The Failed April Fools Day Headlines

April Fools Day may be over, and we may or may not have posted a ton of articles yesterday to celebrate it. We hope you liked our jokes/satires/parodies/etc. But that's not all we had. Take a look at the headlines for articles that never saw the light of day. Tell us what you think below!

-The Catch Renewed by Shonda Rhimes
-Blackish: Redemption Ordered to Series by ABC
-Dick Wolf Leaves NBC, Takes His Chicagos With Him (the "Chicagos" turn out to be CDs, by the classic rock band, and "Leaves NBC" refers to simply exiting 30 Rock)
-CBS to Start Airing 48 Hours for 48 Hours
-(untitled): An article that gives news of a show being canceled ahead of its premiere--except the show never existed in the first place
-The Middle of Nashville to Leave The TV Ratings Guide
-(untitled): an article was a captivating title but no content
-The Middle and Modern Family to Have a Crossover Episode

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