Making History Season 1 Episode 2 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Shot Heard Round the World

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The Making History pilot set the stage for an exciting season ahead, but this second installment ends up undoing some of that excitement. 

When we last left off, Deborah and Dan are in the future and find out that Chris has been killed in battle. That's enough to make one look forward to the next episode, but the premise unwinds in this one. The duo goes back to the past to find Chris but the cliffhanger has pretty much flown out the window at this point and it wouldn't have been any different if Deborah and Dan hadn't gone to the future at the end of Episode 1 or not. 

The episode itself is also a mixed bag. The trio must pit the British and the colonists against each other and they do this by telling the British that the colonists have a ton of guns. The only interesting part of the story is Chris's friendship with Davy as they bond over milk and tea. The episode does heat up when the opposing sides take part in battle and Davy is ultimately killed along with the rest of the British so history can stay the same. I'm also really liking Deborah's "rebel" character as she gives Paul Revere a piece of her mind. 

The relationship between Chris and Dan is still not anything special or one we haven't seen before, I couldn't really see any chemistry between the two throughout, in fact I liked the pairing of Chris and Davy a whole lot better. 

The episode ends in a really strange fashion as the trio return to the future to find that everything is back to normal. It's the sort of ending one would expect for the end of a feature film or TV movie, not from the second episode of a serialized comedy. It's a pretty anti-climactic way to close the episode and leaves nothing out in the open for the next one. 

It's clear that the series has also done away with their pop culture references aside from a rather amusing Jason Bourne stint. The historical figures in the series also continue to be a bright spot and provide a lot of the comedy throughout. 

"The Shot Heard Round The World" is a misstep for Making History as it ends on a rather strange note and isn't nearly as funny as the first installment. While there was still a good amount of respectable humor and some nice action, I'm hoping that the series can get back on track after this episode. 

Grade: B-

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