Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 21/22 Review - Season Finale

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Bank Job


It's standard procedure that Brooklyn Nine-Nine ends each season with a cliffhanger. Some are more interesting than others (Going into witness protection after taking down a crime mob vs Holt leaving the Nine-Nine), but ultimately, no loose ends will be tied up. "The Bank Job" does a great job setting up for the finale and reintroduces us to an old favorite.

First off, the cold opening is handled really well. While it has a lot to do with the plot, unlike most great cold openings, it's really hilarious to see serious police work being discussed in a setting as silly as a Razzmatazz class. Things start to heat up when Jake & Rosa choose Adrain Pimento as the one to interrogate/beat up in order to prove to Hawkins that they're dirty cops. Pimento is a character one either loves or hate. I'm definitely on the "love" side simply because his madcap style of comedy meshes well with the rest of the squad. A great example of this is the interrogation scene as Peralta beats him up and it's super difficult to tell if he's in real pain or just faking it (until he admits he doesn't have health care). Still, I think Pimento works best in short and abrupt doses, his shtick would probably get a little old if he were a series regular. Nonetheless, he seriously steals the show here. 

Aside from the Pimento stuff, we're met with the strong duo of Jake & Rosa as they get drunk and high at the bar with the rest of Hawkin's gang. There's not much to say except that these two continue to work extremely well off each other. The writers shake things up as the two are forced to take part in a bank robbery and ultimately double-crossed by Hawkins. If these episodes weren't airing two at a time, this would have been a great cliffhanger, but we end up getting answers five minutes later in the next episode. 

Outside of the main hijinks, we're hit with the news that Gina is pregnant. I'm sure the writers got inspiration for this side-plot due to Peretti's real-life pregnancy. Nevertheless, there's really nothing special to this story. Boyle's constant meddling just seems annoying here instead of funny as he continues being incredibly inappropriate while Terry & Amy pretty much do nothing. If there is any payoff to this plot, it has to be when Milton Boyle (the father of the child) shows up and turns out to not be the loser that Charles said he was. I guess standards of "cool" are just different in the Boyle family.

"The Bank Job" is a stellar Brooklyn Nine-Nine outing. I loved seeing Pimento return and the writers really know how to keep things interesting and exciting. 

Grade: A

Crime and Punishment 


The stakes are always raised when Brooklyn Nine-Nine produces its season finale and that stays true in tonight's installment.

Things pick up as the squad and the lawyer talk over how they can win the case. Long story short, Jake & Rosa's alibis are demolished. It's expected that Brooklyn Nine-Nine puts these characters in a terrible situation, but the stakes are much higher here as the two are faced with serious charges and aside from Peralta's humorous outbursts, there isn't a very comedic tone to this court case. That doesn't stop "Crime and Punishment" from producing a genuinely touching moment. Ultimately, Holt manages to stop Rosa from fleeing the country and makes her realize how much her family (the Nine-Nine) would miss her. It may seem a bit cliche, but it's a nice change of pace to witness a normally stone-cold character like Rosa express her emotions.

Meanwhile, Jake and Amy find the former cop who was double-crossed by Hawkins in order to have him testify in court. I thought it was a pretty major twist to have him turn out to actually be working for Hawkins, but it's one that ended up making things more exciting, though I will say that I was really getting invested in his story. 

In a slightly lower stakes plot, Boyle and Terry try to get a hacker to break into the bank account to prove Jake & Rosa innocent. It was a phenomenal running gag to have Terry's information continue to be hacked by each new hacker because we get to learn all these cool new details about him. Speaking of running gags, the judge and Carl from season 2's "Jake & Sophia" and season 3's "Karen Peralta" reappear. I find it pretty amusing that they always show up in every court case that the 9-9 take part in, it's even funnier since Jake, Boyle, or anyone in the squad don't seem to recognize them. 

Ultimately, "Crime and Punishment" caps off a solid season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It leaves the audience hanging, but at the same time makes them more excited for the next season. I really hope that the writers don't return to status quo after just 3-4 episodes, but even if they do, it'll still be very interesting to see how things play out 

Grade: A

Season Grade: B

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