Nashville S5E14 Review

Nashville S5E14 Review

"(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I"

Nashville S5B has been worse than S5A, will the trend continue, or will we go back to just bad episodes, not terrible? Let's see.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Juliette is planning her comeback, saying she wants to be on the top of the charts. Damien comes over and is happy to be having a baby with Scarlett, and Gunnar. ----Quite a weird scene, they're acting like they don't know who the father is ----  Deacon has been asked to come play at the Bluebird, and he says he doesn't know if that's the best idea with what he's got going on, and he hasn't sung since Rayna died. But Bucky, while cleaning out his desk, convinces him to. Maddie is wondering if her song will do well on the radio, and she then gets a call from Daphne saying it is being played on the radio.

Gunnar talks to Scarlett and asks her what's going on with them, Damien, and the baby. Juliette isn't liking any songs being sent to her, and she's been bumped from Jimmy Kimmel, she demands for Glenn to give her the number of a producer who loves her, since she says the door is slamming on her career. Deacon plays at the Bluebird with new series regular, Jessie Caine. Maddie goes on a radio interview, but gets stumped when they ask her about her mom. While she and Clay drive home, Clay gets pulled over. Maddie films the whole event, which draws a crowd. Apparently, the cop made up something that Clay did, and Maddie and Clay are taken in, and Deacon is called to pick them up.

Juliette goes to see her producer for her album, and he gives her a song he wants Maddie to have. Damien takes Scarlett and Gunnar to a house he wants to buy for everyone. Deacon tells Daphne that Liv can't live with them forever, and that they need to know their rights, and who her parents are. Their talk is interrupted by Maddie screaming that someone filmed her and Clay's incident with the police, and it is on the news and online.

Damien tells Scarlett he thinks things could work, and he asks her to live in the house with him, and they kiss. She tells him she needs some time. Clay is drilled by a guy filming him on his phone about his relationship with Maddie. Juliette goes to give Maddie her song, but instead tells her that everything will be fine, and she should own what she did since she was proud of it.  Scarlett tells Gunnar she has feelings for Damien.

Scarlett comes over to see Maddie, while she waits she talks to Deacon about all she is dealing with. Clay breaks up with Maddie, and we get to hear more ridiculous political propaganda. Scarlett tells Damien that she knows he wants to be a good father and a fatherly person, but he isn't. She walks away and does not let him talk.

Juliette listens to the song for Maddie, and she likes it, so she calls the producer and tells him Maddie didn't like it and that she'll record it on her album. She tells him she wants to write again soon. Deacon comforts Maddie, who is upset about everything that has happened. Scarlett comes home and tells Gunnar that she and Damien are over, Gunnar leaves because he doesn't want to see her cry over another guy. Juliette writes an email to Maddie telling her she almost took her song, but decides to delete it. 

Review: 0/10

I could sit here and write the usual paragraph about how bad this week was, and why, but it felt repetitive. So, if you want to read why this week was terrible, read my last two reviews. I'll let the star rating for this week speak for itself.


What did you think of "(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I"? Let us know in the comments below!

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