Nashville Midseason Premiere Review

Nashville S5E12/Midseason Premiere Review

"Back in the Saddle Again"

Well, NashVile is back with the second half of its first season on CMT. The first half was really bad, I hope that the second half is better, but I doubt it. Without further ado, here's the review.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Ten weeks later. Juliette is at the album release patty for her gospel album, every single review pans her album. Deacon is running Highway 65, Zach is the brains of the operation. Deacon gets a call from Daphne's school, saying she has been falling in the grades. Scarlett is at a doctor's visit, and doing a paternity test. Deacon talks to Daphne about her failing history. Snooze. Deacon has to start helping Daphne on her project.

Juliette is upset about her album flopping. Will and Zach talk about their relationship. Scarlett is sick from the baby. Juliette tries to give Maddie advice about her music, but Maddie is not happy. Deacon and Daphne build a pop-sickle stick project. Deacon gives her some fatherly advice.

Daphne's project gets broken, and she skips school. Juliette talks to Avery about Maddie's bad song. Daphne meets a street girl. She gets a text from Flynn. Daphne goes on adventures with Liv, the street girl and homeless people. Will is nervous about impressing Zach. Deacon talks with Zach about business models (I tuned out). Deacon gets a call saying Daphne did not go to school.

Daphne comes home. Deacon tells her she can't act how she is, but she yells at him. Maddie yells at Juliette for trying to help her. Maddie insults Juliette's album flopping. Scarlett gets a phone call from her doctor and ignores it. Daphne goes to therapy. The therapist tells Deacon she has depression. Will performs. It is revealed that Damien is the father of Scarlett's baby.

Gunnar talks his troubles away to Avery. Clay likes Juliette's version of the song better. Deacon and Daphne eat dinner together. Deacon, Daphne, and Maddie have a talk together.

Maddie listens to the versions of her song. Zach wants to fire Bucky. Juliette apologizes to Maddie, and says she will back away professionally. Maddie uses Juliette's version of the song. Gunnar tells Scarlett he wants to try at a relationship. Deacon tries to get Daphne to be with the family, but she yells at him. Deacon and Maddie comfort Daphne.


It makes me sad when I think of what this show used to be, and what it is now.

There are so many issues, I don't even know where to start. It's so hard to put in to words how truly awful it was. The show is not serial anymore. This episode was completely and entirely Daphne, family, and friends focused (and it was awful plots focused on them at that). Nashville did not start off as a show without a full song per episode, and a twelve year old being the lead of an episode. What will people tell me know who told me Juliette would be the lead this half of  the season? And Gunnar, Avery, Will, they have all been reduced to vanilla background extras. The characters are out of character, one dimensional, have no interesting plots (if they even have one), and get no music. The new leads of my once favorite show are Maddie, Daphne, and Deacon (for now...).

This show just feels 100% different, it is not even the same in any way, shape, or form. I don't know what I am watching.. I think I'll just go cry in a corner with Deacon, but me about how bad this show is, and how much it has changed.

What did you think of "Back in the Saddle Again"? Let us know in the comments below!

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