1995-96 Ratings History -- NBC Reclaims 1st Place After 5 Years as Seinfeld, Friends and ER Become the Thursday Rage

Written Glad The Friends Hairdo Bypassed the Guys by Bridger Cunningham

NBC proudly reclaimed 1st place this season after the early 1990's were rather unkind to them.  Must See TV became the place to be as all of their shows placed in the top 6 as ER, Seinfeld and Friends became household names.  ABC retreated into 2nd Place as their sitcoms aged and were not as nuclear as they were from 1990-95.  CBS again rested in 3rd Place, and FOX' scandalous soaps failed to capitalize on Melrose Place detonating a bomb in the titular finale.  News was still the craze, and WB and UPN remained in the cellar without any standout shows creating buzz-worthy press.

This, along with other diverse entries of ratings data can be found in the TVRG Ratings Library, located at the following link: http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2018/01/tvrg-ratings-library.html 

Trending Hot -- NBC was in its zenith this season, as their sitcoms, dramas and news had the best performance.  Must See TV was once again the prime advertising pasture, along with ABC Tuesdays.  Movie Nights also remained a lucrative ratings ground, and ABC comedy blocks still performed despite aging franchises.

Trending Tepid -- FOX.   Soaps again led moderate trends, albeit Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210 ranked downward.  Party of Five, however, gained ground and reached into the top 100 with rave reviews.  The X-Files cracked into the top 50 and became a sensation, and aging sitcoms Married... With Children and The Simpsons performed well.

Trending Cold -- WB and UPN again saw another quiet season.  CBS could not catch a break this season outside The Nanny and its spiritual, feel-good television.  Soaps not on FOX performed abysmally, with CBS' Central Park West, NBC's Malibu Shores and WB's Savannah leaving much to be desired,

Source: http://fbibler.chez.com/tvstats/recent_data/1995-96.html

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