Nashville S5E17 Review

Nashville S5E17 Review

"Ghost in this House"

*Spoilers Ahead*

Nashville is back this week, and the show is a pain to watch, not a pleasure like it was for four years.

Deacon and the kids are greeted at breakfast by a woman flirting with Deacon. Scarlett talks strategy with Alyssa on PR for the leak of the baby's father. Will meets with executives to work on his Budweiser commercial. Zach wants Deacon to meet with Jessie Caine about signing her.

Will is at a fitting when Jakob tells him to be careful around Zach, as he just buys anything he wants to get ahead. After Scarlett and Gunnar perform, Scarlett is talked down to by a fan since she cheated on Gunnar. The fan tells her she ruined everything. Deacon meets with Jessie, and he says he wants to hear her new music. They discuss her music and how personal it is. Jessie talks about her past for like eight minutes, it's the worst.

Avery is mad at Juliette, yells at her, and says he stopped producing Hallie's album. Scarlett confronts the woman who published the story. Will confronts Zach about who he is. Scarlett sees Nadine is called ugly on Facebook and messages her. Deacon gets a flirty call from Jessie, saying she wants to work with him.

Scarlett meets up with Nadine. Will films his commercial. Deacon meets with Rachel to talk business. Will is woken up by Zach's phone  ringing, he ignores it, and gets up to get some water. While up, another phone rings, revealing Zach has two phones, and is getting a call from a boy named Jeff.

Zach comes home to Will leaving with his things. Will confronts Zach about his second phone, and Zach says that the guy who called is a crazy-ex who is in love with him. Zach says he loves Will, but Will leaves. Scarlett tells Gunnar it is hard to be a girl, and she gets an idea. Deacon calls Jessie, and says he wants to work with her, but he says he wants to be clear, and he does not want a relationship. She gets mad at him, and hangs up.

We get to see Will's commercial. (it's so cringy, so bad). Zach calls Jeff, and finally breaks up with him for good. Avery tells Juliette he has to do the tour. He says that he has been taking care of everyone for a long time, but he needs to do something for himself. Scarlett holds a body shaming talk to make kids feel better about themselves. We then watch twenty minutes of everyone sharing what they have wrong with them, and how they were made fun of. The reporter joins in. Jessie sings a song and Deacon watches before leaving.

-2 / 10

Complaint of the Week: Where was Javery this episode?
Second Complaint of the Week: We know more about the new character's lives than we do about Javery. Are they married? Divorced? Friends? Discussed their issues from season four?
Third Complaint of the Week: After-school special dumpster fire.

What did you think of "Ghost in This House"? Let us know in the comments below.

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