TV Ratings 7/22/17: 'Dateline' Tops the Night, 'Doubt' & 'Still Star-Crossed' Steady

Here are the preliminary broadcast ratings for July 22, 2017.

photo: Indiewire,
ShondaLand is the production company for 'Still Star-Crossed

18-49 Rating
Total Viewers     (In Millions)
UFC Fight Night (FOX)

America’s Funniest Home Videos (R) (ABC)

American Ninja Warrior (R) (NBC)

Doubt (CBS)

UFC Fight Night (FOX)

American Ninja Warrior (R) (NBC)

20/20: In an Instant (R) (ABC)

Doubt (CBS)

Dateline NBC (NBC)

48 Hours (R) (CBS)

Still Star-Crossed (ABC)
(R) = repeat

ABC's Still Star-Crossed (0.2) remained steady with its last episode leading out of repeats (0.4/0.4).

CBS had 2-hours of Doubt (0.2) which was similarly steady with Still Star-Crossed. It led into a repeat of 48 Hours (0.3).

NBC had a repeat of American Ninja Warrior (0.3/0.5) leading into an original Dateline NBC (0.6).

FOX  had UFC Fight Night (0.5/0.6).

'Wynonna Earp' Renewed for Third Season

Syfy has renewed drama 'Wynonna Earp' for a third season. The series follows Wynonna Earp's return to her hometown to take on the role of demon protector. Melanie Scrofano stars as the signature character. Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, and Dominique Provost-Chalkley make up the rest of the cast. The series is currently in its second season and has aired 20 episodes as of July 22, 2017. The second season currently averages a 0.12 in the 18-49 demographic. It is down 6% from the previous season. This was a correct prediction for The TV Ratings Guide.

What do you think of this news? Will you be watching the third season? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

TV Ratings 7/21/17: 'Big Brother' Leads, 'Descendants' Disastrous

Here are the preliminary broadcast ratings for July 21, 2017.

photo: Disney

18-49 Rating
Total Viewers    (In Millions)
Big Brother (CBS)

America's Got Talent (R) (NBC)

Descendants 2 (ABC)

MasterChef (R) (FOX)

Masters of Illusion (CW)

Masters of Illusion (R) (CW)

Hawaii Five-0 (R) (CBS)

Beat Shazam (R) (FOX)

Penn & Teller: Fool Us (R) (CW)

Dateline NBC (NBC)

Blue Bloods (R) (CBS)

Descendants 2: The After Party (ABC)

(R) = repeat

ABC dropped their Friday night line-up for one night in favor of 'Descendants 2' (0.4). It went well below the alphabet network's normal delivery. At 10:30, a 'Descendants 2' after party (0.3) went even lower. Despite the low rating here, the film aired on several different channels simultaneously, so it's not exactly fair to judge it just by the ABC result.

CBS easily took the lead at 8 as a special Friday edition of 'Big Brother' (1.4) was the top program of the night. Repeats of 'Hawaii Five-0' (0.5) and 'Blue Bloods' (0.5) couldn't capitalize on the stronger lead-in.

NBC's 'Dateline' (0.9) was up two-tenths from last week. At 8, NBC had their normal 'AGT' repeat (0.8).

FOX's cooking show/game show repeat line-up (0.4/0.4) was down a tick from last week at 8.

The CW's 'Masters of Illusion' (0.2) was steady with last week. Repeats of itself (0.2) and 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' (0.2) capped off the night.

Sporcle TV Quizzes of the Week- NBC Sitcom Edition/Sporcle Contest Season 2 Part 4 (UPDATED)

It's the fourth week of the second season of the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week! This week, we'll be focusing on NBC Sitcoms, with 30 Rock, The Office, and Seinfeld being the shows featured.

1)- Follow That Line: Liz Lemon
30 Rock is my favorite show of all time, and in my opinion, Liz Lemon is one of the best TV characters of all time. So I HAD to feature this quiz, which asks you to finish the Liz Lemon quote. It was super fun for me to play as a 30 Rock superfan, and I still find the lines funny despite hearing them all multiple times.
My Score: 25/25

2)- Seinfeld: George's Answering Machine
George's answering machine is one of the most iconic parts of Seinfeld for me, so this was the first quiz I thought of after knowing that I'd include a Seinfeld quiz this week. It's a fun little quiz and I really enjoyed playing it. Plus, I did much better on it this time than the first time I played, which was way before I'd even seen Seinfeld.
My Score: 36/36

3)- The Office: Boom! Roasted!
This quiz is going to be difficult for anyone that isn't a fan of the Office, but I just had so much fun playing it that I had to feature it. I just loved the episode that these roasts are from and I found myself laughing just as much when I was playing this quiz.
My Score: 10/10

1- Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom, 71 points
2- JB, 60 points
3- Full Boyle, 41 points
4- Miguens, 10 points
5- the ratingsjunkie, 7 points

This is week four of the 2nd TVRG-Sporcle Tournament. For each week, the number of questions you got correct on each quiz will be added up. The first place finisher receives 3 points for placing first, as well. Also, to make things fair, please use the score for your first attempt on each quiz as your official score.

The submission process for the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week has changed. Instead of the old way of commenting your scores, you now just have to fill out the orange form below. This is for both privacy and to accommodate those without Disqus accounts.

Please enter your submission using this Google Form:

Tournament Standings:
1 - Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom, 363 points
2 - JB, 332 points
3- Full Boyle, 183 points
4 - Game of Thrones PT, 168 points
5- HV, 142 points
6- Miguens, 134 points
7 - omabin, 58 points
8- Jovan, 57 points
9- Raph, 56 points
10- theratingsjunkie, 54 points
11- Reese, 20 points

Thanks for playing the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week! Make sure to come check out the spin-off, the Off-Topic Quizzes of the Week, on Friday.

'Iron Fist' Renewed for Second Season

photo: Marvel
Netflix has renewed Marvel drama 'Iron Fist' for a second season. The series follows Danny Rand as he returns to New York to take back his family company. The series stars Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, and Rosario Dawson. 

What do you think of this news? Are you a fan of the series? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

TV Ratings 7/20/17: Penn & Teller Steady, Gong Show and Beat Shazam Slip, CBS Has A (Mostly) Strong Night (UPDATED)

It was a very rough night to be ABC last night, but a pretty good night to be CBS and a decent night to be the CW, Fox, and NBC. While most networks saw downticks somewhere last night, ABC hit some ugly lows last night. The Gong Show fell to a 0.6, two-thirds of its premiere rating. Boy Band was down to 0.5, tying a previous low point. Battle of the Network Stars was able to stay steady, but is it really a good thing to be steady at 0.7? As the Gong Show and Boy Band prove, apparently it is. Over on CBS, the Eye saw huge gains in its repeat-filled first hour, with the Big Bang repeat gaining two tenths to take second for the night and the Life in Pieces repeat gaining three to grab fourth place. They were both well above the occupant of the 10 PM dead zone, Zoo. Zoo stayed steady at 0.6, but it had some good news: at least it isn't the 0.5 from week 1. The CW's lineup stayed steady at 0.4 for Penn & Teller and 0.2 for Hooten & the Lady. NBC's Hollywood Game Night returned from a brief break at 0.9, making it steady once again. The Wall was down a tenth, but it's still above its Summer debut, and it's tied with its post-Voice second season debut. Beat Shazam on Fox dipped to a 0.8, a new low, while Love Connection ticked up to 0.7.

Finals Update: Zoo (-0.1), the Big Bang Theory repeat (-0.1), the Life in Pieces repeat (-0.1), and Hollywood Game Night (-0.1) all adjusted down. Big Brother (+0.1) adjusted up to make CBS 4/4 as far as shows having finals adjustments.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Big Bang Theory (R)1.1/66.46CBS

Hollywood Game Night0.8/43.87NBC

Beat Shazam0.8/42.83Fox

Boy Band0.5/32.26ABC

Penn & Teller: Fool Us0.4/21.77The CW
8:30 PMLife in Pieces (R)0.9/54.59CBS
9 PMBig Brother1.9/85.87CBS

The Wall1.1/45.02NBC

Battle of the Network Stars0.7/32.54ABC

Love Connection0.7/32.33Fox

Hooten & the Lady0.2/10.99The CW
10 PMThe Night Shift0.7/34.14NBC

The Gong Show0.6/32.65ABC


Thursday Cable Ratings, 7/20/17: Throwdown Thursdays Lineup Ticks Down, Nashville Up


18-49 Demo
Viewers in Millions
Wild 'n OutMTV0.420.94
Queen of the SouthUSA0.381.18
The Mist Spike0.160.54

Top 100:

Off Topic - Week 9 (Summer 2017 Season)

We've reached Week 9 of Off Topic! I do have some GIFs ready in store! 

The GIF below is when you're on Jimmy Fallon and your song comes on the radio. 

The GIF below is when you are annoyed because you got added into an unwanted group on Facebook Messenger.

And, the GIF below is when you are just too tired to deal with situations.

No matter the mood, we got you covered! Let's get our stuff out of our chest, and discuss away! 

CW Renew/Cancel: With The Originals Ending, What Goes With It?

Welcome to a preseason installment of the CW Renew/Cancel Watch for the 2017-18 season! This season will mark my third season doing CW predictions, and this time, I'm going back to basics! There will be five categories in the watch: Certain to be Canceled, Likely to be Canceled, Watching, Likely to be Renewed, and Certain to be Renewed. Here is the table:

Unlike in previous seasons, I will not predict every show. I will only predict in advance the shows in their third seasons. Also in the table, we have shows in the Watching category with uncertain fates currently. The rest of the shows will be predicted once they premiere in October.

In the table, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and DC's Legends of Tomorrow are predicted as certain to be renewed. Both shows will be airing their third seasons on the network. On the CW, a third season gets you a fourth season no matter what. For fans of these two shows, there is no need to worry about their fates. They will be back next season.

Supergirl is also certain to be renewed. With close to three full seasons, a fourth season is needed to get to syndication. Supergirl will have 65 episodes at the end of the season, it can't get much certain than that.

The three shows with uncertain fates are iZombie, Jane the Virgin, and The 100. They are predicted as toss ups preliminarily. The Originals is ending after the upcoming season, and both Jane the Virgin and iZombie will be in their fourth seasons while The 100 will be in season five. It may come down to how the other shows perform or during the announcement at Comic Con before I make the final call. Otherwise, somebody is getting the Reign treatment.

What do you think about the veterans' situation? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday Cable Ratings, 7/19/17: Snowfall Rises Up


18-49 Demo
Viewers (mil.)
Queen SugarOWN0.471.59
Lip Sync BattleSpike0.290.76
Odd Mom OutBravo0.210.59
Blood DriveSyfy0.130.44

TOP 100: