Making History Season 1 Episode 8 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Duel

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For a show built around time-travel, Making History has been rather light on focusing on it. The previous episode and this penultimate installment have been about the gang returning to their old lives (or in Deb's case, making a new one). There's nothing particularly wrong with that, but when a series only has 9 episodes in its season, it's best to focus more on the action. Nevertheless, "The Duel" is still a fairly amusing episode and there's a nice twist as Dan, Deb & the rest face a serious threat.

A couple episodes ago, I was complaining that we weren't seeing enough of John Hancock and Samuel Adams, but fast-forward to these past few weeks, and they're now front-and-center. There's a heavy reliance on the "people in the past were primitive" jokes as Hancock and Adams fight for Melanie (Stefanie Black). I still find this type of comedy pretty amusing, but I hope they stay away from it if the series is renewed for a second season. Ultimately, this whole episode is leading up to a duel and that's when everything in the episode pays off. We get to see a sensible side to the duo of Hancock & Adamas, which is long overdue, and we see Natalie Morales's character, Mona, taking pictures of the group in an attempt to find out what's really going on. The introduction of an outside threat is an admirable move for this series. There's a lot of potential in this side-plot and I hope it leads to a thrilling conclusion in the season finale.

Meanwhile, Deb continues to run her ice cream shop. I really don't understand why this subplot has to exist. It doesn't add much to the series and seems to be there just to give Deb something to do. I wish they'd do more with Deborah's character outside of her shop because I loved her interactions with Al Capone's wife in the past episodes as well as how she told off Paul Revere back in the early days. But, at least in this episode, the ince cream business leads to the introduction of Mona.

I don't understand why the writers insist on making Chris a punching bag, but it gets to the point where I'm just feeling miserable for the character himself. For what it's worth, he does get some great scenes, particularly when he decides to let Adams & Hancock duel to Dan's dismay. I just hope that everything works out for him in the finale, because this is seriously starting to get depressing.

"The Duel" is a solid outing of Making History, even if I do miss the episodes where Dan, Deb, and Chris were actually time-traveling. The introduction of Mona gives the characters a real struggle to deal with. Ultimately, Making History is a show that doesn't seem to know where to go next. One episode it's focusing on Al Capone, the next it's about Deb's ice cream shop. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed the ride, I look forward to see how everything is resolved in the final episode of the season.

Stray Thoughts

  • The introduction of Natalie Morales makes me miss The Grinder. I loved that show.
  • Dan & Chris seem to talk about time-travel way too much in public. I'd definetly be worried that someone would find me out if I were them.
  • Loved the joke about the 2nd Amendment
  • Unfortunately, Making History is taking a two-week break. So, by the next review, we'll know if it'll be a season or series finale. Not going to lie, things aren't looking good.

Grade: B+

Thanks for reading my review of Making History. Leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. Watch the season finale of Making History Sunday, May 21st at 8:30/7:30c on FOX. 

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