The Best Christmas Episodes - The Middle

๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…The Best Christmas Episodes - The Middle๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„

The holiday countdown for the best episodes is back - with The Middle (of course). I'll be listing the show's Christmas episodes, in my opinion, from worst to best.

8. Season 8 - A Very Marry Christmas - 7.5/10
For most long-running series, it is not uncommon to start to have episodes that just aren't that good compared to the rest of the show. That's how I have felt about The Middle recently. While it is still a fantastic comedy, and I love it, the most recent season of the show's Christmas episode was just..meh to me.  In this episode we saw Axl come back home after marrying April, and try to get on Frankie's good side before she found out he married April. Side plots - Mike got some sunglasses from a neighbor, and Brick babysitted some kids who liked him. I felt that this episode was entertaining enough, but compared to some other spectacular Christmas episodes of the show, it came nowhere close to as good as the holiday episode in Seasons 1-7.

7. Season 3 - A Christmas Gift - 8/10
Back in 2011, the Heck's dishwasher broke, forcing them to have a dishwasher hole. Frankie, drunk on eggnog, thinks it would be fun to have a Christmas Eve party, so she decides to have the party (later regretting it in the light of day), and wants her dishwasher hole fixed. Little does she know, Mike has broken his string of terrible gift giving, and bought Frankie a dishwasher. His efforts to keep this a secret are now being taxed. This was an alright episode. I enjoyed the main plot, but felt that the side plots of Brick questioning the Bible, and Axl being annoyed with Bob were boring.

6. Season 2 - A Simple Christmas - 8.8/10
So, during the "prairie days" (not my words, Axl's), kids used to get an orange in their stocking-due to hard times. Frankie's mom got one, Frankie got one, and each year Frankie gives one to the Hecks. However, the kids are now not caring about the orange, and only about getting a lot of presents, that they never use. Frankie decides she has had enough of this, and plans a "simple Christmas". Her efforts keep being stopped due to her mom wanting to spoil the kids, while she stays with the family. Side plot - Mike can't get away from Tag, as he is always following Mike to tell him stories about tumors the size of grapefruits. Overall, this was a pretty good episode. The plot definitely had enough Christmas elements to it, and was entertaining. However, as I felt with Season 3's episode, the side plots were all a little boring, which took away from the episode's high rating.

5. Season 1 - Christmas - 9/10
Ah, The Middle's first Christmas episode was such a good one. Frankie got a church solo for Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, taking up a lot of her time. So, Mike had to step up and do Christmas. While the plot for this episode was more simple, it was certainly good. It really felt like Christmas, it was funny, there was a few near-death experiences, the whole package.

4. Season 4 - Christmas Help - 9.2/10
In "Christmas Help", Mike had to help his brother Rusty move furniture in the Heck's garage, only later finding out that the furniture was stolen. Frankie, out of a job at the moment, had to take a part-time job in a department store (which I would watch a show about alone), and Brick got a role in a Christmas play. This was a really good episode. I loved seeing Frankie working at a department store, and Sue had a funny plot making thousands of cookies. The only thing that wasn't amazing about this episode was the weak plot for Mike and Rusty-which ended up being a little boring.

3. Season 6 - The Christmas Wall - 9.6/10
Frankie, feeling unappreciated decides on a minimalist Christmas-hardly any decorations, or festivities. Meanwhile, due to Sue's allergies, the family is forced to get a fake Christmas tree. Which does not end up being easy for Mike, as he keeps getting trees with missing parts, part-pink trees, etc. Axl, working with Darrin and Sean, decide to have Boss Co. branch out and do Christmas jobs. This leads to an argument between Axl and Sean about if a toy on the Island of Misfit Toys was a toy, or not. I loved this episode. This was The Middle at its finest. Every plot in the episode was really funny, and interesting to watch.

2. Season 7 - Not So Silent Night - 9.8/10
This episode may be in the top ten of the entire show for me. It was so funny. The episode started off with a hilarious dinner scene, and then the not-new to the viewer scene of the Hecks running through the house trying to get ready for something they're late for. After about a minute of rushing, the Hecks decide to skip church, and watch service on TV. Sue wants to take a picture of the family wearing Santa hats to post on social media, but accidentally deletes seven years worth of photos
(when trying to photoshop a Santa hat on Mike), that Frankie never printed, or backed up. This caused Frankie to go into a full breakdown, which was hilarious, and led to hilarious events.

1. Season 5 - The Christmas Tree - 10/10
Last, but definitely not least, we are at Season Five's Christmas episode, which is my favorite. Axl has come home from college for the first time, and only wants to spend time with his friends, but Frankie wants the family to spend holiday time together, as a family. The family gets a gigantic tree, and we learn that Sue is allergic to the tree (which makes for a really funny solution), and Brick, finds himself running a mini-ponzi scheme in order to keep paying back various Christmas item sellers. This episode was amazing. I loved it so much. All of the plots were really, really funny, and they were all very fun to watch, along with all having a great Christmas feel to them.

How do you rank the episodes? Which is your favorite? Why? Let me know in the comments below!

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