1982-83 Ratings History -- Soap Bubbles Rise, Several Veterans Part and NBC Renews Poorly Rated Masterpieces

Written Asking Where Cheers is by Bridger Cunningham

Does anyone remember this disclosure over the previous Top 30 card?

Ratings Data prior to 1984 is scarce, to TV Ratings Guide will post what is available and may update overall network ranks and sitcom scorecards when available.

Guess what? TVRG just shattered the internet glass ceiling and located complete ranks for the 1982-83 season!  Ratings are only available for the top third of the chart, but enjoy some semblance of what happened in this titular year which NBC renewed a large rash of low-rated series (due to a lack of options).

CBS again claimed a victory this season, despite losing three sitcoms in the top 30.  Soaps raised the bar, with all four entries in the top 20.  ABC experienced declines of its aging sitcom franchises, and NBC held few top 30 entries.  Newfound A-Team came in strong, while Little House On the Prairie bid adieu to the beloved homestead.

Trending Hot -- Renewing low-rated series due to critical acclaim (and lack of options) helped NBC form a foundation for the decade's remains.  Attempting to launch new sitcoms became the year's trend (getting them to succeed was another story).  Movie nights continued to grow in prominence on all three networks.  Soaps flooded the nielsen primetime tub.  Displaying actors of color also took a refreshing uptick.

Trending Tepid -- Social relevance and fantasy fares began to take a backseat for yuppie fares.  Aging CBS and ABC hits started to show their age after their 70's glory days.  ABC's lineup began to look tattered as they failed to locate series winners.

Trending Cold -- Sitcom successes became a fleeting presence as the season slaughtered an alarmingly-high 23 of the 39 entries.  NBC achieving Nielsen success also fleeted standards.  The Science Fiction genre remained too niche to survive 1983.




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