The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 17/18 Review - Season Finale

***Spoilers Ahead***

When the Going Gets Tough

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The Last Man on Earth is a show that resembles reality. There's really no formula to it. One moment Todd could be dancing to Panda, the next, the gang is fleeing for their lives to escape radiation poisoning. There's something to marvel about a show that can change its location and situation in an instant and tonight's 1-hour finale does just that. The weaker, but still strong, half-hour tackles something we've all been waiting for. The stronger back-half tackles the unexpected in a way that only Last Man could pull off.

"When the Going Gets Tough" is a lot less fast-paced than the latter. There's definitely drama as Gail and the rest attempt to get Erica's baby out of her, but it's not as jam-packed as the finale itself.

Erica giving birth is handled in the best way possible. It felt almost as dramatic as Stacy's death back in season 2, and it's a situation where Last Man knows it has to dial back on the comedy. The end result shocked me. I was definitely expecting the end of Erica or her baby. It's a pleasant surprise that one thing managed to go right because it would have been a signature move for the series to kill off another character. I love that even when you think you know what this show's going to do, it moves you in a completely different direction. Nevertheless, it did feel like the birth stuff dragged on a bit too long for my taste. But, it's expected considering we've been waiting a while for it to happen.

Carol's fear of giving birth isn't anything new, but I did like Melissa helping her get through it. There's been a huge absence of January Jones being herself this season, so I'm glad she's finally returning to her roots after the whole "crazy Melissa" stuff went nowhere.

The best of the three stories in this episode involves Tandy & Jasper. Initially, I wasn't a big fan of Jasper nor did I expect this show to work well with a younger individual in the cast. But, when he started to talk, things took a turn for the better. Jasper's blunt and careless manner works wonders off of Tandy. One moment I really loved was when Tandy comforted Jasper and gave him the whole "everything's going to be alright" speech. I love the moments where Tandy tones down his demeanor and tackles things head on.

The ending of the episode sets up for a stellar finale as Tandy & Jasper spot the massive nuclear fire. I'm glad that this episode didn't air by itself and I don't have to wait two weeks for a conclusion.

Grade: A-

Nature's Horchata

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"Nature's Horchata" is an episode of The Last Man on Earth that is intent on focusing on everything this show does right. First off, the elimination of two individual plotlines almost always means that there's something great in store, and that stays true in this finale. It's an episode that tackles the hard truth head on, There's no better way to describe this episode than how the official synopsis does, "All good things must come to a fiery end".

There's always a looming threat on this show that eventually there's going to be no man or woman left on earth. Supplies will go bad, gas will go bad, and everyone in the cast will go bad. "Nature's Horchata" is the first time that this series has tackled the situation head-on and the payoff is an amazing finale.

The fact that the gang finally leaves the office building is instantly something I can get behind. When LMOE isn't stuck in one set location, it always does a lot better. There are a lot of great moments as the survivors try to get to a safe place. Unlike "Five Hoda Kotbs" which was a road trip that solely focused on Tandy annoying the group, here we get a life-or-death situation. LMOE works best with the threat of death and there's nothing more fatal than radiation poisoning. One scene I really liked was when the survivors huddled up in the library. It's great when we get to see different places on this show since we're usually just stuck in the office building.

Obviously, the last couple minutes of this episode are the best of an already amazing episode. As a massive Pat fan, I was on the edge of my seat seeing his return. I don't know how he managed to survive being run over by a truck, but I'm sure we'll get an explanation later on. The brief re-introduction of the character was a bit too short for my taste. Maybe it would have been more cliffhanger-y if Pat had simply fired off his gun and left us wondering who he shot, but things get even more interesting as Pamela makes an appearance.

Even for The Last Man on Earth, it's a whole lot to take in. From going back to Los Angeles to getting on a boat to Pat and finally to Pamela, this episode was nothing short of a friggin' roller-coaster.

Stray Thoughts

  • Only 2 people were expecting Pat to return according to last week's poll.
  • So did Pat & Pamela meet up and did she grudgingly befriend him? I need answers!
  • The dinosaur costume is back!

Grade: A+

Season Grade: A-

Well, that's a wrap. Thanks to everyone who read my reviews and left their thoughts in the comment section. Thanks to the RatingsJunkie for giving me the opportunity to review. It's been a great season and I look forward to what's in store next. 

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, vote in the poll below. 

What was the best episode of Season 3?

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