Top Ten - The Best Episodes: Old Nashville

Top Ten - The Best Episodes: Nashville

I've occasionally done countdown articles with episodes of shows that I like, but only for their holiday episodes. So, I decided to expand those articles, and do a top 10 countdown for the regular episodes of the shows I like. The first edition of Top Ten was The Middle, the second edition will be for my other favorite show, Nashville.

*Spoilers Ahead*

10. Time Changes Things - S3E20
This episode was one of the few after the first season that really captured everything that made season one great. We had some really fun scenes at Jade's party, the show has always done parties well. We also had a really awesome, and fun rooftop-concert scene when Juliette performed Mississippi Flood. That will still be one of my all time favorite Javery moments, and concert scenes from the show. And then to top it off this episode really developed the plot of Teddy and Natasha working with the FBI. It was really interesting, and captured season one's politics essence that I liked. This episode was a whole lot of fun, not too depressing, not too soapy, it was great.

9. First to Have a Second Chance - S3E10
While this episode's plot didn't stand out, there were some simpler; more enjoyable moments than Nashville's big falling off a roof moments. What made this episode make the list was definitely Javery reuniting, and the wedding. While I wish that was an entire episode, it was still a really sweet, slowed down moment/episode in a very fast-paced and busy season.

8. You're Lookin at Country - S3E8
This episode was so fun. The CMA Awards. While ABC probably did this to promote the awards, it was such a fun episode. It felt like a scripted version of the award show I used to enjoy very much. There were amazing guest stars (actual singers), great performances, and amazing drama. Which all tied together perfectly. This episode was so special, and so much fun.

7. When There's a Fire In Your Heart - S4E15
This was such a great episode. In the long fourth season, Nashville had a select few episodes that could be re-watched, and were quite enjoyable. This was one of the few. Of the many great things from this episode, my favorite parts were Juliette's beautiful song, and the entire Glenn plot, and ending scene with two. This was an amazing first step of retribution for Juliette. The acting and writing was amazing as well.

6. It's All Right But It's All Wrong - S2E13
Such a fun episode here, and an iconic Nashville moment was made. Dealing with public backlash, Juliette was supposed to issue an apology at the Opry, but instead, she fired off her Juliette-sassiness, told off Jeff, and performed 'Don't Put Dirt on my Grave Just Yet'. This episode gave us some of the show's best music plots, for the entire cast. It was an awesome episode. The show was completely, for once, what it should be. About the music.

5. Where He Leads Me - S1E8
This episode was pure magic. The plots and music alone were amazing, in specific the most interesting plot was Teddy's. I really enjoyed the fast pace. But my favorite part had to be the ending scene of Juliette proposing to Sean. It was really magic, the scenery, the setting, the acting, the writing, all was amazing. Brave to Jason George (😢) for creating such a magical scene, and episode, with very interesting-character-driven plots, and wonderful music interwoven.

4. Please Help Me, I'm Fallin - S4E6
As I've said before, there were a few occasions after Nashville's first season that really captured the amazingness of the first season. This was one of them. This episode was so well done. Hayden Panettiere deserves an Emmy for this one. I absolutely adored Juliette's plot this episode, it was all so fun to watch. In one of Nashville's last ratings standing episodes, Juliette who was miserable over her divorce to Avery (YES NASHVILLE SEASON FIVE WRITERS, THEY ARE DIVORCED FOR GOD'S SAKE), Got really drunk, and attacked a fan. Which led to Jeff doing damage control for Juliette. Elsewhere, Rayna tried to work with Markus on his album, and Scarlett had another breakdown at her mom's house. Then we get to my favorite part of the episode, and one of the series' best scenes. Juliette was seen taking pills, drowning them with alcohol, and doing drugs. Which brings her to texting Avery to say sorry, then she stumbles to the roof to kill herself (WHICH THE NEW NASHVILLE WRITERS ARE PRETENDING LIKE NEVER HAPPENED... OH WAIT.. THEY DON'T KNOW IT HAPPENED), as she goes to kill herself, Jeff saves her, but is flung off the roof in the struggle. This episode, and the final scene in particular, was done so well. Great acting, writing, etc. Then with 407, Nashville season four became a trainwreck.

3. Crazy - S2E19
As a Javery fan, this has to be one of my all time favorite episodes. They had some of the best material to work with that they have ever gotten, and it was really captivating to watch. On the other end of town, Rayna dealt with Maddie going viral, and Deacon not getting to be her parent. I do admit, Rayna and Deacon's plot was a snoozer. But, the Javery and Scunnar plot definitely made up for it. Scarlett's abusive mother was back  in her life, causing her to have a breakdown while performing 'Black Roses' (another Nashville hall of fame moment), and Gunnar experienced what a royalty check is like when you have a big hit.

2. I'll Never Make It Out of this World Alive - S1E21
Nashville's forever second best episode. The season one finale was almost as good as the penultimate episode, however this episode relied mainly on the relationship plots, which made it not as good at times. I still really loved the ending scene (it goes in my Nashville hall of fame). The music was great, there was some great growth from Juliette after going through her mom's death, and the rest of the cast really had some nice development as well.

1. A Picture From Life's Other Side - S1E20
97 episodes, and there's yet to have been an episode to come close to this episode in terms of quality. This episode was balanced amazing, with everything that made the show great. The action was amazing (Jolene and Dante anyone?), the music was great, the music plots were great, all while advancing the personal life plots really well, and it wasn't too soapy. When I watch this episode I have to wonder why ABC ever made the writers of the show change, because this was a perfect episode. Emmy worthy performances here.

What  are your favorite episodes of #NashvilleABC? Let me know in the comments below!

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