Top Ten - The Best Episodes: 2 Broke Girls

Top Ten - The Best Episodes: 2 Broke Girls

The Top Ten Best Episodes is back for the third edition, this time with 2 Broke Girls.

*Spoilers Ahead*

10. And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie - S6E22
In a lagging season, the season six (series?) finale was easily the best episode of the season, and was so good that it made it to the top ten list. In the finale, it was Caroline's movie premiere, which did not come easy for her, which made for an episode of hilarious jokes and shocking reveals. This episode had me laughing for the entire time it was on, and it did great things for Max.

9. And the Near Death Experience - S3E18
I loved this episode for a few reasons. One, it was hilarious. I really loved the girls plot of getting stuck in Nicholas' house, and trying to escape (the title) was really funny. But I really enjoyed the intense scene of the girls almost dying, trying to climb out of Nicholas' apartment in the poring rain. It was a great episode, and a great end to a really average story-line.

8. And the Coming Out Party - S5E7
No, no, no, this episode is not what you think. In this episode, we saw Caroline's (ex-) rich grandmother wake up from a five year coma. Ok, not so bad right? A happy occasion? No. Caroline's grandmother went into a coma before the family lost all of their money, and due to health conditions, it was trouble for Caroline to tell her. This lead to a hilarious episode, with the gang having to pretend to be wealthy servants, and it really made Caroline come full circle, as she saw how badly she treated people when she was rich.

7. And the Candy Manwich - S2E6
Candy Andy's first episode. I really liked him, and all the plots that came with him. In this episode, Andy kept trying to ask out Caroline, but whenever he would she would be in the middle of a really embarrassing situation, which were always hilarious.

6. And the First Degree - S3E24
While this episode wasn't anything really special, it had some great character development and was a serious episode in a goofy show. In the third season finale, Caroline made Max take a final exam so that she could graduate high school, all while trying to get Max's mother to show-up. Spoiler alert, Max graduated and her mom never saw her walk down the gym. It was sad that Max's mom didn't show up, but it was a nice episode that dealt more with Max's backstory. It was also all done really funnily, which is hard to balance, seriousness and comedy.

5. And Martha Stewart Have a Ball - S1E23-24
Two Broke Girls' freshman season came to a great end back in 2012, with a one hour finale, and guest appearance by Martha Stewart. In the finale, the girls managed to make their way into the Met Ball, in order to give their cupcakes to cooking-God Martha Stewart. The antics, and way this was done was really entertaining, and quite funny.

4. And the High Holidays - S2E12
One of my favorite plots of this show was definitely the girl's cupcake store they had in season two. I always found it to be really fun. Short on rent, Max and Caroline turned to a dubious sector of the market to get their rent money. In the end, it didn't work out, but the girls' friends came through for them and helped them pay their rent. The ending of this episode had a great Christmas feel, and was really sweet. One of the show's great serious moments.

3. And the Lost Baggage - S5E13
My second favorite arc of the show was definitely the Hollywood arc. It was so fun, getting to see the girls be pampered, the Hollywood scene, Randy, it was all amazing, and definitely the highlight of season five. The start of that arc ranks at number three on the list.

2. And the Big Opening - S2E10
As mentioned earlier, my favorite arc on the show was the cupcake store in season two. The opening of the store episode was great. It was funny, interesting, and we got to see Max face an old love, which was funny, and had some seriousness to it.

1. And the Upstairs Neighbor - S1E14
One of the best people on this show is Sophie. Every line out of her mouth is hilarious, her accent is the best, and her backstory is fantastic. Where would the show be without her? Somewhere dark, most likely. Her first appearance has to be some of the show's best moments ever. Every thing she said was hilarious, and the story was fantastic. #SophieForever

What are your top ten episodes of 2 Broke Girls? This show has so many good episodes, it was hard to pick out ten. Let me know in the comments below!

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