Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 11/12 Review

The Fugitive Pt.1

***Spoilers Ahead***

Brooklyn Nine-Nine uncharacteristically leaves the grid until spring, but at least before it does they left us a 1-hour New Year's gift. The 1-hour episode is rather commonplace in the history of the sitcom so it only makes sense for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to join in on the fun.  

Hands down, what works in this episode is the Jake-Terry and Amy-Boyle rivalry, This season has been rather sparse on the Jake and Amy so it's nice that they return to their little pact about moving in together that they made back in the season 3 finale. I'm not a huge fan of the relationship between the two, simply because a lot of comedic chemistry got left to the side to produce it, but I still found the resolution of the bet quite nice as Jake finally gives in and moves into Santiago's. Boyle continues to represent the B99 fandom as he thinks of the possibilities of Jake and Amy living close to him, and I'm definitely not complaining. Terry, on the other hand, doesn't have as much of a presence in part 1 but manages to sneak in an artistic flashback. What buoys this A-plot even more, are those little sight gags like the drone and the action scenes, which Brooklyn really needs to do more, ultimately making it a fun time.

The B-plot on the other hand kind of weighs down the episode a bit. We get 2 story threads, one of Gina getting into human rights and another of Rosa meeting with Marshawn Lynch and learning that your heroes may not be who they really are. Both storylines could easily have stood alone as plots on their own but instead go nowhere, though that may be a good thing for the Rosa one because the "meeting your hero" plot has been milked enough on Brooklyn. The remainder of the storyline is Holt and the rest trying to figure out what the witness is trying to say, there are a few good jokes here and there but it doesn't get good until the end until we find out that the one convict they need to find is the brother of....Doug Judy.

The Fugitive Pt. 2

The second half of The Fugitive is easily one of the best shows that the 9-9 has put on all season. It really is expected because when the Pontiac Bandit is around, you just can't go wrong. From theme songs to the plot twist as Judy pretends to turn on Jake, it's a wild ride and it only gets better with the addition of Captain Holt. 

Many have recently complained that Holt going out of character has happened much too often and ruins his deadpan nature and I really have to agree on that one. With that said, Holt basks in his deadpan glory in Part 2, playing the straight-man to Jake and Judy throughout and it plays out perfectly. The Jake and Judy duo also never ceases to fail, every time they made a new theme song, I just had a wild stupid grin on my face. There's just not enough praise I can give to the Jake-Judy-Holt plot, everything works out, not to mention the ending is surprisingly touching. It's nice to see that Jake and Doug Judy will continue to have a "Tom and Jerry" relationship but under it all, they're really best friends.

The B and C-plots in this episode pale in comparison though they don't take up much screen time. I found the Terry and Rosa plot a little too typical, how many shows have done the "worrying about getting older" trope? Despite that, Terry still does a great job with a pretty tedious plotline and mines it for as much comedic gold, point in case, the cutaway to him shamefully wearing reading glasses. 

It's hard to look for much good in the Boyle texting plot, it was pretty random but at least didn't take up much screentime.

The ending to part 2 results in Gina being hit by a bus, it's as unexpected as literally getting hit by a bus and it'll be interesting to see where it goes when the 9-9 return in the spring.

Overall, The Fugitive is a strong episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both parts make up an amazing hour of comedy and vaults the series into hiatus with its head held high.

Grade: A

Thanks for reading my review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. 

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