An Ode To The Middle

Viewers of The TV Ratings Guide will know by now that the creators of The Middle have decided to end the show after its upcoming ninth season. And viewers of the comments know I like the show. Now, nine seasons is more than enough time for a show to get, and quite honestly way more than I thought it would get when I was looking at its total viewer ratings at the end of its third season.

Which leads me to my next point. Curiosity of how many viewers The Middle was getting introduced me to TV ratings. Over the next few years, I self-taught myself the basics of the ratings industry, including the fact that total viewers don't really even matter as much as some age demos. Eventually, I decided to make this website, which has quickly grown into one that garners thousands of views even in the middle of the summer.

So thank you, The Middle, for introducing me to TV ratings and essentially making The TV Ratings Guide possible. And of course, to everyone who visits the site. Hope you continue to visit as we get closer to the 2017-18 TV season, and make this our best year yet.

And here's a song that goes well with the current tone; it was featured in the show twice so why not?