The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 14 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Point Person Knows Best

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The Last Man on Earth has been on a long streak of good episodes, I wasn't just giving out As because I like the show,  it's only expected that at some point we get met with a dud. I generally am not a fan of children in non-family sitcoms and when the series takes place after the apocalypse, it really doesn't seem like a good idea. 

Ultimately, "Point Person Knows Best" takes all the undesirable tropes that they can find from past episodes and put them together, the end result is just as bad as it sounds. Ultimately, the gang finds the kid in the Yoda mask and Tandy tries to bond with him, but "Jasper" doesn't want to be a part of it. It's not entirely different from what we saw between Tandy and deceased Phill towards the end of the first half of the second season, except here, it's a lot less funny and more awkward since the guy that Tandy is annoying is a child. I get that Tandy means well and all, but it just doesn't work in this episode and it doesn't help that the group starts to hate him again, reminiscent of the early, weaker installments of season 2.

 The decision for Jasper to decide to bond with Erica also comes off as really strange and it just feels like the writers put that in to fulfill the whole "world against Tandy" trope from season 1, except it just is not funnier here because the series has strayed away from that formula and coming back to it again just doesn't seem right. I also wasn't a fan of Jasper staying silent the whole episode, if they were going to introduce a new character, why not give him some lines as well? If I had to point out anything I liked, it was the cigarette gag, it was just amusing to see Tandy use them to his advantage over Jasper. Plus, at least we got to see Gary, even if he was run over by a car. 

The B-plot is a lot better, though at the same time it isn't anything special. The duo of Carol and Gail work out better this time than it did before, or maybe I was just glad for the episode to stray away from the downer of an A-plot, and Gail's whole speech to Carol about there being only 2 men left on Earth got a good laugh out of me. Still, the whole thing felt like filler even if it gave a good amount of comic relief. Todd and Melissa don't get to do much in this episode as we barely get an update on the Melissa plot except for the latter feeling the side effects of her medication. 

If there's any redeemable part of the episode, Tandy and Carol's chat towards the end checks the box. There really has been an absence of the two interacting lately which makes it even better that they got not one, but two scenes isolated from the rest of the group in this episode. 

"Point Person Knows Best" is just not a good episode, it introduces an element that doesn't seem like will work out with this show and also recycles some of the bad elements from the earlier days. I hate to have to say this, but this was hands-down, the worst episode of the season.

Random Thoughts

  • Still no Kristen Wiig or Pat, how long do we have to keep waiting?!
  • I wish this show wouldn't go on a 3-week break with such a bad taste in my mouth, now I'll have to wait extra long for them tor redeem themselves.
  • I was legitimately mad when Jasper threw Gary off the balcony.
  • Too bad the other sports balls are with Mike

Grade: C

Thanks for reading my review of The Last Man on Earth, tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Catch an all new episode on Sunday, April 23 at 9:30/8:30c on Fox. 

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