Pilot Season: What Shows We Think Will Be Ordered

Welcome to our new collaborative article, where we discuss which pilots we believe will be ordered to series and why. What do you think of our picks? And don't worry, we could be picking some more too!

Black's Law
Jon: Shonda. Decent premise. What else needs to be said?

RB: I see no way that this one doesn’t get a pickup. It’s from Shondaland, and it seems to be a good fit in TGIT. This one getting passed on would be the shock of the pilot season.

Full Boyle: Shonda has 3 successful shows on ABC and even one flop that she managed to get renewed for a second season. This means that ABC will likely want to be on good terms with her. Plus, the show sounds exactly like something that would fit with the TGIT brand.

theratingsjunkie: ABC's President says she's willing to take whatever Shonda will give her. Enough said.

Aasim: ABC has two pilots this season from WB studios and out of them, this looks like the biggest possibility based on its cast and premise. I find it hard to believe ABC won't order any of them to anger WB and strain their relationship.

Jon: ABC has also been really loving this pilot, while I saw it as nothing special, it has Belanti attached to it, I believe is a procedural (what is what ABC is looking for), and is reportedly leading ABC's drama pickup list.

RB: This one is reportedly a frontrunner, and I also think it’ll get an order. With Greg Berlanti attached, I think ABC would be smart to try it.

theratingsjunkie: Doesn't look like a terrible premise and there's Greg Berlanti attached. For some reason I feel like this show is more bound to flop than my other ABC picks, but it looks intriguing nonetheless. 

Red Blooded
Aasim: Marc Cherry gave ABC one of their biggest hits ever so they probably think he can give them another one.

Jon: Marc Cherry gave ABC one of their biggest hits ever, they'll most likely want another one.

RB: This one has Marc Cherry and Reba connected to it, and it’s been getting a lot of buzz. I think ABC should give it a try, I feel it could be a big hit.

Full Boyle: Reba has already worked with the alphabet network with her sitcom, Malibu Country.   Hayley Atwell got her show (Agent Carter) canceled and then got a new show (Conviction), I think Reba will get another chance, like Atwell. Also, Marc Cherry produced Desperate Housewives, that alone is reason enough for ABC to pick it up.

theratingsjunkie: Not sure how well this would do in the A18-49 demo, but at the very least ABC will have found a show that would probably please the Dancing with the Stars audience more so than Conviction or Quantico.

Start Up
Aasim: Zach Braff has been away from ABC for a long time. The last time he starred in an ABC sitcom was when Scrubs shifted from NBC to ABC for its 8th season. His pilot seems to be faring well and with his star power, the show could be a success.

Jon: Another comedy ABC is reportedly loving that is not just about a family, which I think will help its chances thanks to the dwindling ratings for ABC's current comedy lineup. It's also got Zach Braff attached to it.

RB: This one seems like a pretty safe bet for a pickup. Not only is Zach Braff attached, which makes it relatively high profile, but it has been mentioned by sources as a frontrunner. While this doesn’t always mean anything, I think this one will get a pickup.

Full Boyle: Zach Braff was the main player on Scrubs, that sitcom lasted 9 seasons. Being an established sitcom star means there are higher chances that people will watch versus a sitcom with someone lesser-known. Also, ABC seems to want to have more diverse comedies this season, as opposed to sticking to the family comedy genre and Start Up fits into the non-family comedy mold.

theratingsjunkie: This seems on brand for an ABC comedy, and looks like a concept that could work. I'd be very surprised if it isn't picked up.

The Crossing
Jon: According to Deadline, ABC has been high on this show, and I don't blame them. The premise sounds great, it has a good cast, and isn't limited to a certain lead-in.

RB: ABC seems to love this one, so I don’t think they’ll fall out of love. It should get an order.

Full Boyle: The premise is something that will likely attract a lot of buzz, the series is set 250 years in the future in a war-torn America. The premise alone and the fact that it's ABC Studios should be enough for it to get picked up.

The Good Doctor
Jon: House creator, Freddie Highmore, procedural.

RB: This one looks to be quite buzzy, and I think it has a great shot at a series order. ABC currently has a little medical drama you may have heard of called Grey’s Anatomy. That’s worked pretty well for them, so this medical drama is worth a try.

theratingsjunkie: I'm not sure about this one, if people will trash it as Grey's Anatomy lite, but I have a good feeling about it.

Untitled City Mayor Project
Jon: I've heard from some sources outside Deadline, and Deadline that this comedy is looking better by the week. ABC is looking to be trying to do things outside of the family comedy genre, and with a great cast and premise, this show is almost a lock at a pickup IMO.

Full Boyle: While it's off-brand for the network, Deadline has reported that it's a front-runner. I definitely see this one being picked up.

theratingsjunkie: Despite being basically the network that only does family shows when it comes to comedies, ABC is still willing to take risks like with Downward Dog. This show has an intriguing tagline and if executed properly I could see it picked up to experiment with Sunday or summer.

Splitting Up Together
Jon: Quite the different take on a family comedy ABC is trying here, I love it, and I think they do too.

RB: This is my wildcard pick. I don’t see it a frontrunner, and I won’t be shocked if it’s passed on, but I have a feeling ABC will order it. It just seems like a different type of show for ABC, and I think they’ll take the gamble.

Libby & Malcolm
Jon: The comedy has been on the top of ABC's list for quite a while. With a solid cast, premise, and testing well, I think this one definitely has a chance at seeing the small screen.

RB: This one’s always been on my radar. I’ve always had a feeling that it would get an order, and I still do. The fact that it’s from Kenya Barris also helps, as does ABC’s ownership of the show.

Full Boyle: This one seems like a shoe-in. The creator is Kenya Barris, the same guy who created Black-ish, the latter is one of ABC's most successful comedies. It's also produced by ABC Studios, which means that if the series hits syndication, ABC will be getting the profit.

theratingsjunkie: This might be too political to really connect with a mass audience, but ABC will want to please Kenya Barris, especially considering his other two pilots aren't looking great and Black-ish is bound to move to a harder time slot next season...right?

RB: The Goldbergs has been a hit for ABC for three seasons now, and is one of their higher rated sitcoms, so why not give it a spin-off? If the choice is between Schooled and Liberal Arts in the spinoff department, the choice should be very clear.

Full Boyle: The Goldbergs is a strong performer for the network. While it doesn't seem to be a shoe-in, I think that ABC will want to have a comedy that's familiar, and it's likely that they want to capitalize on the mothership's success.

theratingsjunkie: Out with Imaginary Mary, in with more Sony. Plus it has Adam Goldberg's name attached to it.

Unit Zero
Full Boyle: This is another show produced by Kenya Barris. ABC will likely want to continue to negotiate with Barris, especially since Black-ish has been sold to syndication, and will likely make them a lot of money.

Las Reinas
Full Boyle: This drama is the only one to come from the Mark Gordon Company. That studio is behind the likes of Grey's Anatomy and Designated Survivor. ABC will likely want to continue working with the studio. Also, it was originally developed in the 2014-15 season, so the network probably wants to finally get it on the air.

HV's Take on ABC Comedy
This is probably the toughest category. I believe that the pilots Start Up and Schooled are very likely to get picked up. Both are produced by Sony, who has proven that they are the master of packaging projects together, and tend to be very committed to their projects. While there is the possibility that Sony would choose one to push for, they each have something really going for them; Start Up starring Zach Braff and Schooled being a spin-off of The Goldbergs. Other projects that I think ABC will select are Libby & Malcolm, the city mayor project, and Spitting Up Together. While with Libby & Malcolm there is the fear it will be too political for audiences, I don't think ABC will pass up the project's talent, especially with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris behind it (who is also behind Liberal Arts and Unit Zero). The city mayor project is off-brand for ABC, but I think they will go with one off-brand project again in 2017-18, like they did in 2016-17 with Downward Dog. The chances that ABC orders a multi-camera comedy pilot are getting less likely. Deadline is reporting less buzz, and there is the chance that ABC ordering American Idol could lead to the cancelation of the multi-cam comedies. If one does get ordered, both Household Name and the single dad project are stronger contenders, but I think that the former will get selected, with a big name winning out over ownership. I also think that three more projects have a shot: Jalen vs. Everybody due to the possibility that 20th Century FOX bundles its pick-up with the renewal of one of their shows, in particular Fresh Off The Boat; Charlie Foxtrot in attempt to appeal to middle American; and Black-ish spin-off Liberal Arts, due to the potential profits from syndication.

HV's Take on ABC Drama
Black's Law is a lock to be picked up, with the combination of a safe concept and Shonda Rhimes producing. The Good Doctor is also very likely, because it has buzz and is produced by Sony. Deception is likely in competition with The Trustee, and I believe that it will win out, due to its amount of reported buzz. The Crossing is something different than all of the other buzzy pilots, so I think that ABC will order it as well. ABC could just stop at four. I think that they will go with one more. I think that pick number five will be Red Blooded. Coming from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, ABC has the potential to bring back some of the audience of one of its bigger dramas of recent times. It doesn't have as much buzz, so I wouldn't count it as a sure thing, but I think it happens. However, there are a couple of other projects hoping to sneak their way in. Two in particular, Las Reinas and Unit Zero, I believe shouldn't be counted out.

Aasim: With the recent trend in military pilots, it's not hard to believe that at least two or more of these pilots will be ordered.

Jon: CBS shows really do have the best casts, something that will help some pilots get picked up. On top of the cast, this is a different procedural than what CBS has on now, and with several of their dramas failing this season, and a few collapsing, they will likely be looking to try something new.

theratingsjunkie: Seems perfectly on-brand for CBS, and military dramas seem to be the craze this pilot season. I'm expecting a pick-up and post-NCIS time slot.

The Get
Aasim: The show has potential to generate buzz-worthy episodes by focusing on present day relevant topics thanks to its journalist premise.

Jon: Another off-brand pilot for CBS, which as I said before, will help the show get picked up. CBS is reportedly really loving this show, and it is testing very well. It's also got potential to become one of CBS' few buzzy shows, with a possible cult following that could be created.

RB: This one doesn’t fit with CBS’s procedural brand, but I think it’s getting ordered. Not only is it about the media, which is a hot topic in American culture right now, but it features Amy Brenneman and Brad Garrett (who appeared in a hit for CBS in Everybody Loves Raymond), both of whom have had successful TV careers.I think it could be big.

9J, 9K, and 9L
Aasim: Its premise sounds very CBS friendly which is probably why it is currently the frontrunner among the CBS comedies.

Jon: This sounds so on brand for CBS, something that would work perfectly in their Thursday lineup. Maybe after Mom.

RB: This one seems like a perfect fit for CBS. I just can’t see them passing on it. I think it will work out really well for CBS, so they should pick it up.

theratingsjunkie: Calling it now: best average retention out of The Big Bang Theory since Two and a Half Men.

Brothered Up
Aasim: This looks like it will be CBS's diversity pick up, just like how Superior Donuts was this year.

Jon: CBS knows they can trust on their cop procedurals to perform well, so why not add another one to their lineup? Especially a type of cop team that hasn't been done before. With the pilot being hot at the network, it'd be unlikely if it wasn't picked up.

RB: With former Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore starring, the CBS procedural audience would likely welcome this one with open arms. I think CBS knows this, and they’ll order it. 

theratingsjunkie: See: Navy Seal. On SWAT, I think post-football or another lucrative time slot that isn't Tuesday at 9 is the way to go.

Me, Myself and I
Jon: This sounds like a perfect follow up to LIP. With an already get premise, it sounds like it'd be a hit, following a similarly-structured show, CBS could create a really strong lineup.

RB: Other than the lock 9J, any of CBS’s other comedy pilots seem like possibilities. I’m not sure why, but I see Me, Myself, & I as the Eye’s third and final new comedy, joining the already mentioned 9J and already ordered Young Sheldon. 

thertatingsjunkie: I'm unsure about this one, honestly. It looks like it has a great premise, and probably somewhat in the vein of catching some of This is Us' audience. However, they already have two single-cam comedies next season. But it looks good so I'm putting it here.

Hannah Royce's Questionable Choices
Jon: CBS has seemed to really like this pilot, and it's testing pretty well. I've never thought it was anything special, but CBS is looking to expand their single-camera slate, and this is a show that could help them do that.

Real Life
Jon: No news can be good news, last year I believe that Pure Genius was never mentioned and had no buzz before the pickup and it got picked up. Every year we do have surprise pickups. I am questioning if due to the creators attached to this one, the good cast and premise, CBS just felt no need to ever mention it, as perhaps they are dead-set on picking it up. I could be wrong, but I'm trying to look at every angle.

RB: This one also stars a former CBS star (I’m really noticing a pattern here) with Alan Cumming. The Good Wife was a star for the network, with strong critical reviews that helped it last seven seasons. Alan Cumming should be welcomed back to CBS with open arms.

HV's Take on CBS Comedy
be a likely pick-up, and has easily stood out among CBS's seven comedy pilots. There has also been buzz reported, though not nearly as much, about Brothered Up. I believe that it will be picked up as well. CBS has been known recently to be lacking in diversity, and while they don't seem to be taking big steps to change that, I believe that they will take small ones, and I think that Brothered Up will be one of those steps. With The Big Bang Theory spin-off Young Sheldon already ordered to series, I think that CBS only needs to pick up two of their comedy pilots. However, they may pick up one more, and my bet is that if they do, that one will be single-camera. That narrows the field to Me, Myself, and I, and Hannah Royce's Questionable Choices. This is a tough battle, and I'm actually just changing my mind on it, but I think that they would choose Hannah Royce's Questionable Choices. The pilot centers around a family, and it sounds like something that they could pair with Life in Pieces. Even if they don't, Kevin Can Wait and Man with a Plan each feature families, and Young Sheldon will as well.

HV's Take on CBS Drama
Two projects have been the most buzzed about all along here: Instinct and SWAT. I see no reason to doubt why either of them goes forward. Instinct has a gay lead character, so CBS can talk on and on about their diversity (comedy The McCarthys also was CBS's example of their diversity in the season where it was on, when the network was criticized for their lack of diversity). SWAT stars Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds. It looks to be this season's Bull, whose lead (Michael Weatherly) was on NCIS for a long time. It was reported that CBS only intends to pick up one of SWAT or their Navy SEAL project. If this is true, I believe that they will go with SWAT. However, I am not sure that I totally trust that, because the Navy SEAL project has received a solid amount of buzz. I think that if CBS picks up four dramas, this is their fourth choice. I predict that they will pick up three, and that third spot has a few contenders: The Get, Wisdom of the Crowd, and Perfect Citizen. It's a hard choice. I'm going with The Get, as I think that CBS will want to go with a show that is somewhat out of their comfort zone, but not totally, and this is that.

The CW
Aasim: This pilot has had a lot of buzz around it. Maybe not necessarily for the right reasons but the premise is definitely weird enough to garner a slightly fair amount of viewers. The CW executives seem to like this pilot but if it gets ordered I can see its ratings hover around a 0.3.

Jon: While reportedly extremely out of the box, and a bit weird, the CW still ended up liking the show's pilot. It has Debby Ryan and Carlos PenaVega who will bring some 18-49 fans to the network, and the CW really did like all of its pilots this season. I hear they may pick up five of their pilots, so why wouldn't this be one?

Black Lightning
Aasim: I don't think ordering this is a good idea but I think The CW will just go with it. They seem very positive about the show based on its short presentation so it's not really surprising if it gets a series order. But I also won't be surprised if it doesn't do well in the ratings. Perhaps the best way for The CW to realize their superhero fatigue is to experience it the hard way.

RB:  Considering its pedigree, I think this pilot is getting picked up. It will fit like a glove with The CW’s other superhero shows, which are basically the only shows doing well on the CW.

theratingsjunkie: This could be the show that makes it one too many for The CW, if DC's Legends of Tomorrow wasn't it. But I think it gets picked up and still does better than the Jane the Virgins and Reigns. 

Jon: Such a no-brainier. Reboot of a big hit show, and the network is basically in love with it according to Deadline. On top of the cast and production team, there is no reason why it won't get picked up.

RB: This one is almost 100% getting picked up. It seems to be the buzziest, and TV is reboot crazy right now. Dynasty was huge, the CW will want to see if this can be, too.

theratingsjunkie: Automatic.

Jon: So, what if the CW is realizing that maybe the superhero genre is seeing some oversaturation? That's a high possibility, and they definitely said they do not want to be the superhero network. I think Searchers will make it to our TVs. It's got Berlanti attached to it, and a semi-familiar premise.

Life Sentence
Jon: Lucy Hale and her fan base, a good premise, testing well, and CW most likely needs a new dramedy.

RB: Between the two comedies, this one seems more likely to get ordered. While I think Insatiable could get an order, I’m not betting on two comedy pickups. For now, I think the CW will select Life Sentence.

HV's Take on The CW
For the CW, it's best to separate the crop into two halves, CBS-produced and WB-produced. Each side has a lock to get ordered: Dynasty from CBS and Black Lightening from WB. Of the remainder, most likely one pilot from each production company will get picked up, though I believe that there is a small chance that the network picks up five new series. On the CBS side, I seriously believe that Valor will win out over Insatiable. Mark Pedowitz seems to be behind Valor, and I think that Insatiable may actually be too off-beat and niche for the network. Without Insatiable getting ordered, I think that WB pilot Life Sentence will, because I doubt the network would pass on both of their dramedy pilots. That means that Searchers will not get picked up, which is understandable, as it seems expensive. However, if a fifth pilot makes it to series, I think it will be the one.

Aasim: Shots Fire doesn't look like it's going to get a second season so this looks like a solid replacement since they both deal with hard topics.

RB:  Even though Shots Fired underwhelmed, I think Fox will try and make Controversy work. Even though I don’t see it as a lock, I think it’s got good odds.

theratingsjunkie: This is FOX's best shot at a prestige drama, so I'm thinking this gets picked up.

Aasim: At this point I think it's safe to say this show is a done deal. To not see this show get a series order would be a serious shock. The show is currently the frontrunner among the FOX dramas so something serious must occur to derail its chances of a series order, a scenario which seems unlikely right now.

Jon: Superheroes, a fantastic creative team, and something FOX has loved for a while. No-brainer.

RB:  By far the most often mentioned Fox drama, I can’t see Gifted being passed on. With Fox having very little drama pilots, this one just seems more and more likely.

Full Boyle: Having the Marvel brand under its belt means that it already has an established background that will most likely attract people, at least initially. Fox only has 4 drama pilots, this one has an obvious edge over the others.

theratingsjunkie: Probably one of the post high-profile pilots this season, and would be a perfect fit with any of their male-skewing dramas (Gotham, X-Files, etc).

Linda from HR
Aasim: Perhaps the biggest hook for me wasn't so much the lead actress Lauren Graham but rather its premise. The website Tracking Board's review states that it is pretty dark for a comedy and it's basically a thriller. A humorous thriller seems unique these days so I can see FOX adding this to further diversify their comedy slate.

RB: This may be wishful thinking, as Linda is my absolute favorite pilot with one of my absolute favorite actresses (Lauren Graham) a part of it, but I think this one will get picked up. It’s definitely got the buzz, and I think it could be a surprise hit for the network.

The Resident
Jon: FOX hardly picked up any drama pilots this season, and they reportedly liked all of their dramas. The Resident isn't on-brand for FOX, but what is? They really don't have a brand, so nobody can argue that it wouldn't fit on FOX. Oh, and Emily VanCamp.

RB: With only four drama pilots, it’s not impossible that Fox will order every drama. I don’t think it will happen, but I do think The Resident will get ordered.

Full Boyle: This one will likely be the other drama picked up. Deadline has reported that the series is a lock alongside the Marvel drama. With so few pilots, there's no doubt that it has a very good chance.

Behind Enemy Lines
Jon: If FOX only picks up three of their out of four of their drama pilots,  this'd have to be the third one. I'm thinking FOX will have the underpeforming Shots Fired in the back of their heads, and pass on Controversy (which never really stood out as anything special).

Jon: FOX really seems to like this one. It got one of the first pilot orders this season, with an already attached cast, meaning this has been in the works getting prepared for some time. I could see this one doing really well, and it is kind of the genre FOX is good at.

RB: Of all of my picks for Fox comedy, this is the one I’m most certain of. It’s always screamed frontrunner to me, and I don’t see why that would change now. 

Full Boyle: Deadline has reported that the comedy is a front-runner and Craig Robinson has been in recurring roles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Office, so he's clearly ready for his own sitcom. I'm high on this one and I really think it would be a great fit on Sundays after The Simpsons or Family Guy.

theratingsjunkie: What better to pair Lethal Weapon with than another movie-based procedural? Unless it's terrible, of course.

LAX --> Vegas
Jon: This also seems to be another comedy FOX is pretty high on it. It's got a solid premise, creative team, and a cast that could get it picked up alone. I think this definitely has hit potential.

RB: This is another pilot that appears to be a frontrunner. It’s been mentioned frequently, and it comes from Will Ferrell. I think it’s a shoo-in.

Full Boyle: This sitcom is reported to be a front-runner, it also has well-known comedy actor Will Ferrell as an executive producer and is produced by 20th Century Fox. It seems like a shoe-in to be picked up.

theratingsjunkie: This just gives me the vibe of something that airs post-Simpsons post-football. Not sure it succeeds, but I think it gets that chance.

Type A
Jon: Has reportedly been a frontrunner for FOX's comedy pickups, and I don't see why FOX wouldn't pick it up. It has a good cast and premise. Maybe it hasn't gotten more buzz than Linda from HR, but that seems to be exactly how FOX thinks. Pick up the shows not getting the most buzz. CBS has done that a few times. Also, can't forget Eva Longoria.

Full Boyle: Eva Longoria is a big name known for Desperate Housewives. Her star power alone should be enough to give this one the edge over Linda from HR, both are fighting for a third comedy slot and it's pretty clear that this one will likely make it onto airwaves.

theratingsjunkie: This looks way more on brand for NBC than FOX, but the thing is with FOX is that they don't have a set type of comedy to air as long as it attracts younger viewers. Could be a nice Brooklyn Nine-Nine replacement.

The Beast
theratingsjunkie: The Beast, a new medical drama, isn't eligible for a series order until midseason, but I'm really rooting for it.

HV's Take on FOX Comedy
I see no way that Ghosted doesn't get picked up. I also think that LA -> Vegas is very likely. This project has been reported to have a lot of buzz, and it was able to attract Modern Family's Steven Levitan to direct. There has been no reported buzz for Amy's Brother, and not much for Thin Ice, which leaves Linda from HR and Type-A. I think that FOX will order one of the two, but which one I am not sure. Type-A may be the safer choice for FOX, as it sounds like Linda from HR will be serialized. But I have seen a little bit more reported buzz for Linda from HR, so that is my pick for lot number three.

HV's Take on FOX Drama
There isn't too much to say here, with only four projects. I think three will get picked up, and Marvel project Gifted is a lock. Behind Enemy Lines has looked to be the weak one of the pack, which would mean that The Resident and Controversy get ordered. I am especially confident in The Resident getting ordered, as it was reported months ago that FOX wanted a medical drama.

Jon: Surprisingly received a pilot order, showing it had a standout script. And the the pilot has been testing well, and could easily do well after The Voice. I think it is a lock for a Winter post-Voice premiere.

theratingsjunkie: I think this is NBC's 3rd new drama pick-up, it's definitely high-concept but the networks have been taking more risks lately so I can see it happening.

Good Girls
Jon: NBC has been diversifying their drama slate this season, with the orders of Rise and For God & Country, that statement can really be backed up. I think this show could gain a following, and do quite well, and help NBC change up their drama brand.

Jon: Had early buzz from the network,  being announced a many months ago. That's always a good sign of trust for a show, the premise seems like NBC, and I think it could do really well.

RB: I’m not very certain with this selection, as I think Good Girls and Reverie also have good shots. But I think that Shelter will be the surprise pickup of the season.

Jon: Has been a surprising stand out at the Peacock. It definitely has a premise that could work, and become a hit. It's been getting buzz from the network as well, which is definitely good.
Spaced Out: NBC is known for their workplace comedies. While Superstore has been fading, there's always going to be a few shows that don't live up to the heights of The Office, or Parks and Rec. I think NBC will definitely want to try again in the workplace pool, and pick up the space travel comedy. Something I don't think they will regret.

Relatively Happy
Jon: Jane Lynch, and a premise that sounds like it'd pair really well with Will & Grace. Obvious pickup.

theratingsjunkie: Perfect fit with Will & Grace.

Jon: Mindy Kaling, good premise, good team, good cast, could pair well with Little Big Shots, there's no reason not to pick this one up.

The Sackett Sisters
RB: With Tina Fey producing it, NBC will likely order it, especially if Great News gets canceled, which will likely happen.

What About Barb?
RB: A pilot I initially thought was an easy pass has started to look a bit better for a pickup. It seems to be getting positive reception, so I think NBC may pick it up, especially with someone as well-known as Leah Remini starring.

Spaced Out
theratingsjunkie: Please?

HV's Take on NBC Comedy
Coming from people NBC I'm sure likes (Mindy Kailing and Tina Fey respectively), I expect that the network will order Champions and The Sackett Sisters to series. Both projects have also been reported to have buzz, which supports my belief. I think that they will pick up one of their two workplace comedy pilots, and based on buzz, it seems that AP Bio will win out over Spaced Out, despite Spaced Out being produced by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. I think it's possible that the network picks up a fourth comedy, though I am predicting they go with three. Relatively Happy is a contender, as NBC might care about pairing the revival of Will & Grace with another multi-camera project, and I for some reason feel like we cannot count What About Barb? out.

HV's Take on NBC Drama
I would have started off by telling you that I think it's very likely that Rise and For God and Country get ordered, but now they already have. I think that the network will pick one or two of their remaining dramas. Redliners has lacked in buzz, so I'm counting it out. I also think that Shelter won't end up making it, because I think that NBC will see how limited its premise is. This leaves Reverie and Good Girls. I will give the edge to Reverie, so if NBC picks up only one more drama pilot, I think that will be the one.

What do you think of our picks? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to follow our upfronts coverage! Jon and HV will be live during parts of Thursday and Friday to discuss the news.

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