Making History Season 1 Episode 9 Review - Season Finale

***Spoilers Ahead***

Body Trouble

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Making History has been an enjoyable ride. While I felt that the series lost its way after the Capone arc, it's still produced a solid 22 minutes of comedy every week for the most part. It pains me to say that the series has been canceled and "Body Trouble" doesn't ease the pain one bit. It's an episode that just made me feel sad that the series is no more and it doesn't really give any closure. That's not to say that "Body Trouble" is a bad episode, but as a series finale, it doesn't do its job. 

First off, there's the Hancock & Adams plot. The idea to make Hancock a rich man and Adams a bum is pretty amusing, but it doesn't last long and I would have preferred to see more of this new dynamic. Deb introducing the duo to emotion is pretty funny at first, but the joke just keeps dragging on to the point where it's more annoying than amusing. Still, I liked seeing these characters evolve a bit from the out-of-touch people they were before. Ultimately, Hancock & Adams provided a good bit of comic relief throughout the series, but I think they worked best when they were in a 1775 setting. 

The Dan plot is a lot funnier as he continues to kill Dr. Cobel to the point where he has multiple bodies in his possession. This type of darkish humor ends up hitting the mark and Dan's almost careless behavior towards the situation makes thing even better. On the other hand, Chris being the punching bag isn't very funny. I like Chris's character, but the past few episodes have simply been about him being beaten down. His character was much better in the earlier installments when he was the competent and established nerd. One thing I did like here was that Dan & Chris eventually made up after the hilarious burying Cobel ordeal. 

My biggest problem with this finale is not what the writers did, but what they didn't do. There wasn't any game-changing problem that the gang had to face and it all seemed very anti-climactic. Making History showed several times that it had what it takes to be an amazing series. "Chadwick's Angels" showcased this beautifully as Dan met his past self and realized that he couldn't interact with him. The Al Capone arc was another example of how this series was able to introduce a high-stakes scenario and intertwine it with comedy. 

The final moments of Making History feature Dan & Chris debating whether or not Tupac is alive. It seems fitting to end a series that died too young by alluding to a rapper whose life was also cut short. 

Flaws aside, Making History had a solid 9-episode run. Maybe it didn't live up to it's fullest potential, but the comedy and acting never failed. It's sad to think that this series will never air another episode, but unlike a certain other Lord-Miller series, looking at you Son of Zorn, it ended with some closure and I'm happy that all storylines came to a close.

Stray Thoughts

  • With all this talk about Tupac, why doesn't Dan just go back in time and save his life? I guess he doesn't want to admit to Chris that he's actually not alive.
  • So is there a certain amount of times you can kill someone before they can't be brought back to life? Damn it, Making History, I need some answers!
  • What happened to the reporter (Natalie Morales) from the last episode? I thought she was on to them. 
  • Maybe Dan can travel back in time and get Fox to renew the series. Just a thought.

Grade: B

Season Grade: B+

Well, that's a wrap. Thanks for reading my review of Making History. Thanks to everyone in the cast and crew for producing the series. Leave your thoughts on the episode in the comment section below and take the poll below. 

What was your favorite episode of Making History?


The Shot Heard Round the World

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The Godfriender

Night Cream

The Duel

Body Trouble

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