Nashville S5E6 Review

Nashville S5E6 Review

"A Little Bit Stronger"

Luke Wheeler is back tonight on Nashville. Will Nashville be good again after a disastrous episode five? Let's see.

Rayna and Deacon are installing more home security, and have a restraining order in place. Rayna is worried, but is told he will not be able to get to her. Juliette is getting physical therapy. Zach tells Rayna that Luke is selling Highway 65, and that she should buy it. Deacon ponders getting a gun (as long as the season four writers don't write this, things should turn out fine). Maddie tells Rayna that she hates Clay because he is black, and Rayna tells her that she does not want Clay to take advantage of her.

Juliette is on crutches, and visiting with Hallie. Hallie invites Juliette and Avery to church, but Avery has a gig. Juliette asks Hallie if she ever considered singing professionally. Daphne has a crush on a boy at school. Rayna and Deacon are worried about Maddie. Maddie questions Clay's mood swings, and she tells him she is a little scared of him.

Emily takes Juliette to church. Avery plays his gig. Avery is approached from someone, asking to be his manager. Rayna visits Juliette, tells her about Highway 65 trying to buy Luke's label, and asks her if she would want to come back to the label. Juliette says she wants to record a gospel album (that will be very interesting). Scarlett comes to see her music video. Scarlett sees herself differently, like she never had before. She says she sees herself on the inside. This was a really well done scene, it was really cool, and fun to watch, and learn what was happening. Maddie tells Rayna about Clay's bipolar disorder. Rayna tells her that she fell in love with an alcoholic, and that Maddie deserves to be happy.

Juliette tells Hallie if she sticks with her then she will make a record. Daphne is approached by her crush. Rayna and Zach go to see Luke. He has a great song. Rayna runs into Will. Zach follows him. Zach tells Will about his and Rayna's plans for buying Luke's label. He tells Will that he could make him big. I sense an underlying tone here. Deacon and Maddie bond.

Rayna and Zach approach Luke about selling his label. He says that the scene was just not for him. Rayna tells Luke she is happy to see that he is so happy. Luke says he is interested in selling his label to Rayna. Clay somewhat breaks up with Maddie. Avery is skeptical of Juliette going to church, and doing what she has started to do. Juliette is scared that people won't accept her new turnover. There is a really nice Javery scene. The press find out about Juliette going to church, and the comments are not good. Carl approaches Daphne at school, saying he is a friend of Rayna's, and asks Daphne to give her something. (Creepy!)

Rayna and Deacon are scared about Carl. Daphne isn't upset, acting like nothing has happened. The police tell Rayna that he will be detained, but nothing permanent. Maddie goes back to see Clay, and they reunite. Juliette and Avery go to church, facing public backlash, and a crazy paparazzi mob.

Songs Review:

Won't Back Down: 7/10
His Eye is on the Sparrow: 5/10
Hallie's second song: 0/10
Wide Open: 10/10
Before You: 7/10
Hallie's third song: 6/10

Review: 7/10

This was another mediocre episode. There was simply too much of the Claybournes. I'm not saying they can never have a scene, but after four years, I don't like seeing the rest of the cast only have one scene. In my opinion, it does not work to have one family get 75% of the scenes, another couple get 20%, and then use the other 5% for the rest of the cast's one scene per episode. Also, aside from this, the episode did not do much. It was a slow episode. I hope next week picks up, but looks like it is another 502, or 505. Please Nashville, find yourself again.

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