Nashville S5E13 Review

NashVileNashville S5E13 Review

'Til I Can Make It On My Own

This week we get a Juliette/Javery centric episode, and we see what the show (for the most part) should be like now (Juliette as the lead).

*Spoilers Ahead*

We start off in a haze. Juliette facing the stage steps, preparing to go on as a crowd chants her name. We cut to 36 hours earlier. Juliette is at the doctor to see why she feels weird whenever she is performing. Her doctor tells her it is her body reacting to childhood trauma. The doc advises her to cancel the show. Meanwhile, Avery has a show to do. Juliette tells Glenn she wants to do her performance by herself without the choir. Maddie and Daphne have plans, but Deacon wants to be with the family. Zach is telling Deacon that he wants to fire Bucky (they are even getting rid of poor old Bucky now!), and that it will help Maddie succeed with new management. (Oy vey)

Daphne is hanging out with the homeless teens again. Deacon, Maddie, and Bucky discuss Maddie's album release plans. Zach still wants poor old Bucky fired. Scarlett gets a text from Damien, saying he is in town. Juliette lies (what these new writers hate her so much she's the villain now??) and tells Hallie that the label doesn't want her and the choir to perform. She has another episode, and Hallie calms her down, and while she is calming down she pictures a flashback of her and her dead dad (never seen him before, sigh, stop rewriting history). Daphne and the homeless teens are stealing from a lumber yard, when they get caught and Liv gets hurt while trying to escape (who wants to see this? Was this what the old writers did for four years?)

Hallie tells the rest of the choir about the cancellation, but they are not happy and do not seem to believe Juliette's story. Daphne decides to take Liv home as she is hurt. Avery, after performing at CMA Fest, is offered a tour gig. BTW--- he's told this by his manager, that apparently was hired off screen. --- Juliette is rehearsing (an old song), and she has another episode, she pictures memories of her dad and Jolene fighting, until Avery comes out of nowhere and takes her away as the compliment-never talk about seasons one through four person he is.

Juliette takes Avery home where she tells him she has to do this, and she asks another WTH-same fight over and over again question about if Avery still loves her. (Of course, don't talk about all the old issues like being divorced ugh). Scarlett tells Damien she is pregnant, and he does not take it well. Daphne takes Liv home. Scarlett and Gunnar perform a new song. Deacon tells Bucky that Zach wants him gone. Juliette flashes back to her mom and dad having a fight, and her dad driving away.

Juliette is talking to Hallie about her visions, but she's still upset. Hallie finds out about Juliette's deceit, so Hallie curses her out and tells her she only cares about herself. Juliette says she couldn't go and promote something nobody liked. Deacon finds out about Liv. We see a flashback to Juliette, and Jolene running home saying that Juliette's dad is not coming back home and something bad happened (he drove off earlier). ---SIDE BAR--- They just rewrote history .. omg .. I can't ... these writers are clueless and have PROVEN they did not watch the show. In season two, they had a big thing to tell us Juliette's dad died while serving in the military, not in an accident or whatever --- END SIDE BAR---

Deacon tells Daphne that they can't harbor kids in their house, but after talking with Liv, he tells her that she can stay. --- DEACON'S NEW ROLE: Family man/dad, let's send him off to ABC to be in one of their comedies. --- Damien comes to tell Scarlett he loves her and he wants to make things work. She says that that isn't true. Avery turns down his random/new manager's offer for a tour, saying Juliette needs him. Deacon heads out to Juliette's performance. Bucky leaves for good, saying it was his idea to quit, and he tells Deacon to be careful as he thinks he is only the first. -- poor Bucky. We will miss you. Another longtime character thrown out in favor of newbies. -- The choir comes to sing, Juliette is happy about this. --- I predicted this earlier this week, like seriously. -- Flashbacks show a young Juliette talking to her dead dad, telling her he has to go, but to know that no matter whatever she does, he will be there watching over her, and he knows it will be great.  We see there is a new love triangle - Scarlett, Damien, and Gunnar. We see Liv finding out that Daphne's mom was Rayna, and crying while looking at a picture of the family. We see poor Bucky walking out, sad. Juliette finishes her performance, to cheers.


Songs Review: 

On My Way (Gospel): 5/10

Rating: 1.5/10

While it was nice to see Juliette have a centric episode, that can only save an episode so much. I enjoyed some of her plot (she and Avery are still WAY out of character, like Juliette is evil now, but everyone is out of character so..), but there were so many bad parts. For instance, who wants to see Daphne run around with homeless kids? No. No. NO. This is not what the show was supposed to be. As far away from the original premise Nashville strayed throughout the years, it never got to this homeless-teen trash. And then there are the continuity issues, never seeing Will, incoherent plots, it's just so..ugh.

Pros: RaeLynn, Michael Ray, and Cassadee Pope.

A moment of silence for: What this show used to be, poor Chris Carmack who is never in the show or has any plots, and for Bucky.

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