1960-61 and 1961-62 Top 30 -- A Rise and Fall for 3rd Place ABC

Written Amazed at ABC's Early 60's Success by Bridger Cunningham
The hard-data wall appears to be 1963, with only top-30 data available prior.  Being this data is over 50 years old, locating complete season data from the elusive Nielsen organization is a daunting task.  So for the time being, enjoy a peak at the seasons.  Please take a moment and enjoy TVRG's multitude of Ratings History as we have decades of data ready to enjoy:   http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/11/tvrgs-ratings-history.html

ABC set a then-unprecedented record and carved out 8 Top-30 entries, thanks to its newfound sitcom jewels, My Three Sons and The Flintstones.  M3S enjoyed a 12-year run after jumping to CBS in 1965, and The Flintstones remains a genre first as it trail-blazed the path for future animated sitcoms to air in primetime well into the 2010's.  Elsewhere, CBS located a sitcom jewel in Andy Griffith, which received well with the blue collar and rural fans and would help carry the network well into the 1960's.

ABC's surge lost its foothold as its 7 entries in the Top 30 failed to crack Top-10 territory.  NBC pushed past and claimed 11 places, thanks to western successes Wagon Train and Bonanza.  Wagon Train left the network, however and hitched its saddle up to ABC the following fall.  More sitcoms punctured the Top 30 as their prominence grew.

Source -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top-rated_United_States_television_programs_of_1961%E2%80%9362

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