1975-76 Top 30 TV Ratings -- 1,2,3... 1st Times Run Rampant as ABC Reaches 2nd and NBC Sinks to 3rd

Written Marveling at Dynamic Changes by Bridger Cunningham

Ratings Data prior to 1984 is scarce, to TV Ratings Guide will post what is available and may update overall network ranks and sitcom scorecards when available.

CBS scored a blackjack year in 1st place, of course.  The real discussion is what happened to the other two networks who sat under their prominence.  In its 23rd season on the air, ABC clawed its way into 2nd place as NBC crumbled into ruins in the 70's.

CBS sitcoms preaching social issues were on their soap box in the top 30, as All in the Family, Maude, Phyllis, Rhoda, One Day at a Time and 70's tentpole Mary Tyler Moore reigned on.  Elsewhere, ABC took a lighter beat and amassed 13 of the top 30 places.  And NBC registered a scant 3 helpings in the top 30.

Source -- http://fbibler.chez.com/tvstats/by_5_yr_period/top_programs_1975-1980.html

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