Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 15 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Last Ride

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In the early days of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the series had a more case-oriented nature. While the writers still focused on character relationships, there was still a strong emphasis on the police work. As the series has progressed, there have been a lot more episodes outside the precinct setting or ones where cases aren't fully developed. While these case-less episodes can be done well, Brooklyn is simply at its best with goofy nicknames, epic montages, and suspenseful action scenes as Jake and company hunt down the criminal of the week and solve the case. "The Last Ride" is a return to this familiar format after a season without many case-heavy episodes and it definitely pays off. 

There's a lot of fun to be had in the A-plot as Jake and Charles hunt down a child's missing bike that ends up leading to a much bigger drug case. There's a different tone in this story as the looming threat of a precinct shutdown puts their relationship in jeopardy. This works to the series's advantage since Brooklyn knows how to execute emotional moments without making things cheesy or sappy and this stays true in "The Last Ride" where one can't help but feel sad that Taylor Omaha and Chip Rockets may never work on a case again. Of course, things end up working out in the end, but the moment in the car with Peralta & Boyle describing the new partners they'll soon have is just as touching even with the happy ending. Moreover, the fact that the episode gave the case some depth is a nice change of pace from recent episodes like "The Audit" in which the case isn't even given a mention and is just used as an excuse to get the characters away from the precinct. I really enjoyed seeing Jake race Bodhi the BMX rider and I enjoyed seeing Jake & Boyle gear up with all the weapons they can (or can't) hold. Scenes like these are what Nine-Nine is known for and I'm glad that the writers returned to their roots for this installment, seems fitting for an episode titled "The Last Ride". 

For once, I enjoyed the B and C-plots on the same level as the A-plot. Both were a return to what the show has done well in the past. First off, there's the Holt & Amy plot. Season 1 and 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine had a strong emphasis on Santiago's need to impress Holt and it definitely led to some of the show's best moments. But, this episode's plot finally features Holt on the same level as Amy as he reveals his secret binder detailing a mentorship plan. It's great that Amy gets some closure by finding out that Holt was her mentor all along. It's the type of plot that would feel right at home in a season 1 episode, which is always a good thing in my book (or binder). 

The C-plot also features something I've enjoyed in the past, Hitchcock & Scully actually doing their jobs. Season 2's "Sabotage" showed that the duo are indeed competent detectives, but simply lack the willpower. For that reason, it doesn't come off as much of a shock that Hitchcock has solved the most cases and holds the title of Mr. Nine-Nine with Terry in a close second. It was great seeing Terry interact with an overly confident Hitchcock, but even though Terry is obviously the more competent detective, as Rosa shows, I still like to think that Hitchcock is the real Mr. Nine-Nine. 

Meanwhile, Gina makes everyone drink cement. This running gag starts out pretty strong but gets a bit tedious as it goes on. At least Gina gets to play a more crucial role in this episode as opposed to the previous one. 

"The Last Ride" is an episode that fires off non-stop comedy and takes Brooklyn Nine-Nine back to its roots. Everything just manages to click in this episode and the results were phenomenal. 

Stray Thoughts
  • At the end of the episode, I thought Amy was going outside to smoke a cigarette. I wonder if she ever broke that habit?
  • Hitchcock proudly showcasing his tattoo to Terry got the biggest laugh out of me. 
  • Anyone remember the name of the bartender?
  • It didn't take long for Gina to recover after being hit by a bus.
  • Wish we could have seen more of the drug bust with Jake and Charles
  • Drug dealers are so mean.

Grade: A+

Thanks for reading my review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Catch an all new episode next Tuesday, 8/7c, on FOX. 

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