Final Round of Pilot Orders Announced by The TV Ratings Guide

The TV Ratings Guide Issues Final Round of Mass Pilot Orders

 The TV Ratings Guide has issued the final round of mass pilot orders, ordering several more dramas and comedies to written pilots.


The Book of Terri: A coming of age drama. Terri and her friends navigate their way through high school. Topics include: sexuality, teen pregnancy, college choices, love, and more.

The Octagonist: The entertainment industry is a treacherous one, as 28-year old Dante Stowell is on a mission to ruin several figures who led to his troubled existence.  Always keeping 8 targets in his scope, Dante targets actors, writers, production staff, reporters he views as vile and corrupt.  Viewers learn the motivating mystery which led him on his rampage through the Southern California entertainment and media world.

Eviction:  An anthology drama/mystery series profiling the infamous track record of 4470 Virginia Avenue, a home cursed with mayhem, murder, criminal activity, scandals and family strife.  The first installment focuses on what lead to the Wentworth family's eviction as Curtis and Gina's marriage implodes due to family, career and financial issues. 10-13 episodes profile each group of tenant's fateful run in a cursed house.


The Average American Family: Follows a family of outcasts with a big secret from a developing country that try desperately to fit in in a small Indiana town. They learn “normal” behaviors of Americans by watching old sitcoms from the 1950s and 60s, but their neighbors and friends know that something just isn't quite right.

The Ladies of Mason: Who says mental cannot generate humor, as five women between the ages of 25-65 unveil their hijinks at Mason Psychiatric Facility in Michigan.  The action is all inclusive in the facility, minus flashbacks, as viewers learn why these dames were locked away from society and must learn to entertain themselves to avoid cabin fever.

The news comes just about two months after the first successful pilot/series cycle ended. In the first TVRG show cycle, over sixty submissions were sent in, with 9 shows receiving series orders in the end. Written series will begin to be posted on the site in 2017. Readers had the chance to submit show ideas of their own, for a chance to get a written pilot picked up by the website, and if lucky, eventually, get to publish written episodes of the series on the site.

Shows that receive a pilot order are to send in (via email), a longer pitch for their series. Once all are received, The TV Ratings Guide will announce which series have landed a series order. One can include  possible episode ideas, season ideas, etc. This round of written series will premiere on the site in early 2018.

What pilot are you most excited for? What shows do you like? What do you think of the shows? Let us know in the comments below!!

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