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Almost a year ago, TVRG announced its first ever Original Series Competition. Readers had the chance to submit show ideas, for a chance to win the tournament, and later get to post episodes of their show on the website as articles. Months later, and here we are. Without further ado, here is the official release schedule (episodes will be posted as articles at the time listed for each respective show), and a first look description of each show, along with its key art. TVRGOriginals will premiere this fall.

8:30-Plan B

8-Back to Class

9-Family Reunions

8-Terror in America


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Things haven't been going Eric Smith's way. Despite a lack of pathos, he was elected mayor of Crescent City, California by a small margin. The positive reputation his wife Mary maintains among fellow parents was a big help in his campaign, but when their marriage began to fall apart, so did Eric's reputation. Eric and Mary's relationship got even worse when Eric had a complicated reaction to his teenage son Anthony coming out as gay, and now Anthony believes that his father doesn't accept him. However, Eric's problems are about to get much worse when a large earthquake occurs in Alaska, sending a large wave in the Pacific directly towards the Northern California coast. Eric warns the town to get to safety, and most head away from the coast, resulting in mostly property damage. A few, however, end up injured, including Mary. In addition to this, Eric struggles to get help on a national level, with most attention on Alaska. Eric must work, despite a city council that is largely against him, to restore his city, and at the same time, restore his family.


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America's 250th birthday is coming up, and some of the most important Government officials (and the Destruction of the United Stated Coalition,the largest domestic terror organization in the country) have big plans for the event. The Government in planning huge celebrations in some of America's largest cities. The DUSC plans to kill the leaders of these events- House Speaker Samuel McGovern, Senate Majority Leader William Young, Vice President Marla Engleton, and Secretary of State Nick DeFazio.


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Jean and Rich Glover had it all. Until one day, they didn't. On one of their many excursions to New York, the Glovers encounter a madman who they accidentally cut off while driving on a desolate road. Rich and Jean have made a huge mistake, but there's no turning back. When he chases them, they make a decision that puts their lives (and the lives of Jean's sister and brother-in-law) in danger.


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Delta Fleming is a single from Chicago that works as a singer at her former boyfriend Rick’s lounge. It’s pretty awkward between them, and Delta tries her best to avoid encounters. Her small group of friends, including her (alcoholic) best friend Ariana, her former neighbor Jamie (who is dating Rick), her stepfather (and former college professor) Charlie, and her “perfect" brother Damien, help make her life a little less awful. Most of the time.


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After years apart, families reunite. Some relationships are made, some are lost, and some are related in the least expected ways.


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It's fall again, even though five of Valley Glen High School's returning teachers feel like the previous school year just ended. On the teachers' first day back at work in preparation for the new school year, they are introduced, or re-introduced for some, to Juan Lopez, the new chemistry teacher who, like them, attended Valley Glen High. Grace Hall, one of these teachers, discovers that the younger brother of two of her previous students who were difficult to handle will be in one of her Algebra classes, so she convinces drama teacher Daniela Reye to help her prepare. Meanwhile, freshman English teacher Lydia Wood decides to check on her friend senior English teacher Martin Garcia since she finished everything she needed to do over summer break and she discovers that she doesn't like Martin's plans, or relative lack thereof. US History teacher Brendan Murphy convinces Juan that he needs to do something big on the first day of class, which makes Juan go from confident to nervous. Daniela brings along Brendan to help Grace prepare for the nightmare student, but neither are much help. Juan, who is trying to figure out what to do on the first day, is not helped by Brendan and Daniela either. When the first day arrives, Lydia discovers that Martin's style works for him, Grace is relieved when it turns out that the student she had worried about is nothing like his horrible older brothers, and the plan that Juan comes up with ends up working a little too well. In the end, the teachers look forward to the rest of the year, where they will be less nervous than on this first day.


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After losing her senate seat, Democratic politician Marietta Landfield heads back to New Orleans, where her family has built an empire. She comes from a long line of politicians, including her brother, current New Orleans mayor Milton Landfield and her father, former Lousiana governor, former Secretary of Labor, and former mayor of New Orleans Martin Landfield. But as her brother’s term comes to an end, her mother Patty Lynn tries to convince her to let the Landfield name live on in politics. With a fellow New Orleans legend in the race, his isn’t going to be an easy ride.


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Jesse, a network executive, gets into a major predicament when he is caught between his relationships and his work. His ex-girlfriend, Leah, just got dumped by him. His current girlfriend, Holly, is Leah's nemesis. Kasey is fresh out of college and is one of Leah's top assistants. Holding the glue together in this network headquarters is network president Ash. Network focuses on the day to day hijinks and relationships of network executives as they deal with the results of their shows. In this first season, we focus on Psych Med, a fictional take on NBC's Do No Harm, which was canceled after two episodes after premiering to the lowest in-season rating on the Big 4 networks in history.


Seven tenants in an affordable apartment community are forced to trade upscale for upheaval as they start over during the worst of the economy in 2015 in "Plan B". Centered around quirky outcast Damien Folger, he interacts with six neighbors from various backgrounds as all work through personal and financial setbacks. The seven neighbors find common ground to keep each others' spirits up, as well as drinking a lot of them. Throughout their issues, they depict that no matter what life throws their way, humor makes surviving possible.

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