1952-53 and 1953-54 Top 30 -- CBS Gains Momentum on NBC

Written Looking for Cursewords in 50's Sitcoms by Bridger Cunningham
The hard-data wall appears to be 1963, with only top-30 data available prior.  Being this data is over 50 years old, locating complete season data from the elusive Nielsen organization is a daunting task.  So for the time being, enjoy a peak at the seasons.

CBS gained momentum on champion NBC as I Love Lucy swept the nation.  The ball of sitcoms rolling downhill gained momentum as CBS punctured NBC's tight grip they previously held.  And ABC barely punctured the top 30 chart.


Notice anything missing on this chart?  Where the hell is ABC!?  Incidentally, this was the same year ABC and DuMont reached an integration deal which the two would combine forces by 1958

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