Making History Season 1 Episode 1 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***


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Whether you love their comedy or hate it, there's no doubt that Lord-Miller shows are some of the most creative on television. Who else would make a series involving an animated warrior coming home to live-action people (Son of Zorn) or a sitcom taking place in a post-apocalypse setting (The Last Man on Earth). Personally, I admire their brand of comedy and while Son of Zorn took a while to grow on me, I'm still eager to check out any of their projects. This brings us to their 3rd series, Making History.

Like most pilots, a good bulk of the first episode of Making History had already been spoiled through the trailers and promos so tonight's episode was nothing I hadn't seen before. Still, I can't say it wasn't a fun ride.

Making History features Dan (Adam Pally) who possesses a time machine taking history teacher Chris (Yassir Lester) to the past to fix the mess he has caused. The dynamic between the two is nothing original, we've all seen the happy-go-lucky loser team up with the uptight guy before, but there can't be much character development expected in one episode so I'll be patient with the duo. 
The other prominent character, Deborah (Leighton Meester) plays her part well and ends up stealing the show as she fires the gun at the British man towards the end, one of the few moments not spoiled by the trailer. Aside from the main trio, there are a ton of cameos from established historical figures (John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere). They added a nice comedic touch since they obviously acted nothing like their established personas. 

The comedy in the pilot was mostly pop-culture oriented with a touch of bathroom humor, It's expected for the pilot to overemphasize its atmosphere, so the excessive pop culture references in the 1775 setting makes sense. Personally, the pop culture stuff seemed a bit too cheesy but I did like how Dan used them to his advantage to impress his girlfriend. 

It's tough to really review a pilot since the characters haven't been established yet and we're not familiar with the setting, but for what it's worth, Making History was a generally pleasant ride. I did think that the plot was a little too rushed and the writers simply wanted to race to the time-travel part but it wasn't a deal-breaker for me. It didn't throw its potential-filled premise out the window like Son of Zorn did, plus the cliffhanger towards the end makes me excited to see where this show will go throughout the next 8 episodes. 

Grade: A- 

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