Nashville S5E16 Review

Nashville S5E16 Review

"Not Ready to Make Nice"

I took the week off last week from reviewing this trainwreck due to other commitments, and I did not miss it at all. Also, I did not watch last week's episode, and I do not need to as the show is not serial anymore.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The press has found out about Scarlett being pregnant. Maddie meets with Bucky and they talk about him becoming her new manager, mirroring his work with Rayna. Juliette bosses around Hallie about recording a demo, and gets Avery mad at her. Hallie confides in Avery about her personal life, and her music, he later comforts her about where her music is going. Maddie finds out Daphne made the video about her, and freaks out, kicking out Liv. Daphne tries to convince her to stay, but she leaves anyway.

Deacon and Avery tell Juliette that Hallie's demo is not her sound. Deacon and Avery argue with Juliette, both telling her that the song Juliette has set for Hallie is not her, and not what they want the world to hear. Because Daphne made the GIF of Maddie, Deacon takes away her phone.

Maddie has a busy day of stardom ahead of her. Deacon won't give Daphne her phone back. Juliette is mad at Avery for taking Hallie's side. He tells her she needs to be a friend for Hallie. Scarlett and Gunnar's baby has gone viral.

Juliette meets with Hallie. Scarlett has an interview with a reporter, where they talk about Damien. The reporter mentions that she and Damien had an affair, which surprises Scarlett. The reporter questions if Damien is the father, which angers Scarlett, so she leaves. Hallie records her FOURTH song this episode. Deacon sees a flyer for a Jessie Caine concert. Maddie's radio interview does not go well. Daphne misses her phone and Liv. 

Gunnar comes over mad, as social media has found out that Damien is the father, and they all say that Scarlett had an affair. Juliette is mad about Avery praising Hallie's sound. She says Hallie was just using her, and using Avery. Avery does not agree with her. 

Scarlett tells Deacon she is having a girl. She is nervous about becoming a mom, so Deacon comforts her. Maddie apologizes to Daphne and tells her that she needs her. They both agree they need each other and miss Rayna. Juliette, Avery, and Hallie are in the recording studio. Hallie and Avery are making music, and Juliette accuses Avery and Hallie of having something going on between the two.  They both get mad at Juliette (she's always the villain), and leave. Maddie and Daphne track down Liv and try to get her to come back. Liv tells Daphne she belongs where she is, but Daphne wants her to come back, and tells her that she has her number. Maddie and Daphne makeup, and Maddie lets Daphne uses her phone. The Deyna family enjoys their meal together. Maddie and Daphne record a song together. We see Avery holding Cadence, Hallie crying, Juliette also crying, Scarlett looks at a tabloid, Gunnar looks at old pictures of him and Scarlett. 


I'm not going to write the same, old rant every week, as it is the same five paragraphs of complaints I have each week. So I'll do a complaint of the week from now on.

Complaint of the week #1: This show has  no lighting. Every scene is so darn dark.
Complaint of the week #2: Where the heck is Will? Poor guy has been treated the worst this season. He is never in it. 9/16 episodes he wasn't in, or only had a scene.

What did you think of "Not Ready to Make Nice"? Let us know in the comments below!

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