falls for), and he tries to find money to wire to them. However, Joan tells him to call their accountant Celeste. John tells her that he fired Celeste, and she isn't happy. She decides to check their taxes, and discovers that John made a mistake when he did them himself. She tries to wire money to the IRS, but she gets distracted by John, who is hiding things from the IRS. THen, they get a knock at the door. They suspect it's the IRS, but it's even worse: it's Heather (the horror!!!!). She tells them that it's a scam, which she knows since her own idiot husband (John's words, also mine) fell for it too.

This episode sure was an improvement on the one that preceded it, but that's not an accomplishment at all. The first episodes were pretty good, but weren't really that great. There were parts of all of them that I liked, but I also had significant problems with each. The fourth, however, was amazing. I laughed so much at it and it really reminded me of why I used to love this show so much. It felt like a classic Life In Pieces segment, and was much better than just about anything this show has produced in all of 2018. That helped boost this show up from a just-okay score to one that's slightly above average for this underwhelming season.
Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

Genius - Season 2 Ratings (Picasso)

Season two of National Geographic's historical anthology series Genius debuted last night, Tuesday, April 24th. The Antonio Banderas-led, Pablo Picasso-focused season kicked off with a two-parter that was down significantly from the Geoffrey Rush-as-Albert Einstein inaugural season. Below are the ratings for all of season two.

Tuesday Broadcast Ratings 4/24/18: The 100 Returns Up From Finale, Roseanne Reruns Boost Deception

Tuesday Broadcast Ratings 4/24/18: The 100 Returns Up From Finale, Roseanne Reruns Boost Deception

18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Voice1.59.06NBC

Roseanne (R)1.36.33ABC

Lethal Weapon 0.94.25Fox

NCIS (R)0.76.73CBS

The Flash0.61.92The CW
8:30 PMRoseanne (R)1.36.08ABC
9 PMRoseanne (R)1.56.44ABC


NCIS (R)0.76.97CBS

LA to Vegas0.62.07Fox

The 100 (P)0.41.39The CW
9:30 PMRoseanne (R)1.56.32ABC

New Girl0.61.60Fox
10 PMChicago Med0.96.06NBC


Bull (R)0.65.12CBS

The 100 Season 5 Premiere Review

It's been almost a year since the last season of The 100 ended, and it's been even longer in the show's timeline, with the time jump that ended season four. Now, we get to catch up with the characters and find out what happened between that time jump.

S5E1 "Eden"

The episode begins about two months after Primfaya. Clarke is all alone, and everything is desolate. It creates a different tone for the show, one that is very depressing, lonely, and hopeless. The show spends almost fifteen minutes like this, which doesn't work out that well because this tone isn't captivating enough to make a whole third of the episode interesting.

Clarke finally gets some hope when she discovers a crow, and tries to find out where it came from. When she thinks that she has lost it, she breaks down, and almost kills herself. The moment where Clarke puts the gun to her head feels forced, like the show is trying to use it to show how hopeless the situation is, but doesn't do enough to make it feel real. However, Clarke's hope returns when she sees the crow again, and it leads her to a green valley.

Clarke arrives in the valley, and there she finds a young child, who seems to have problem fending for herself. Clarke gets caught in a trap this child set, and she steals Clarke's things. The show doesn't seem to know how to handle the start of this relationship between Clarke and the young girl at the start, but once the show jumps ahead to not long before we left the characters last season, they have a fun, enjoyable dynamic.

On the Ark, the group is keeping their eye on Earth, at least as much as they can. It also turns out that Murphy has decided to remove himself from the group, in a fight scene between him and Bellamy that is absolutely ridiculous. Things finally get interesting when they spot the ship that we saw land at the end of the previous season finale.

The ship lands, and as the people on it come out, we learn a little about them. There seem to be some parallels to the pilot here, as this is a group of prisoners, and they soon realize that they are not alone. That's not all that we learn. It also turns out they have been asleep for a long time, as they do not know what has happened to Earth.

In the final moments of the episode, we get some Ark scenes where the characters give us hints to thinks that have happened since they have been in space. There is so little energy in these scenes however, that it is hard to stay engaged. The ending of the episode shows the bunker, where two people are fighting in a stadium-like place, as Octavia sits and watches.

This season of The 100 is off to a weak start. The premiere generally lacked in excitement, only really providing in the scenes showing the people from the ship that has landed. Hopefully we delve more into that and the bunker next week. For now, I don't have very high hopes for season five.

Score: 4/10

What did you think of "Eden"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

CBS Renew/Cancel: ‘Criminal Minds’ Likely to be Renewed + ‘Instinct’ Downgraded

"Criminal Minds" (CBS)
Welcome to the CBS Renew/Cancel Watch. All in-season, scripted primetime shows airing on CBS in the 2017-18 season are included in the prediction table below. My predictions are current as of April 24, 2018.

The key to the right indicates the colors associated with each prediction. The data in the table includes current season lows, highs, and averages (Adults 18-49 demo), as well as the year-to-year changes for returning shows. The shows are ordered by their season averages against other scripted CBS shows.

    Season Low High /Average     
 Y2Y Change
 The Big Bang Theory 
2.4 / 4.1 / 2.79
Young Sheldon
1.8 / 3.8 / 2.25
1.3 / 1.8 / 1.48
1.2 / 1.6 / 1.42
Kevin Can Wait
0.9 / 2.3 / 1.21
1.0 / 1.3 / 1.19
Life In Pieces
0.9 / 1.3 / 1.14
0.8 / 1.5 / 1.04
Man with a Plan
0.8 / 1.1 / 1.01
Me, Myself & I
0.7 / 1.6 / 1.00
Hawaii Five-0
0.9 / 1.1 / 0.99
Criminal Minds
0.9 / 1.3 / 0.99
0.8 / 1.1 / 0.97
NCIS: New Orleans
0.8 / 1.1 / 0.97
0.7 / 1.5 / 0.97
0.8 / 1.3 / 0.94
Blue Bloods
0.8 / 1.1 / 0.92
Superior Donuts
0.8 / 1.0 / 0.91
  Wisdom of the Crowd  
0.7 / 1.3 / 0.91
0.8 / 0.9 / 0.85
0.6 / 1.3 / 0.88
0.7 / 1.0 / 0.81
Living Biblically
0.6 / 0.8 / 0.70
Madam Secretary
0.5 / 0.8 / 0.65

The table has been updated to reflect the recent renewals for the following series: Mom, NCIS, Bull, SEAL Team, Hawaii Five-0, S.W.A.T., NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: LA, Blue Bloods, MacGyver, and Madam Secretary. These were correct predictions by the CBS Renew/Cancel.

As of 4/19, Living Biblically has been pulled from the schedule and is effectively cancelled with five episodes unaired. This was a correct prediction. 

Below are two prediction changes in this edition of the CBS R/C. An analysis for each adjustment has been provided.

The show has been on the bubble for practically the entire season. It's a tough one to predict, considering that the networks are increasingly unpredictable with what they're willing to keep. Some shows that seem like they should be relieved of duty are just not to that point as far as the network heads are concerned. I previously decided to lean into a cancellation for Criminal Minds prior to all the early renewals, but I've since decided to upgrade it to a likely renewal. While it's likely to be the veteran series to end first due to its age, declining ratings, costs, and lack of full net ownership, it's still a respectable player that has done OK in its move to 10. As the season's gone on, its stability in the 0.9-1.0 range doesn't look horrible, especially since none of their new dramas (SEAL Team and S.W.A.T., specifically) have managed to regularly rate above that. It hasn't been moved to a lower priority Friday or Sunday slot at this point, so while the present time slot downgrade suggests CBS is phasing the procedural out, there is room for alternative scheduling before it's completely off the air. CBS can probably do better with cheaper alternatives going forward (especially on Wednesdays), but a 14th season that sends the series off with over 300 episodes might be just what CBS and ABC Studios are capable of negotiating. They frankly don't have to do anything for the show -- in fact, the network failed to give "final seasons" to past long-running dramas -- but some of them weren't around for as long as Criminal Minds. CSI is probably the most comparable series in this situation, and that iconic show at least had a movie to wrap things up (as much as you can "wrap up" for a crime procedural). Something tells me that CBS knows they could've prepared better for CSI's end, and they'll do a bit better with Criminal Minds. That might mean a reduced order for the last season, but they can find a way to air it if it's worth producing and ensures a smooth transition into CBS's next chapter post-Minds.

My reluctance to promote a renewal prediction throughout the current season has been, perhaps, tied up in my thinking that CBS has to end something soon. Criminal Minds always seemed like a fair candidate (and it is, no doubt) because of the reasons I've already mentioned, in addition to its inability to launch successful spinoffs like NCIS has achieved. It's in a vulnerable position where the network could truly take it or leave it, so I don't think my general pessimism has been unwarranted with that in mind. Ultimately, CBS didn't end any veterans last year, though they did send Code Black and Elementary to summer. This pretty much says that while they still need slots on the fall schedule for new shows, they don't really need to cancel much in order to make that happen. Criminal Minds could be held until midseason, as could Scorpion and/or Madam Secretary. It's doable, or at least CBS would probably think as much and navigate that scheduling when the deadline hits. Whether or not it makes financial sense for CBS to keep all these shows is another question altogether, but it's nearly impossible to predict how negotiations for Criminal Minds will go when it's consistently down to the wire between the network and studios involved. The positive it's looking at is that cast contracts for the original actors seem to be good to go for a Season 14, which should make talks somewhat easier. As such, I'm leaning into a renewal at this point, but a cancellation would be far from a surprise. 

The show is simply too weak to return in a priority slot next season. Through five airings, it's averaged a 0.88 rating in the demo, including two recent 0.6 performances without sports/event exposure. CBS has renewed soft midseason shows before, but the ones that come to mind had support from existing franchises (CSI: Cyber and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) in addition to strong international potential. Instinct really doesn't boast the same kind of package, and CBS doesn't need it. The only reason it might stand a chance is if it's internally liked to an irrational degree, but based on ratings performance, its late-in-the-game scheduling, and CBS's two freshman drama renewals, it's likely to be cancelled. 

Monday Broadcast Ratings 4/23/18: Big Bang, Young Sheldon Reruns Improve on CBS’s Typical Monday Lineup

Monday Broadcast Ratings 4/23/18: Big Bang, Young Sheldon Reruns Improve on CBS’s Typical Monday Lineup

18-49 Rating
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Voice1.58.27NBC

American Idol1.3/1.44.59ABC

The Big Bang Theory (R)1.06.41CBS


Supergirl0.41.38The CW
8:30 PMYoung Sheldon (R)1.06.06CBS
9 PMThe Resident0.83.92Fox

Young Sheldon (R)1.05.86CBS

iZombie0.20.71The CW
9:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory (R)1.05.55CBS
10 PMGood Girls0.94.14NBC

Carpool Karaoke (S)0.83.84CBS

The Crossing0.74.24ABC

The Simpsons Season 29 Episode 17 Review

This week's The Simpsons puts the focus on Lisa, who is going through a musical struggle, as well as the city of New Orleans, which no longer has any food left in it, all thanks to Homer.

Mr. Largo tells Lisa to give up playing the saxophone, in order to avoid disappointment in the future. Instead, she should feel disappointed now. Skinner also tries to convince Lisa to give up, and she eventually does. Marge tells her not to give up her dreams, but Lisa just can't play the sax anymore. She has the yips. At dinner that night, Marge announces that her Aunt Eunice is turning 100, and that she wants them to visit her. She lives in Gainesville, where Marge wants to go on vacation. Homer hates the idea, and Lisa is dismayed at the mention of music. So, a vacation that pleases everyone. On the flight to Gainesville, things aren't going well. Everyone on the plane seems to be pretty upset, and then there's a passenger revolt. The pilot lands the plane immediately, which means Gainesville is a no-go. Instead, they'll be going to New Orleans.

Homer is in heaven in New Orleans considering the city's rich selection of foods, but Lisa is still upset. Elsewhere, Marge takes Bart to the voodoo shop, where he gets voodoo dolls for him to use to take out his revenge on the bullies at school. Back in Homer and Lisa's story, Lisa has a "talk" with "Louis Armstrong", who encourages her to pursue jazz, even if she won't be the best.

Bart starts using his voodoo dolls, and they actually work. Probably. Elsewhere, a man at a jazz club introduces himself as Bleeding Gums' nephew. He manages to cure her case of the yips, and she rediscovers her love of jazz.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of the Simpsons, even though there were some issues with it. The start of Lisa's plot felt completely out of left field and just very random. There's a chance that the writers were going for that, but either way, it was a strange start. That storyline definitely got better with time, though. Bart's storyline was really strange though. I don't even know if I can call it a storyline, it barely even made an impression on me. It felt like more of an excuse to throw in some classic New Orleanian culture (voodoo) than anything. My favorite part of the episode was that watching it, you really felt like you were in New Orleans. It was very authentic and a great trip down memory lane for me, reminding me of the times that I chowed down on po' boys, muffalettas, and beignets in the Big Easy. This made for an episode that was much more enjoyable than it would have been if the characters had stayed in Springfield.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

Sunday Broadcast Ratings 4/22/18: Deception and Timeless Hit Lows

Sunday Broadcast Ratings 4/22/18: Deception and Timeless Hit Lows

18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
7 PMAmerica’s Funniest Home Videos 1.05.61ABC

60 Minutes0.78.78CBS

Dateline NBC0.63.91NBC

Bob's Burgers (R)0.41.06Fox
7:30 PMBob's Burgers0.81.63Fox
8 PMAmerican Idol 1.57.37ABC

The Simpsons0.92.20Fox

Little Big Shots0.85.85NBC

8:30 PMBrooklyn Nine-Nine0.81.74Fox
9 PMFamily Guy0.92.03Fox

NCIS: Los Angeles0.87.50CBS

Genius Junior0.63.65NBC
9:30 PMThe Last Man on Earth0.61.54Fox
10 PMMadam Secretary0.66.09CBS



Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 18 Review ’Gray Star Mutual’

***Spoilers Ahead***

Gray Star Mutual 

L-R: Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Samberg, Joe Lo Truglio. Credit: FOX

February 23, 2016, marks the date that Adrian Pimento graced onto our television screens with his self-titled inaugural episode. He stole every scene he was in with his madcap method of comedy and absurd outbursts. Mantzoukas's character continued to appear sporadically throughout Brooklyn's fourth season. While Pimento held the recipe for comedic delight, there was never any deviation in his schtick. This essentially made Adrian a caricature since the writers never properly explored who he really was. 'Gray Star Mutual' provides the solution to this predicament by shedding light on Adrian's true feelings and concerns. Amidst that, the series surprisingly builds on two recurring story arcs in solid fashion.

Peralta and Boyle helm the main plot that centers on Boyle's food truck being mysteriously burned down. Through the help of Pimento the insurance investigator, the trio must catch the criminal and save Boyle from being framed. The development of Mantzouka's character serves as the most meaningful part of a pleasant storyline. Although he continues his gimmick of acting out in an eccentric manner, there's an ulterior motive that comes with it this time. The fact that Pimento is angry about being left out of the loop establishes a softer, more human side to his persona. This new angle was necessary for Adrian to become a full-fledged character. It's commendable that the writers took a one-dimensional character and added a second side to them this late in the game. Moreover, due to his infectious feeling of dismay, it's almost upsetting to hear about the milestones that Pimento missed during his absence. In past seasons, this type of emotional connection could never have been made with Adrian. While overshadowed by Pimento, the duo of Boyle and Peralta still pack a punch. The dominance and confidence that comes with Boyle's stress is a trait that's always welcome. If Brooklyn Nine-Nine only highlighted Charle's beta qualities, things would get somewhat tedious. All things considered, this story acted as an ideal reintroduction to the crazy personality of Pimento.

The B-plot centers on the firm friendship of Amy and Rosa. Since this dynamic has been severely underused, their chemistry felt stronger than ever. The added factor of Santiago being a sergeant modified their relationship in a positive way. Since Amy is in a higher position of power, one would think that Rosa would be less blunt with her. But, this storyline emphasizes that nothing has changed between the two. Rosa can still call Amy weird and Amy can still take her advice on matters like picking out a wedding dress. The crowning moment here comes with Santiago's fierce takedown of the perpetrator. It's a scene that is effortlessly coordinated and stunning to watch. This subplot does a perfect job of capturing the magnificent bond that the ladies share.

In the weaker C-plot, Gina and Terry attempt to modernize Holt by getting him on social media. The writers essentially build upon the theme that had already been set in 'The Puzzle Master'. It's a touch bothersome to see Holt being portrayed as out-of-touch. Braugher's character usually has all the answers and it's a shame that something as trivial as Twitter could prevent him from his dream job. Criticism aside, this story still paved the way for some entertaining moments. Holt being labeled as a bot and his general resistance to the practice felt true to his character. Nevertheless, the trope of an old person being unfamiliar with social media comes off as a bit stale and overused. While it had its funny moments, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is capable of being substantially more original.

'Gray Star Mutual' brings back a phenomenal character and portrays them in a new light. That alone makes it an outstanding outing of the cop comedy. If that weren't enough, the B-plot showcased a pairing that doesn't often get the attention it deserves. And, while the C-story may have fallen a bit on the lackluster side, it still delivered in some ways. Overall, this installment did not disappoint and only makes me eager to see more of Adrian Pimento.

  • I appreciated the allusion to the Ted Cruz porn incident. 
  • The cold opening race was intense. But, Jake's screaming got a bit annoying.
  • I hope Andre Braugher is inspired by this subplot and makes a Twitter account.
  • It's quite interesting that Peralta and Boyle didn't bother to mention to Pimento that Rosa was dating again. 
  • This season is almost over and neither Genieve nor Nikolaj have made an appearance. 
  • A future side plot could focus on Hitchcock and Scully attempting to take off safe-search from their computers. 

Grade: A-

What did you think of 'Gray Star Mutual'?

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NBC Renew/Cancel #10 [2017-18]: ’Timeless’ is a Tossup, ’Good Girls’ is a Likely Renewal

Predictions for 4/22/18

One show is upgraded. Two shows are downgraded. 

Show Title [Average Adults 18-49 rating/Most recent rating]

Timeless [0.65/0.5] - I've decided to downgrade Timeless from likely renewal to a tossup. The drama started out with a respectable 0.8 rating for its second season premiere. But, the decent ratings did not last for long. The most recent episode garnered an anemic 0.5 and registered as a new series low. It is also one of the network's lowest-rated programs. On average, Timeless only performs better than Blindspot, Taken, and Champions. But, there is still hope for the series. According to Deadline, Sony made a deal with NBC to give them a license fee reduction, guaranteed profits, and international distribution rights if they renewed the show. It ended up working out and Timeless snatched up a second season. If Sony negotiates in the same manner, then Timeless definitely has a shot. For now, it's firmly a bubble show. 

Good Girls [1.05/0.9] - Good Girls has been upgraded from tossup to likely renewal. While not a success in the 18-49 demographic, the series has been relatively stable. Additionally, the first eight episodes of Good Girls has the same average that Taken did through the same point in its first season. That series ended up receiving a second season. Finally, the middling ratings can be overlooked thanks to an international distribution deal with Netflix. While not a lock, Good Girls is a safe bet. 

Champions [0.55/0.4] - Expectedly, Champions has been downgraded from likely cancellation to certain cancellation. The latest episode of the series garnered a dreadful 0.4 rating. Moreover, the fact that NBC is making the show air out of repeats proves that they've given up on it. To add insult to injury, the comedy is the second lowest-rated NBC series. It only beats Taken which was recently pulled off the schedule. This series is the dictionary definition of a dead show walking. It's a miracle that the peacock network is even letting it air its full episode order. 

Taken [0.44/0.4] - NBC recently pulled Taken off the schedule. The remaining episodes of the movie-based drama are scheduled to air in the summer. I'll wait for an official announcement to move it to the 'canceled' section. Nevertheless, it's essentially dead.  

Which show would you save?

The Brave


Law & Order: True Crime


Great News


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