Saturday Night Live 1975-2017 Ratings Through The Years

Written Foregoing a Weekend Ratings Update by Bridger Cunningham.
Saturday Night Live made its debut on NBC on October 11, 1975 amidst NBC's first ratings depression from 1975-84.  It had seen its share of ups and downs in its 43 seasons, with the 1985-86 season viewed as a creative lull.  However, like Grey's Anatomy, SNL manages to reinvent itself as creative powerhouses come and go. 
 The first 5 seasons featured continual growth, peaking at its Household Ratings Peak.
Please note data throughout this rich time capsule varies, with only Household Ratings being tracked from 1975-87.  Beyond that, 1988-2008 featured only live data, and from 2008-present, this data is Live+7 DVR viewing.  Follow the color bars, as the purple bar follows the pre-election years and the salmon color highlighted years with elections.



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