1954-55 and 1955-56 Top 30 -- CBS Manages to Edge NBC Out for 1st

Written Hunting for the Clever TV Show Titles by Bridger Cunningham
The hard-data wall appears to be 1963, with only top-30 data available prior.  Being this data is over 50 years old, locating complete season data from the elusive Nielsen organization is a daunting task.  So for the time being, enjoy a peak at the seasons.
CBS' infiltration into NBC's ratings ground took affect, splitting up blocks of ranks.  ABC found a new niche never known to television audiences, as movies were never replayed on television until this season.

...And CBS broke NBC's territory in half, splitting the upper reaches of the ratings chart and stealing 1st Place.  CBS would gleefully hold this title until 1976 with only a few takeover attempts from NBC in the 60's.

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