The Best TV Of 2016- Jonathan's Top 10

It's officially the start of a new year.🎉 2017 is upon us. So, I thought I would do an article looking back on my top picks of television that aired in 2016.

10. Bates Motel Season 4
While I used to consider Bates Motel a top notch program, and looked forward to it every week, for me, season four was a let down. At times the plot lagged, and was quite boring. However, when season four had a good episode, or moment, it was great. Due to the lack of good TV this year (for me, of course) I've ranked it at number ten.

9. The 2016 CMT Awards
Award shows used to be one of my favorite things to watch each year. But, in the past couple of
years, they became boring, and angering (if my favorite nominee did not win). However, I never felt this way about the CMT awards. They are fan voted (fair), have good performers, and are just entertaining to watch. While not as fun in 2016, I still enjoyed the show.

8. The Middle Season 7 (Select Episodes)
The Middle has been, and always will be one of my favorite comedies ever. Sadly, I felt that in season seven the show had some "meh" episodes. However, the good episodes outweighed the bad, and made for a pretty good second half of the season. I've listed it at number seven due to it not having every episode be good.

7. 2 Broke Girls Season 5+6 (Select Episodes)
2 Broke Girls is a very underrated comedy if you ask me. It has been consistently funny, and an enjoyable show. Season 5 in particular, brought some fantastic plots. I really enjoyed the episodes about the girls in Hollywood. Since I love Hollywood, and making movies and television, I really enjoyed the episodes about that. So much, it landed 2BG at number seven for me.

6. Scream Season 2
I absolutely love horror movies, slasher movies, horror shows, and slasher shows. So to have a horror-slasher show based off of a horror-slasher movie, is just awesome for me. I really loved Scream's second season. While slow at first, there were awesome murders, scary scenes, horror filled plots, a well thought out mystery to unravel, and so much more. The season was so well done, it landed at number six on my 2016 list.

5. The Shannara Chronicles Season 1
One year ago, I never thought I would find myself watching a fantasy show like The Shannara Chronicles. I gave the show a try, and I was hooked. Captivating stories, fun, fast paced episodes, all filled with action, jokes, and heart. The show ended the season becoming a new favorite of mine. I can not wait for season 2.

4. Mom Season 3
Mom has surely become one of the best comedies on TV. Mom can do all things. Make you laugh, cry, get angry, etc. It does its job very well, and is one of the few comedies that can handle serious plots, and execute them greatly. Mom also improved greatly throughout its run, IMO, becoming my number one comedy of 2016.

3. Animal Kingdom Season 1
TNT has definitely taken the award for the best network of dramas in my house. Over the summer, in a TV drought, I was at the movies, where I saw a commercial for the new TNT drama, Animal Kingdom. Apprehensive at first, I gave the show a try. It instantly became my number two favorite drama of all time (Nashville can never be topped). Animal Kingdom has it all. A great feel, awesome characters, fascinating plots, romances, murders, attacks, plotting...anything that makes a drama good. I am so exciting to see what season two brings, if you have not seen it: finish reading my article, go to Twitter, tweet about how much you loved my article and TVRG, and then go watch it. You won't regret it.

2. Nashville Season 5 Sneak Peek
Nashville started back in 2012 with a boom. It was everything a country music fan, and even those who hate country music, would love. It was a great drama. It had an awesome feel to it, entertaining plots, beautiful music, riveting plots with twists and turns at every corner, and really represented Nashville, TN well. Season two was really good too, but of course, was not as good as season one. Season three was not as good as the first two seasons, but still, it was a very enjoyable show. Season four was when all he!! broke loose. Soapy plots ran wild, characters flew from rooftops, drugs and booze were done, hearts were broken, bratty kids were emancipated...Nashville went full daytime soap opera (or worse). Nashville ended up being canceled by ABC in May, and the TV Gods known as CMT brought the show back, firing everyone who ran the show at the time. New writers were brought up, and it became everything it could be (per the S5 sneak peek). I fell in love with the show all over again, and it felt like the show may finally have found its season 1 roots again.

1. Good Behavior Season 1
I mentioned earlier how great of a job TNT does in the drama department. Good Behavior is another one of their wonderful shows. I found out about the series the same way I did Animal Kingdom. I watched it, and from the first episode I was in love with it. Good Behavior is a very innovative show. New plots, character perspectives, the list goes on. It's hilarious (more funny than comedies), and has great drama also. You need to watch this show. While only 8 episodes have aired, I know it will come out at the end of the season with a 10/10 average. It was definitely the best program I watched in 2016.

What were your favorite things to watch on TV in 2016? If you watched these, how would you rank them? Let me know in the comments below!

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