Nashville S5E10 Review

Nashville S5E10 Review

"I'll Fly Away"

It's time for Rayna to fly away.


It's Rayna's funeral, the scene is done well. Everyone is really sad, Tandy and Teddy are here, the whole cast is, and everyone is so sad. Deacon is very quiet. Watty is back. The entire opening scene is done really well. Glenn is back finally!, and tells Juliette that CMT is looking for someone to do a tribute to Rayna at the CMT Awards, and Juliette wants to do it. Scarlett goes to comfort Deacon. The opening scene is really dark.

Teddy has been let out of jail for three days for the funeral. Tandy tells Teddy that Deacon is barely functioning, and they have a lot of Highway 65 stuff to handle, and he can't do it. Glenn got Juliette the CMT tribute gig. Will and Zach talk. Clay can't handle to be at the funeral and bails. Everyone is having a really tough time, and is sad. There is a montage that shows every character (except Javery of course) and it is done well, but so sad, very dark.

Teddy, Deacon, Tandy, and Scarlett meet with a lawyer to discuss parental rights. Maddie and Daphne would have to give a testimony if this would go to trial. Maddie hears Tandy and Teddy talking and freaks out. Teddy will be getting out of jail in three months. Deacon confronts the two. Teddy and Tandy think he cannot handle running Highway 65, or being a parent. Teddy threatens Deacon, saying they will see what the court has to say.

Maddie and Daphne do not want to be split up. Tandy tells Deacon that she knows Deacon cannot handle running Highway 65 even on his best day, or he cannot handle raising the girls, and that they know any court would agree. Juliette tries to practice her tribute, but is not feeling well, or herself. Teddy tries to tell Maddie that Deacon is not fit to be her father, when Deacon interrupts, a fight almost arises between Deacon and Teddy, but Deacon takes Maddie and walks away. 

Clay comforts and bonds with Maddie. Will and Zach talk and grow closer, and kiss. Juliette says it is weird hearing her sing Rayna's song, and she doesn't want to let everyone down. Tandy tells the girls that they just have to get through the CMT tribute, but Maddie says she does not want to go and gets mad. Scarlett comforts Daphne, and they have a really nice conversation about life. Daphne says she can't pick her who dad will be, and either way she loses.

The cast is at the CMT Awards. Deacon tells Teddy to be the girls' guardian. Will sings a song for a tribute to Rayna, Rayna's career is shown throughout his performance. Juliette gets Maddie to see her, and tells Maddie she wants her to perform the tribute to Rayna. She says it is not her song to sing, and that it would not really make Rayna happy. Juliette cannot convince Maddie. Juliette says her tribute to Rayna, and gets Maddie to come up on stage and sing. Maddie breaks down halfway through the performance, and Deacon and Daphne come up to come and comfort her. Daphne starts to sing. Deacon and Maddie join in. Teddy tells Deacon he is a good father, and he wants Deacon to watch over the girls for now, and when he gets back, maybe they can work something out. The crowd cheers for the new family as the camera fades out on Rayna.

Songs Review:

I'll Fly Away - 8/10
Unnamed Juliette song - 9/10
By Your Side - 9/10
Sanctuary - 9/10

Review: 5/10
This episode was done really, really well. It tugged at every heartstring, but without being too much. The cast all had Emmy worth performances, and every single scene was done really well. The CMT Awards part of the episode was done really well, and it was really fun to watch and interesting. Every thing this episode was done so very well, and the show really shined. If only it could be like this all the time. A complaint is that some characters only had one to two lines, when it would have been great to hear how every character felt about Rayna's death. Also, I am tired of main characters being treated as if they are  an extra. Will has had 31 minutes of screen time this season, Avery and Gunnar are never in it except to say hi in the background, too much Maddie, it really is annoying me.

This may be my second to last review ever.

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