Making History Season 1 Episode 7 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Night Cream

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While I have thoroughly enjoyed the first six episodes of Making History, the show definitely doesn't seem to know where to go next. In one episode, the gang could be trying to start the American Revolution, and in the next, they're focusing on relationship problems in present day. One thing to note, the series got its episode order cut from 13 to 9, which might explain why the setting can change really quickly. Nevertheless, whether it is intentional or not, it's a good thing that the series isn't always stuck in the same place. There are way too many shows on television that tend to follow the same formula week after week, and with Making History, there is no formula. Tonight's episode follows this trend, or lack thereof, as the trio return to present day and return to normal life. 

Chris's storyline isn't too different from the last time he was in the present. His job's on thin ice due to his absence and he is forced to explain it all. There's the additional element of Hancock and Adamas entering the present, after an extended absence, that freshens up the situation a bit. Some of the funnier moments of the episode center on Hancock and Adams being totally oblivious on how things work in the present. Other than that, the two have some solid lines, but there's nothing new to be found. I liked seeing Ben Vereen's character and Dean sort of interrogating Chris. Dean's lines about his sketchy past were one of the funniest moments of the episode while Vereen's Dr. Cobel excelled as he did in the last episode that he was in. I would have liked to see more of Dan & Chris interacting, they've come to be a solid duo. I also didn't like the absence of any real danger like the past episodes have shown, but overall, it's an amusing plot, even if it isn't out of the ordinary.

The same could be said about Deb's plot. Ultimately, it's great to see her owning a business and making a life for herself in the present, but the whole thing seems like exposition that should lead to something bigger. When a show about time-travel has just 9 episodes to prove itself, it's best to steer clear of sitcom shenanigans and move forward to more gutsy stuff. There's nothing wrong with Deb telling off Dan and opening up an ice cream parlor, but when the previous episodes focused on Al Capone and colonial times, it feels like the series is betraying its premise.

Ultimately, "Night Cream" reminds me of "The Boyfriend Experience". It's an episode that doesn't take advantage of its premise and focuses on what Dan, Chris, and Deb are up to in present day. But, unlike the 3rd episode, "Night Cream" does bring in elements like Hancock and Adams to spice things up and all of the plots were very enjoyable. If Making History had a 22-episode season, I'd be perfectly fine with a filler episode here and there, but when you're stuck with just 9, they need to speed things up a bit. Even if this was an enjoyable outing, I hope we'll be seeing more time travel in the following episodes

Stray Thoughts

  • As funny as it was, it was painful seeing Chris's apartment being torn apart, how is he going to pay for that?!
  • Speaking of money, Chris should have gotten some of it, right?
  • Shark Tank references!
  • The "wall" joke was probably funny when this episode was filmed (assuming early-ish 2016), it's kind of old now. 
  • I honestly liked the ice cream shop that Dan envisioned. 

Grade: B

Thanks for reading my review of Making History. What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Catch an all new episode of Making History next Sunday, 8:30/7:30c, on FOX.

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