1968-69 Top 30 -- NBC Gives CBS a Challenge for 1st Place

Written Grasping for 60's Laughs by Bridger Cunningham.

Sitcom silliness slapped the 60's heavily, but a new tide changed as NBC debuted a landmark first as it not only found success in new sitcom Julia.  But also a first as its marquee star was black female lead Diahann Carroll.  10 sitcoms traipsed the top-30 lineup, with CBS claiming 7 markings.  Musical and comedy variety shows sliced 9 more helpings, again with CBS taking 6 victories.   A newfound police/civic trend located 5 law-enforcement-themed top-30 contenders, and Western period pieces faded down to 4 helpings with NBC claiming 3 spaces.

TV Ratings Guide only has Top-30 data readily available as complete ratings posts are unavailable for much of the mid-20th century.  This same disclaimer was placed for the 1970-84 Top 30 cards earlier in 2017, and TVRG shattered the 1984 hard-data wall in September and recovered complete data and recovered 6 seasons of data.  Thanks to scrutinizing research of older newspapers and magazine publications, TVRG exclusively holds access to complete ranks (and for most, the ratings to go with them) for the 1973-75, 1977-79, 1981-82 and 1983-84.  Stay tuned, as research efforts are ongoing, and readers may be able to access complete 1968-69 data in the near future.

Source -- http://fbibler.chez.com/tvstats/by_5_yr_period/top_programs_1965-1970.html

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