Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 19/20 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Your Honor

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is no stranger to having episodes centered on family members. Earlier in the season, we were introduced to Santiago's father and Peralta's mother and Holt's sister made appearances back in the previous season. But, Holt's mother has got to be the family member I'd most like to see, so I'm glad that "Your Honor" brings her into the mix.

First off, I'm glad how seriously Brooklyn Nine-Nine deals with continuity. The series first alluded that Holt's mother was a judge in Season 1's "Thanksgiving". It's been three years and that detail has not been forgotten, it just goes to show how consistent this series is. 

Similar to the episode following it, "Your Honor" has a very strong main plot alongside two weaker throwaway stories. In the A-plot, Laverne's (Holt's mother) house is broken into and we learn that she is having a relationship with another man, the only problem is, she never told Holt. It's almost reminiscent of Jake's mom getting back with his father without telling him, but it's a lot more amusing to see a normally emotionless Holt having to deal with a situation like this. It also opens up opportunities to learn more about child Holt. Even though we know that Holt was an intelligent child, it just never gets old to hear about how he didn't need a ruler to do trigonometry functions or how he made a macaroni infographic about educational spending during the Johnson administration. One of the biggest strengths of this plot is how Laverne is just like Holt, which makes Jake seem like the weird one. It opens up a whole new avenue comedy-wise. Also, Peralta's attempts to help patch up the relationship between Holt and his mom is touching and funny at the same time. It's touching because Jake doesn't want Holt to have a poor relationship with a parent, a subject he's all too familiar with, but it is a comedy, so the actual talk between Holt and Laverne is funny, but at the same time, it also balances it out with some drama as the two talk about how detached their relationship has been. Everything in this main story works well and it has a sweet ending without being too sappy amongst many great one-liners. 

The other plots are definitely lacking in comparison. The B-plot features Terry, Rosa & Boyle renovating the break room to Hitchcock and Scully's dismay. There is an interesting twist here since Hitchcock and Scully's opinion actually represents what everyone else in the precinct is thinking. There's also a great montage at the end as the two ruin the break room's new couch, but other than that, it's not a very memorable outing, though not an unfunny one at that.

The C-plot is a lot less entertaining. Gina doesn't want to change a tire, but Amy wants to teach her. It's as simple as that. Gina's behavior ends up being more annoying than funny since she acts like a jerk but it's ultimately Amy that gets negatively affected as a result. The writers don't seem to know what to do with Gina this season as she's usually neglected to tedious C-plots and is almost always given the role of treating the character she's interacting with poorly before ultimately saving the day. I hope Linetti's character can stay away from this in the next season.

"Your Honor" is a solid outing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The A-plot features some great chemistry between Holt, his mom, and Peralta, it easily makes up for the middling B and C-plots. 

Grade: A-

The Slaughterhouse


Brooklyn Nine-Nine works best in high-stakes settings. This is why the Figgis arc at the end of season 3 was so exciting, and in my opinion, one of the best things that this series has ever done. It's clear that we're not getting anything like the Figgis arc this season, but it does seem like we're in for a fun ride because "The Slaughterhouse" does a great job setting up for the season finale.

The Jake & Rosa pairing has sadly been neglected this season aside from "Serve & Protect", so I'm happy to see the two working on a case together. Things don't get interesting until the two get into full competition mode in an attempt to take the spot on Hawkin's task force. It's a lot of fun seeing Jake & Rosa try to sabotage each other, my favorite part has got to be the running gag where Rosa spikes whatever Jake is drinking with caffeine. It works a lot better than Gina's "cement" gag from "The Last Ride" solely because of Rosa's deadpan nature while admitting what she did.  One thing I have to criticize about this otherwise fun plot is the whole "meeting your hero" shtick. This has been used countless times in the B99 universe and two other times this season. At least in this episode, it's not the main focus of the plot. Just like the other "meeting your hero" plots in the series, we end up learning that Hawkin is on the wrong side of the law. I'm glad we'll be getting a signature high-stakes Brooklyn finale and this reveal cements that fact. 

In the B-plot, we have Hitchcock & Scully fighting with each other as Terry and Boyle hopelessly try to stop them. The two cops fire off enough hilarious insults at each other to make this plot amusing, but yet again, Gina "saves the day" without even being involved in the ordeal, a shtick that's really starting to get old. Still, that doesn't hinder the fact that this plot is comedy gold.

The C-plot is fairly amusing. I liked seeing Amy stop being a pushover for one episode and tell off Holt. This back-half of the season has really started to return to the great Holt & Amy dynamic that hasn't really been explored in a while and I'm glad that the writers are focusing on them again. 

Overall, "The Slaughterhouse" is a great episode that sets up for a (hopefully) amazing finale.

Grade: A-

Stray Thoughts
  • I love how Scully's girlfriend (Cindy) actually gets a mention. Most sitcoms would forget about a detail like that.
  • The cold opening in "Your Honor" is hilarious, especially when the criminal admits that he committed the crime.
  • On a different note, happy to hear that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be returning for a fifth season on FOX.

Thanks for reading my review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Catch the season finale next Tuesday at 8/7c on FOX.  

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