Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 13 Review

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The Audit 

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show notorious for cop-outs, pun-intended, each season has ended with a game-changing cliffhanger, but the situation is ultimately resolved in the first couple episodes of the next season and the series returns to status quo. Nevertheless, I am definitely not complaining, there's no reason that Brooklyn should suddenly change its entire premise, it eventually has to return back to the familiar setting that works so well. "The Audit" is a different story since it is not a season premiere, despite feeling like one, but still has to address the cliffhanger of Gina being hit by a bus. It only takes thirty seconds for Holt to proclaim that Gina is alive and recovering. Don't get me wrong, I did not want nor expected Gina to die, but it does make the cliffhanger seem pointless. In fact, the resolution of the cliffhanger sums up my thoughts on "The Audit". 

"The Audit" marks the return of Teddy, a character that never did much beyond making Amy & Jake realize that they had feelings for each other, despite that, I'm glad that this show simply doesn't let go of a character once they introduce them, no matter how minor they are. That's about as much praise I can give to the A-plot because it's a rather laughless ordeal. I have never been a fan of Jake & Amy plots which is why I am happy that the writers choose not to focus on it too much, also, as I have said before, the duo had much better comedic chemistry when they weren't tied down to each other. Still, there are instances when the duo can work well as a couple, take for example, "The Fugitive Pt. 1" where the two took part in a competition to see who could arrest the most perps. It had an almost "Jimmy Jabs" vibe and gave the two something to work with outside of the typical relationship tropes. None of that is apparent in the A-plot. The two take part in a fake fight so Jake can snatch Teddy's phone to delete the recording that featured them badmouthing him. This plot is far from original and it doesn't help that it opens up the fact that Jake & Amy's relationship does have some problems. I also didn't like how Teddy was portrayed as the antagonist in this installment, he was never more than just a boring, but still a well-meaning guy. It wasn't great seeing him be willing to leave his girlfriend for Amy and then drop the whole thing when Amy refused to accept his proposal. My biggest complaint has got to be the fact that they completely sidelined the stakeout. Brooklyn hasn't focused too much on the actual cases this season compared to the previous three, but to barely even mention the case is extremely disappointing. 

The B and C-plots aren't exactly masterpieces, but they're better than the main plot. The one I enjoyed the most was Terry's fiasco with the copy machine. If it had been part of a better episode, I would have overlooked it, but it provided some decent comedy amidst the lackluster A-plot and there was an abundance of great flashbacks to accompany it with. The other plot involving Boyle getting stuck in the roof with rats was just filler, like the Terry plot, but at least it wasn't a total waste, Boyle getting so excited about his Catwoman costume is the type of comedy that was sorely missing from the rest of this episode.

The end resolution of "The Audit" is that Teddy decides not to evaluate the Nine-Nine, he's replaced with Veronica, Terry's ex-girlfriend who despises the sergeant. This pretty much makes the entirety of "The Audit" pointless, but at least the ending of the episode opens up many great possibilities for the next episode."The Audit" has a rather lackluster main plot but some solid jokes and decent B and C plots make the episode worthwhile. Even if it was an underwhelming installment, the good thing about underwhelming premieres is that there are many episodes left for the series to redeem itself and I would be surprised if Brooklyn didn't return to making great episodes. 

Some Great Exchanges

  • Hitchcock: I have a...question about browser histories 
  • Holt: Just throw your computer away.
  • Hitchcock: Roger that. 
  • Holt: The auditor will start by joining Peralta and Santiago on their gang stakeout because--
  • Boyle: They're America's dream couple
  • Holt: You need to calm down, we're in a workplace. 

Grade: B-

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