Nashville S5E7 Review

Nashville S5E7 Review



Nashville has been less than good this season, and this week's promo/promo pics make it look even worse. Let's hope the episode tells a different story.

Someone is here to film Rayna and Deacon write their album. The Exes video goes viral. Rayna is not happy about the video. Rayna tries to write her album.

Scarlett and Gunnar have tension. Deyna writes their album. Scarlett is at dinner with Damien. Rayna and Deacon continue to write their album, somewhere else. Rayna has flashbacks to her old relationship, in a fight she can't remember with Deacon. She keeps mentioning a stand Deacon had. The camera guy follows Deyna, so they go bowling. Deyna date night is interrupted by a fire at home. Maddie and Rayna clash over Clay.

Scarlett goes to see Rayna, upset about Gunnar all out of the blue. Scarlett runs into Damien again, and thanks him. Damien kisses Scarlett. Deyna discuss their relationship.

Deyna are not talking. Scarlett tells Gunnar she felt something for Damien. They fight. Maddie and Daphne have a nice talk.  Deyna is not happy.

Deyna have a nice talk together. They write. Scunnar fights about their relationship. Deyna records their song. Scunnar is in bed together, while Scarlett's phone blows up with messages from Damien. Rayna remembers her flashback from the entire episode ending happily.

Songs Review:

"Hurricane" - 5/10

Review: 0.5/10

Absolute worst episode of the show. I only gave it the four out of ten because the Deyna plots in it were a tiny bit interesting, but not great. The recurring Gene jokes were funny. The Scunnar plot destroyed the couple, again, and then to not include the colead of the show is just downright awful. I miss the old Nashville. Please come back to us. Nashville was a chore to watch this week. Lagging and slow plots, no interesting characters, no co-lead, this episode was very bad. Clearly the new writers do not know how to write a ensemble show. I'm not saying everyone has to be in it for a long time, just make it where the characters are all in it, and some just have shorter and fewer scenes. When characters miss episodes, and then don't have a plot for five episodes, it destroys the serial element. I hope things get better next week. This episode really made me sad, as the show was supposed to be so good. I have no idea what will happen to the ratings after tonight's "hurricane."

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