1977-78 Top 30 Ratings -- ABC Does Its Second Jiggle Into 1st Place Thanks to a Controversial Soap

Written Looking for the Missing Fawcett by Bridger Cunningham

Ratings Data prior to 1984 is scarce, to TV Ratings Guide will post what is available and may update overall network ranks and sitcom scorecards when available.

Charlie's Angels became a source of controversy due to attire.  Enter Soap, a sitcom ripping on suds which held a pilot so controversial, several affiliates refused to air it.  The results?  ABC jiggled in suds for a record-setting 2nd year.  On the G-rated side, viewers enjoyed a healthy dose of nostalgia with Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days, family-friendly fodder with How the West Was Won, Eight is Enough, the Love Boat, Family and Fantasy Island.  And a vexing dose of sin with Three's Company and Soap.  CBS relied on sitcoms in its weakened state, as the relevance era lost out to fantasy and pleasure.  NBC registered a 3rd year in 3rd Place, and prospects continued to crumble for the peacock as its top-30 feathers were plucked one by one.

Source -- http://fbibler.chez.com/tvstats/by_5_yr_period/top_programs_1975-1980.html