Nashville S5E11/Midseason Finale Review

Nashville S5E11/Midseason Finale Review

"Fire and Rain"


It's Nashville's midseason finale, let's see if the season goes out bad (like episodes 1-10), or if it shows sign of creative life (doubtful).

The family is still reeling from Rayna's death. Maddie is getting calls from talk shows. Zach is meeting with The Exes about a tour, and Deacon. He tells Deacon that they need to release Rayna's album, Deacon does not want to. Juliette finds out about Maddie's calls she is getting, and says that they need to take charge of the situation. Juliette volunteers to take Maddie to New York. Zach asks Will to talk to Deacon for him. Maddie and Juliette leave for New York, leaving Deacon and Avery behind.

Will somewhat convinces Bucky and Deacon to release the unfinished Deyna album. Maddie goes on the talk show. Daphne is comforted by Scarlett. Daphne is questioning why everyone wants to talk to Maddie, not her. Deacon is going through album tracks. Maddie is at a New York party.

Deacon watches old Deyna videos. Maddie goes on another talk show. Scarlett tells Gunnar she can't leave the girls and go on a tour, and they need her too much. Deacon and Zach have a confrotation at Highway 65 over the release of the album. Zach tells Bucky he needs the album by the end of the week.

Maddie calls Scarlett upset, and Scarlett says Deacon needs her. Maddie has Juliette cancel the show she is on that day. Deacon continues watching old videos, and reading Rayna's journals. Avery checks up on Deacon. Zach and Will talk. Maddie comes back home.

Juliette is not happy that Maddie was so unprofessional, she says that Maddie needs to take control of the moment, Scarlett is not enthused with her. She and Juliette have a fight, and Juliette storms out. Deacon continues with the old videos, and reading Rayna's journal. Juliette apologizes to Maddie, and says she wants to manage her career. Maddie and Daphne sing, while Deacon watches a video of Rayna talking about her family, and videos of him and Rayna this season.

Scarlett calls over the whole gang (first time they are ever all in one place I wonder?). Deacon is playing the video of Rayna talking about making their album again and again. Deacon gets happy all of the sudden. The whole casts records a song, with dead Rayna singing her lines, that are being played on a video next to them. Deacon, hesitantly, records his part for the song. Deacon records the rest of his parts of the songs that Rayna had only sung her parts for. The album is played for and given to Highway 65. The gang parts ways out of Highway 65 like the super-friends. Scarlett tells Gunnar she will do the tour, but she is pregnant - and she doesn't know who the father is.

Songs Review:
Deyna song #1 4/10
Deyna song #2 5/10
Maddie and Daphne's song 2/10
You're Mine 8/10

Review: 3/10

My "favorite" writer struck again. Wrote an episode of 95% Deyna, Maddie, and friends. (Rayna--who is dead--had more lines than some alive main characters...let that sink in...) Halfway through season five, I don't recognize the show anymore. The new writers have destroyed the show. Compare this episode to 111, 211, 311, or even 411. The new team only writes for Deacon, Maddie and the people that go along with them, nobody else has their own plots, or point of view. The dynamics are completely off, characters are out of personality, etc. Half the characters are lucky to get three scenes, much less scenes/plots from their POV. That does not make for good tv, at all. I also miss the serial elements - plots start in an episode, and they are all wrapped up by the end of the episode. The best thing of the hour was the 'Beauty & the Beast' promo.

Will these reviews be back in June? Will the show be good in June? Do I care anymore? Maybe, no, and no.

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