Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 14 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Serve & Protect


One of Brooklyn's greatest strengths is mixing and matching different members of their versatile cast each and every episode. Sure, Hitchcock & Scully are rarely seen without each other, but the rest of the squad are paired off differently each week and it really helps keep things fresh. Tonight's episode features a duo that hasn't really been explored since early season 3 (two timeslots ago), Jake & Rosa. I've always been a fan of their dynamic, just because they don't normally focus on them much and since their polar opposite personalities always make for a good time. It also seems like Jake is the only person that Rosa genuinely has a friendship with, probably due to the fact that they've known each other for so long. "Serve & Protect" also focuses on another great and underused pairing, Holt & Boyle, as well as further developing the precinct's predicament. 

The A-plot is a rather familiar one as Rosa acts as the skeptic to Jake's naive nature. But, what makes the story work is the outcome because Rosa ends up being wrong about the producer stealing the laptop which sadly causes Jake to lose his shot to be a part of a major television series. While the story is vaguely predictable, the backdrop buoys the story, making it a lot more entertaining. I've always been a fan of the "show within a show" plot and it's no different here as Jake is overly excited about being on the set of Serve & Protect. Meanwhile, Fillion plays the "hammy" actor character and it really fits well into the 9-9 universe. It was also a nice touch for Jake and Rosa to question their future if the precinct shuts down, it almost seems like a parallel to the show's actual fate on Fox. It was really great to see team 1000 push-ups back in action and I hope we'll be seeing more of the two in future episodes this season.

Switching over to the B-plot, Amy & Gina try to smooth things over with the auditor, aka Terry's ex, by trying to figure out what caused her to hate Terry so much after the break-up. It's probably my least favorite of the night's three stories, but there's also nothing particularly bad about it. I enjoyed seeing Terry's interrogation go down and Amy attempt to engage with Veronica (girl talk). Still, it's not until the end reveal where things get interesting. Ultimately, Veronica sent her evaluation of the precinct before she patched things up with Terry, that's definitely not going to go well with the Nine-Nine. 

The C-plot is solid comedy gold, even if it doesn't last too long. Holt and Boyle attempt to blackmail the deputy commissioner. But, before it can take place, Boyle decides that he doesn't want Holt to compromise his morals just to save the precinct. But, even if we didn't see the blackmail take place, Boyle's joke really hit the mark.

"Serve & Protect" is a very solid outing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, maybe it's not exactly towards the top of my list, but it's far from the bottom. It serves up a fun 22-minute ride even if it doesn't protect the precinct from being shut down.

Stray Thoughts

  • I wasn't expecting Peralta to be ecstatic about his name being used in the show. Great timing on Samberg's part. 
  • Boyle and Holt are just too good of a pairing, only Holt and Pimento can top them.
  • Gina seems to be recovering.
  • Not enough Hitchcock and Scully in these past two episodes. 
  • If Jess making a cameo on Brooklyn was a New Girl crossover, then Fox could have billed this as a Castle crossover.

Grade: A-

Thanks for reading my review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. Catch an all new episode next Tuesday at 8/7c on FOX. 

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