Making History Season 1 Episode 5 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Touchables

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Last week's Making History was, in my opinion, a big triumphant for the series. It showed that the series was going to stick to its time-travel premise instead of keeping it lingering in the background in favor of the typical sitcom cliches. Still, if there was one thing missing from the past few outings, it was a threat. Tonight's Making History makes up for the lack of dire conflict as they travel back to the early 1900s and meet up with a famous gangster. 

The choice to make the gang go back in time to make some money is simply genius, pretty much everyone has fantasized about the idea at one point or another, so what better than to include it into a show about time-traveling. The first half of the episode seems rather aimless as the trio make their way in a fancy club, as soon through an effective montage, but things heat up as the gang meets up with Al Capone (SNL's Tim Robinson).

The decision to bring in a notable villain from the past definitely works in "History's" advantage, I was hoping we'd have seen a glimpse of Hitler in last week's but this definitely works. Since it's a comedy, Capone obviously isn't the typical cold-hearted villain, instead, Robinson gives an SNL-esque performance, one part goofy and one part threatening. It really does work in the episode, because while we laugh at his antics, we're also worried about the harm he can cause the gang. 

Speaking of harm, Dan foolishly handing the time machine over to Al Capone makes for a great cliffhanger and I'm definitely glad that the gang will be staying in one setting for more than an episode like last week.

Character-wise, I think the Dan-Chris duo is finally starting to click for me. Sure, it's nothing new to see the dumb guy/smart guy pairing but the high-stakes premise and the solid performances from Pally and Lester really make up for it, plus I'm just a fan of the trope. Furthermore, Deborah has a more prominent role in this one and her interaction with Al Capone's wife was funny, even if it was in a sort-of sad way. 

Ultimately, "The Touchables" is another home run for "Making History" (pun intended), I'm so glad that the series is living up to its potential and everything is really starting to click.

Random Thoughts
  • If I were in the past, I'd definitely be cautious about referencing things from the future, maybe I'm just super paranoid.
  • No Hancock or Adams? Maybe they'll return in another episode.
  • I was hoping Dan, Deb, and Chris would take part in the stick-up.
  • As long as they're in 1919, might as well give the "killing Hitler" thing another go

Grade: A

Thanks for reading my review, leave your thoughts on the episode in the comment section below. Making History returns Sunday, April 23rd at 8:30/7:30c on Fox. 

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