Predict the Ratings for the Premiere of Marvel's Inhumans

Tonight, only one new series will debut, but it's a very noteworthy one. Marvel's Inhumans debuts tonight after a movie theater release and little on-air promotion (at least on ABC). The series takes over the slot of the vacated Shark Tank, which is on the move. The series could surprise and do well a la MacGyver or it could flop a la The Toy Box. It's a wild card, especially with the Marvel name attached to it, as that could help to drive some interest. Next week it receives Once Upon a Time as a lead-in, and tonight it get to lead off the night all on its own, airing a two hour premiere starting at 8. Will Inhumans do some super ratings or will they be villainously bad?

Marvel's Inhumans, Fridays at 9PM (8PM for premiere) on ABC