Looking for Writers for 'Family Reunions'

As you all now, here at TVRG, we're starting to release our own original series in the fall. A year or so ago we had a contest where people could send in ideas for shows, and winners got/now get to write episodes of their show to posted on our site weekly. Flashforward to now, we have this show with no real writer, as the creator has backed out. So we decided all of us contributors would each take turns writing episodes, it's a procedural-type show. Today, I decided it would be fun to open this to all our our readers. So basically the proposition is, if you like to write and would be interested in writing an episode of a show for our site, let me know in the comments below! Family Reunions: After years apart, families reunite. Some relationships are made, some are lost, and some are related in the least expected ways.

Each episode will focus on a different family, so whatever happens, and with who is up to you!

If you decide to write for the show, your work will be posted on the site beginning in September!

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