Nashville S5E8 Review

Nashville S5E8 Review

"Stand Beside Me"

Last week Nashville had its worst episode yet, the first I've ever strongly disliked. Will it get better this week, and will Rayna live to see episode nine, or will that crazy guy with the knife (see above photo) kill her? "Stand Beside Me" to find out.


Carl (the stalker) has bailed himself out of jail. Deacon has gotten security guards for the girls. Juliette and Hallie are going to bible study. Juliette tells Hallie she wants to do a gospel album, Hallie is not enthused, but Juliette convinces her that she wants to do it. Damien and Scarlett meet, Damien tells her that something happened between them, and he wants to get to know her. Carl shows up back at Deyna's house. He is 317 feet from the family, and the restraining order is for 300 feet away.  The police tell Deyna not to worry, and he will make a mistake, and get put away, and not to worry about it.

Rayna has rehearsal for the CMTs, she is tired. Avery records music, Juliette is not happy with him. Daphne gets her  period (ok really, who wants to see this teen stuff?). Deacon and Scarlett talk. Scarlett is feeling something for Damien. Rayna helps out Daphne.

Daphne is fighting. Juliette tells Hallie she will push to get Highway 65 to sign her. Juliette tells the church her plan to record a gospel album, and they all have problems with it. They think Juliette does not respect the religion, and tell her that their religion is not a business. Juliette faces an angry crowd, and things do not go well. Scarlett tells Gunnar that she just can't be in a relationship right now. Gunnar freaks out. Scunnar breaks up (again? really new Nashville people?)

For some reason, Juliette does not like Avery's new song, and tells him he needs to make more mature music (why can Javery never have any nice and happy scenes?). More Daphne relationship drama (nobody wants to see a twelve year old and her relationship plots). Rayna gets Daphne a gift - once again, I do not want tween plots. Irk.

Juliette apologizes to the church, and they agree to work on her album. Scarlett has slept with Damien. My god. Clay performs. Rayna tells Clay to come down to Highway 65 to talk. Rayna is at Highway 65, when Carl pops in, with a knife.

Carl said that he doesn't know why he didn't bring a knife, and he just wants to talk to Rayna. Carl goes by Wayne apparently (and so does Deacon?). Carl says everyone keeps getting in the way, and he just wants to talk to Rayna. Carl says that he and Rayna are connected, he won't let Rayna leave until he says what he has to. Carl says he was a big fan of Rayna since he first heard her first song. Carl says he had an alcoholic beater father, that hurt his mom and him. Rayna says she writes songs and sings to deal with her pain of her life. Carl has come from a rough and bad past. Rayna calls 911, Carl finds out, freaks out, and threatens to kill Rayna. Rayna tries to run, and Carl catches her, is ready to kill her, the police enter the room, she manages to convince him not to hurt her, and he is arrested. Rayna says she wants to go home, not a hospital. While being driven home in a police car, she calls Deacon, crying, she tells him something terrible happened,  and she and Deacon make a plan to see each other at home, and we see from the camera, out Rayna's window, a truck ramming into the car, shattering the window, the screen goes black with only the sound of a horn going off. 

Songs Review:

Eye of the Storm: 5/10

Clay's song: 5/10

Review:  5.8/10

Wow, this show has gotten way past its prime. If the scenes are not just plain bad (characters rehashing out the same pointless fight), or bad for a long list of other reasons, they are just boring. There's no excitement to the show anymore, maybe it needed the soap plots, but in a much more real form (see season one). Also these writers are writing the characters really out of character, and are rewriting history. The final scenes were good, very intense. They saved the episode. The cliffhanger scene was done very well, and felt like the old show. It was amazing, if it were not for that scene, the episode would be rated extremely low.

What did you think of "Stand Beside Me"? Let me know in the comments below! 

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