TV Ratings 3/27/17: The Great Indoors Fractional on Special Night, Dancing With the Stars Slips, Superior Donuts Recovers

Monday night was a night full of drops and gains in the ratings. The Voice on NBC dropped a tenth to tie a season low, while its lead-out Taken was up two tenths. ABC's Dancing With the Stars had a steep four tenth decline while Quantico rose a tenth, though Quantico is a frequent downward adjuster so it may not be able to hold that 0.8. CBS went into repeat mode at 8 and 10, but 9 PM had original episodes of Superior Donuts, which rose a tenth, and The Great Indoors, which went fractional for the first time and was down from 2 Broke Girls' performance last week. The CW's lineup both saw one tenth increases before their time off in the coming weeks. Fox's 24: Legacy rose, but APB slipped to a new low of 0.6.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PM
The Voice

Dancing With the Stars

The Big Bang Theory (R)

24: Legacy

The CW
8:30 PM
Kevin Can Wait (R)
9 PM
Superior Donuts


Jane the Virgin
The CW
9:30 PM
The Great Indoors
10 PM

Scorpion (R)


Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Episode 2 Review

Dancing With the Stars got off to a pretty strong start last week, with some good dances from stars like Simone Biles and David Ross, and some so-bad-they're-good dances from stars like Chris Kattan and Mr. T. But that was just week one, and this week we'll get to see who can rise to the top and who'll stay at the bottom of the pack.

Simone Biles & Sasha - Cha-Cha
Easily the best of week one, I was expecting a bit more from Simone this week. It wasn't a bad dance, but it was pretty disappointing.
My Score: 7

Bonner Bolton & Sharna - Viennese Waltz
This dance was much better than last week. Like, so much better. While this was far from my favorite of the night, it was still a good dance, and that's all you can really expect in week two.
My Score: 7

Charo & Keo - Paso Doble
Charo is insane. I think that's pretty clear by now. I just needed to get that out of the way. But seriously, this dance wasn't really anything special, though it was a bit better than last week.
My Score: 6

Erika Jayne & Gleb - Foxtrot
I wasn't a big fan of Erika's first dance, but this was better. I still didn't love it, but it was good and I enjoyed it.
My Score: 7

Rashad Jennings & Emma - Viennese Waltz
I liked Rashad's first dance, but I didn't love it like the judges. I did love this dance, which I though was easily the best of the night and an improvement on week one.
My Score: 8

Chris Kattan & Witney - Jazz
Chris' first dance was rough. Really rough. But this second dance improved a lot on the first one and was pretty much on par with Charo for me, even though the judges scored her a few points higher. Still, it was one of the weakest dances of the night by far.
My Score: 6

Nancy Kerrigan & Artem - Cha-Cha
I enjoyed Nancy's first dance, and it was near the top of the group that week. This dance was pretty much on par with last week. Not too much improvement, but it didn't get worse.
My Score: 8

Normani Kordei & Val - Cha-Cha
Normani was one of the most improved of the week for me. She went from the middle of the pack to near the top, with an impressive cha-cha.
My Score: 8

Heather Morris & Maks (Alan) - Jive
This was going so well, and then there was a weird hip hop break in there, and it ruined it a bit for me. I didn't dislike it and I still really enjoyed it, but it wasn't as good as it could have been.  
My Score: 8

David Ross & Lindsay - Cha-Cha
This Cha-Cha was a step down from David's quickstep, which was super fun, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was just so much fun to watch.
My Score: 7

Mr. T & Kym - Paso Doble
This was still not a strong dance, but it was an improvement on last week. Mr. T was the weakest of the night, so he's going to need some major improvement next week if he wants to stick around for much longer.
My Score: 5

Nick Viall & Peta - Foxtrot
Nick didn't improve much at all this week, which isn't very good. This dance had pretty much the same problems as the last one.
My Score: 6


Worst of the Night: Mr. T
(Dis)Honorable Mention: Chris Kattan

Dancer of the Night: Rashad Jennings
Honorable Mention: Normani Kordei

My Rankings for the Week:
1- Rashad Jennings
2- Normani Kordei
3- Heather Morris
4- Nancy Kerrigan
5- Simone Biles
6- Bonner Bolton
7- David Ross
8- Erika Jayne
9- Nick Viall
10- Charo
11- Chris Kattan (OUT)
12- Mr. T

Jane the Virgin S3E15 Review

This week's episode deals with Jane getting back into flirting.

S3E15 "Chapter Fifty-Nine"

The episode begins with the narrator telling us that Jane really fell in love with three men in her life, but he doesn't reveal the first man, setting up an interesting question that needs answering. In present day, Jane is finally ready to move on after Michael's death. However, she doesn't want to move on with Mateo's aide, who she believes is flirting with him. It is an awkward moment for Jane when she brings this up, and it turns out that he wasn't flirting. So, Rafael and Petra help her out, which is a very entertaining scene, especially when Jane ruins things by bringing up Michael's death. Jane and Dennis end up flirting, and it's entertaining when Rafael coaches Jane in texting him. Things end up not working out for Jane and Dennis, but Jane knows who she wants at the end of the episode, when she sees a new co-star of Rogelio's.

Love is in the air this week, and that includes Alba and Jorge, who are so cute. Their dialogue in the gift shop is perfect. However, Jorge hasn't actually made plan about them going out. Jane encourages Alba to talk to Jorge about this, so she does and it's pretty great. It turns out that he hasn't said anything because he is having trouble deciding where to take her, because he wants it to be special. How perfect is he? Jorge takes Alba to mini-golf, because he overheard her saying that she loves it, however Jane and Dennis are also there, so they have to hide. How sweet of Alba, putting Jane first. It's funny when Alba and Jorge make out, and they are discovered.

It may not be exactly love in the air for Rafael and Petra, but they slept together. And, as Petra heads into the living room for her clothes, Jane shows up looking for something Mateo needs, which makes for an awkward moment when Jane opens the closet door to find Petra. This leads to an episode of Rafael and Petra both contemplating their past relationship. Petra goes to apologize to Chuck after insulting him, and it's entertaining when she decides to ride the bull to prove herself to him. In a twist near the end of the episode, it is revealed that Petra and Anezka aren't currently as estranged as Petra pretends they are, based on an email Petra writes to Anezka.

After Xo and Bruce's break-up, Rogelio is not getting the attention from Bruce in his case that he desires, as he has no idea that Xo and Bruce broke up. There are some typical entertaining Rogelio scenes as he works on a telenovela, but so much of this is the type of thing it feels like we've seen him do a million times before now. Bruce says that he will be fine representing Rogelio, but at the last moment he decides that he can't. So, things have come full circle for Bruce, he went from an ass, to a nice person, and back to an ass. And each time it was a sudden change. In the end, Rogelio has to pay a huge amount, but it's okay with him because he and Xo have gotten back together.

As much as I loved everything about Alba and Jorge this week, not only did Alba actually get a story, but it was a beautiful romance, I hated the way Bruce behaved this week, much of Rogelio's part of the story felt unoriginal, and Petra and Rafael weren't all that original either. Jane's story had its moments, but it certainly wasn't a stand-out one.

Score: 6.5/10

What did you think of "Chapter Fifty-Nine"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Superior Donuts S1E9 Review

This week's episode has to do with dating, as Franco encourages Arthur to get out there.

S1E9 "Get It, Arthur"

Franco makes plans with a girl, which leads to him having to cancel plans with Arthur. Franco realizes that Arthur needs a girlfriend, and when Randy brings her mom in, Franco sees the opportunity. There are some funny moments when Randy complains about her mother being in town, such as when Randy comments that she thinks her mom forgets that she carries a gun.

After Arthur's date, he is unsure what to do the next day, and it's funny when Franco helps him send a text to Randy's mom. Randy learns of what happened between Arthur and her mom, and she has some funny lines, but then Arthur receives a text from her saying that last night was a mistake.

Franco goes to talk to Randy's mom, and it turns out she was nervous, and didn't know what to do because it was the first time she had feelings for someone since her husband died, which is really a fairly typical sort of explanation. Arthur gets annoyed at Franco for getting involved, but he and Randy's mom make up. The show ends on a very funny joke, when Arthur reveals that he has signed up for a dating app, but it turns out to be Grindr.

Also this week, there was a story where Fawz tries to figure out how Tush got a check. It is very uninteresting, but luckily doesn't take up too much of the episode. In the end, Tush reveals that the check was his last alimony check from his ex-wife, then he and Fawz share a way-to-long hand-holding moment.

While the episode's main story wasn't all that original, it had plenty of great jokes. The B-story however was a waste of the small amount of time that was dedicated to it.

Score: 7/10

What did you think of "Get It Arthur"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The 2017 Mock Schedule Forum

Right now, we're starting to see more pilot orders come, and are starting to get a sense of which shows have better chances at making next season's schedule. So I figured we could all post our nice, ever-changing mock schedules here. Enjoy!

TV Ratings 3/27/17: Making History Steady, NCAA Helps CBS Improve (UPDATED)

Sunday night was a pretty up night for TV ratings. CBS had NCAA Basketball, and it really helped their lineup. 60 Minutes easily hit a 2017 high, NCIS: LA was close to a season high, Madam Secretary got out of fractional for the first time this year, while Elementary tied a season high. Needless to say, it was a good night to be CBS. ABC's Once Upon a Time rose a tenth to rebound from last week's low, and America's Funniest Home Videos (despite being a repeat) also rose. These gains couldn't help Time After Time, which stayed at 0.4, or American Crime, which dipped to a horrific 0.3. Little Big Shots on NBC rose a tenth, while the rest of the lineup stayed steady. On Fox, Bob;s Burgers and the Last Man on Earth both managed to gain a tenth, though Bob's at 8 PM was lower than last week's The Simpsons.

Finals Update: 60 Minutes (-0.2), Family Guy (-0.1) and repeats of America's Funniest Home Videos (-0.1) and Little Big Shots (-0.1) adjusted down.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
7 PM
NCAA Basketball

America’s Funniest Home Videos (R)

Little Big Shots (R)

The Simpsons (R)
7:30 PM
60 Minutes

Bob’s Burgers
8 PM
Little Big Shots

Once Upon a Time
8:30 PM
NCIS: Los Angeles

Making History
9 PM
Family Guy

Chicago Justice

Time After Time
9:30 PM
Madam Secretary

The Last Man on Earth
10 PM
Shades of Blue

American Crime
10:30 PM

Feud Season 1 Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Throughout its first two episodes, Feud has left me thoroughly entertained. In addition to being incredibly entertaining and fun to watch, it's also of incredibly high quality and it features some of the best performances of the current TV season. Since I didn't post a review last week, I'll be posting abbreviated reviews of both episodes this week.

Mommie Dearest
In Mommie Dearest, we get to see more of B.D., which is a great thing since we also get to see more of her relationship with her mother, Bette. It was really interesting to see Bette and B.D., who isn't a very good actress, grow a bit closer, especially with some of those jabs at Joan, with Bette insisting that if Joan didn't ruin the film, nobody (including B.D) could.

Filming of Baby Jane also comes to an end in this episode. I'm both upset by and excited by this. I've loved the scenes that have taken place during filming, but I'm excited to see what else will happen with this legendary feud, especially since they won't even have to be around each other much anymore.

I loved this episode. There were some great scenes with Bette and Joan, and for a few minutes, it seemed like they didn't hate each other. The filming scenes were also really great, with both Bette and Joan trying to antagonize the other during the filming (but really, what else is new). I also loved the scene with Bette talking on the phone to her daughter, a scene that was pretty tough to watch but also done remarkably well.

Episode Score: 10/10
Episode Grade: A+

More, or Less
This is the first episode after filming has wrapped, and we get to see how Bette and Joan's lives are after the film. Neither are getting many film offers, and Joan takes it really hard. Bette has a grand old time promoting the film, but Joan stays home and is just freaking miserable. The difference between the two is pretty crazy to see, and  both actresses doing remarkable jobs in this episode.

We also get to see what Bob is up to after Baby Jane. He's working on a western with Frank Sinatra, and at this point I don't care much about the Sinatra film plot, but I hope it's going to lead to something more interesting. Warner says he'll release the film, but only if Bob will make a film similar to Baby Jane and try to get Bette to appear in it.

The final scene, with Joan walking downstairs to find the phones off the hook, was perfect. That scream at the end (when she finds out that Bette was nominated and not her) was the perfect way to end the episode, and I can't wait to see the fallout of the Oscar nominations next week.

I liked this episode less than previous episodes, but that's not to say that I disliked it. It was still an awesome episode, but less so than previous ones. While Bette and Joan again had great storylines, I wasn't too invested in Bob's, though it didn't get much screen time and it didn't bother me much.

Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 13 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Find This Thing We Need To

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Season 1 of The Last Man on Earth was all about introducing as many characters as possible. Season 2 was more about killing as many of them as possible, I might be exaggerating on that last part. This season of LMOE has found a happy medium between introducing and erasing characters from the series, and unlike the first season, it's a lot more exciting when a new character comes into the mix since it doesn't occur as often. 

Tonight's A-plot involving Tandy, Carol, and Erica doesn't do a great job with moving the plot along but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Last Man on Earth needs some time to breath amidst twists and turns, so not every episode has to produce something jaw-dropping. Ultimately, there's not much to the main story aside from Tandy trying to lure the child, or old man, out of hiding. Things get really interesting when Tandy decides to stay behind and scream out a soliloquy about his lonely past before he met up with the gang. It gives the episode a strangely sweet touch because we understand how Tandy doesn't want a fellow survivor to go through the same terrible ordeal he went through. Aside from that, despite being in the trio, Erica still pretty much gets nothing to do in the episode, what does it have to take to give her a moment in the spotlight? The ending of the plot is a major disappointment since we never get to see who this Yoda character is, but I'm sure they're saving the big reveal for next week's episode.

If the A-plot didn't move along the story, the B-plot certainly did. I wasn't a fan of Gail in the previous episode but pairing her up with Todd in tonight's installment works better since Gail can act as the sort of goofy and carefree one instead of being "the mother" of the group. We finally get a major breakthrough when Gail cracks the case of Santa's penis and finds the pill that Melissa needs to take. It isn't a very eventful story thread, but it's one that's necessary to further advance the "Crazy Melissa" storyline, and the duo of Todd and Gail helped make the ride a lot more enjoyable.

Overall, "Find This Thing We Need To" is a step down from the past 3 episodes, but even if it acted more as filler, it still advanced the plot a bit and has some solid sight gags, plus the cliffhanger ending is just enough to get you excited for what's next. 

Stray Thoughts

  • Other possible titles for this episode: "Santa's Penis" or "Looking Forward To It"
  • Tandy's Yoda impression was great.
  • I was half-expecting Todd to get stuck in the elevator.
  • Kind of creepy that the kid/elder has been watching the gang this whole time.
  • Gail's mention of Pat gives me hope that we haven't seen the last of him.
  • I wonder if/when they'll introduce Pamela into the group.
  • Always nice to see the return of the camouflage suits
  • I was also half-expecting Todd & Gail to get together again.

Grade: B+

Thanks for reading my review of The Last Man on Earth. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Catch on all new episode next Sunday at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.