Nashville Season Six Will Completely Relaunch the Show

Nashville Season Six Will Completely Relaunch the Show

Currently in its fifth season, the first on CMT, Nashville has been a beloved show by its fans for half a decade. However, with the move to CMT came with entirely new showrunners, writers, and producers. Fans were optimistic about the change, but half a season in, fans are now panning the new creative team's work. With many criticizing the teen characters, and new characters being the only people to get screen time and music. Fans said enfer non to this, and at this moment are trying to get this to change. 

Sadly, it looks like their efforts will not work as new showrunners Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick have announced that the series will reboot in season six (if it is renewed). The twentysomething creators have announced that with all the complaints about the show, they felt it would be best to just reboot the series, as it is most definitely cheaper, and will be easier for them to produce as they can really focus on writing what they know how to write, not a four year old-established show. Herskvotiz says this will be perfect because "we have already started to slowly, but surely faze out the veteran cast members, and it will work out perfectly."

The new Nashville will only save a few characters. Those being Maddie, Daphne, Zach, Hallie, and Scarlett. Returning series-long characters are teen Maddie, tween Daphne, and pregnant Scarlett. Herskovitz assured fans that Rayna/Connie Britton would make several guest appearances, and fans would "still get to hear her beautiful voice sing new songs".

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